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Saturday, May 1st, 2004
6:51 am - post #1..
hello you crazy kids.

i decided to get a blurty instead of my former xanga ( because my friend's sister got a hold of it and she's like 11 and i don't want her telling her mom what is on this..she's like a little spy in the ministry of underage...underage..ness. but you can still look at it and all that jazz. i'm gonna rouge my knees and wear my stockins down. and all that jazz.
so i went to the flee market today (flea? flee? fl...forget it.) with my friend aimee. and we watched punk'd with adam brody, grounded for life with adam brody, and then we watched grind. there is only so much adam brody i can stand.

my mom is asking me every 5 seconds, "are you ok?", i'm like "yes, mom, i'm fine, just like i was fine 5 SECONDS AGO!!!!!!!!". i mean you tell her one little secret and she goes CRAZY. this is where your faults are, parents, and don't forget my sippy cup.

i saw 13 going on 30 last night and i thought i was going to cry like 5 times. i get so stupid and sappy and now i have the sudden urge to go out and find razzles and be really nice to boys with cameras and dance like jennifer garner and sing thriller in my room. the strange things i do for attention, i tell ya.
my mom's begging me to play guitar and it's getting a little..well, "out of control", as hoobastank would say. god almighty do i hate that band.

so i'm gonna go "jet" just like the band "jet". HAHA, do you get it? do you realize? just like the flaming lips, oh man, am i good or am i good?
i really gotta get out more.

love, jessie.

current mood: blah
current music: you're pretty good lookin::the white stripes

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