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when your baby hates you. [23 Jun 2004|01:11pm]
[ mood | sick and sore ]
[ music | Save Us SOS : Hot Hot Heat ]

euuugh soccer conditioning for the first time today. *shoots self* sooo sore. NOT FROM ASS BONING BANNA! psht.. pervert. tomorrow i get to go again YAY!!! oh well. i hear physical activity is good.. but i think whoever said that lied.

last night was really fun. went over to boosey's and chilled with nick cuz he asked me to. jackie and kt were there too. HAHA jackie dropped the effin blender on her foot!!! i feel bad but OOOH MAN it was soooo funny. it's all purple and swollen today. heh heh... jenn stopped by i do love her very much. i was glad to see her. jackie and i were all dressed up it was weeeirrd. but i was told we looked "better". *shrugs* one time thing. one time thing.

i'm gettin a cellular phone today. yeahhh.... i don't really want it and now i have to do a shitload more chores but oh well i guess. if i said i didn't want it they'd flip so i'll smile and just go with it.

i need to puke

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