NAME ; kamee
NICKNAMES ; kamoo, cunt, dollie, PIKACHU
BIRTHDAY ; april 22
GENDER ; female
HEIGHT ; 5'3
EYES ; blue
HAIR ; blonde
WEIGHT ; around 120 lbs
HERITAGE ; german
LOCATION ; waco, texas ( at least i wasn't born here. )

useless stuff!

PETS ; 2 guinea pigs, 1 shih tzu

FAMILY ; Mom ; Step-dad ( Curtis ) ; 1 brother ( Tony, 17 ) ; 1 half-brother ( DJ, 9 ) ; Jesse ( brother's boyfriend, lives with us, 17 ) ; 2 step brothers ( Shane, 19 - Curtis, 22 ) ; [ IN HOUSTON ] 1 half-sister ( Kristina, 8 ) ; 2 step-sisters ( Cassie, 16 - Cindy, 13 ) ; Ashley ( 18 ) & Monica ( 21, they both live with my dad. ) Dad ; Step-mom ( Theresa )

LIKES ; music ; movies ; cheap greasy fast food ; sunkist ; angsty-girl-music ; metal ; industrial ; techno ; trance ; punk, to an extent ; harry potter ; rping ; eyeliner ; candy ; people with brains ; people who use their brains ; the disney channel ; the carebears ; rainbow brite ; plaid ( tartan, thanks to paul XD ) ; grape soda and candy ; street cones ; PIKACHU ; a lot of other things?

DISLIKES ; close minded people ; people who copy ; people who tell me what to do, what to wear, how to live my life ; people who think that conformity is easier, so hey, it's better ; corny "goth" people ; lyke, tee-hee, braindead cheerleader-type people ; stereotypes and labels ; "pxnk rawk" ; avril lavigne ; pop ; rap ; "thugz" ; people who tYYpE LyK3 D1Z ; mindless droids ; much more.

BOOKS ; Harry Potter Series, The Outsiders, The Vampire Chronicals, Sweep, Animorphs

AUTHORS ; J.K. Rowling, Anne Rice, K.A. Applegate

BANDS ; Jack off Jill, Nine Inch Nails, Orgy, Deadstar Assembly, My Ruin, Scarling, Switchblade Symphony, Genitorturers, Tapping the Vein, Kidneythieves, Nirvana, Hole, Kittie, Marilyn Manson, KMFDM, Kill Hannah, Queen Adreena, Rammstein, Scheer, Snake River Conspiracy, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Drain STH, Rasputina, You're Pretty, theSTART, Harlow, Sugarcoma, Bright Eyes, Robin Black and the Intergallactic Rockstars, lots more.


SITE 1 ; assimulate
SITE 2 ; droid
AIM ; herz auf asche
YAHOO ; st1tchupmyemptiness


[ 8/16/03 - 7:56 PM ]
WEARING ; Black "Audioslave" shirt, kikwear jeans, pyramid belt
HEARING ; "like a stone" - audioslave
WATCHING ; Boy Meets World
SURFING ; my rpg
EATING ; sonic
FEELING ; bored
TALKING TO ; Adolfa, Zoe, Mooshe, Cindy, Meg
DESKTOP ; draco and lucius malfoy

the journal

My journal is friends only. Why, might you ask, is my journal friends only? Well. I most certainly don't want everyone and their mother knowing about me, do I? I am a very opinionated person, and I tend to be rather .. bitchy. Therefor, my journal is not something everyone wants to read. Nor, do I want everyone reading it. What might you do to be on my friends list? Well, first off, I don't like close minded people. I dislike anyone who steals html, graphics, icons, pictures, writing, anything from me or my friends. If you want to add me, please, have some common interests. If I don't add you back within a reasonable amount of time, don't get pissy, just take me off your list. Got it? Good.


Alright, listen up -- Everything -- images, icons, html, content, writing, etc. -- belong to me. That's right, me. Aside from the original graphic from which avatars and layout graphics were taken from, that is. Like, take the main image for example. I'm not claiming the image from which that was made from, but the main image itself (as in the edited version) I DO claim. Get it? I don't have a problem with you borrowing something -- as long as you ask me. Even if you want to borrow an idea of mine, that's fine, because, come on, i'm not claiming i'm completely unique. Some people have the same ideas as me. Just, don't rip me off.

!WANT_ALOVERidon't(haveto_love)    IWANTA[BOY]+++who'stooSAD_togiveaFUCK        
10/2/03 ; (12:17PM)
I moved. here. Paid accounts rock. ADD ME.