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[14 Nov 2002|01:27am]
[ mood | pissed off ]

i cannot fucking believe this.

scratch that last post. the shit has hit the fan.

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[13 Nov 2002|10:24pm]
[ mood | sob ]
[ music | menchi barking. ]

i have to get past being sad, because it's just so fucking it's pointless. i've showed how I feel, now it's time to move on. it'll take a while, but i'll try to stop bitching about things to spare you guys. sorry for being such an annoying emo case.

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[12 Nov 2002|05:14am]
[ music | queensryche x eyes of a stranger ]

goddamnit, ryan has gotten me into queensryche. i'd scream, but i'm busy on the hunt for MORE of their mp3s.

goddamnit ryan. >:O

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[11 Nov 2002|05:03am]
[ mood | stimulated ]

brain exercise. [shut up, i'm tired] )

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[11 Nov 2002|03:54am]
[ mood | emo ]
[ music | 8-/ ]

god, my head hurts.

men are so damn confusing, i just don't get them. but i'm sure they feel the same about us, sob. oh, well. as i said they're a confusing lot, and there's thing about him that i still don't understand.

fuck, i wish it was at least past 6.30 in the evning, so i can see him again.

i fucking miss him. sob.

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[09 Nov 2002|10:54pm]
[ mood | random ]

so. ryan came over today. dunno how far i should elaborate on what happened, but. hah. anyways, we spent [nearly] the whole time just kissing&cuddling, being all lovey dovey, and all that yippieshit. i think i went alittle too far at one point, but he told me not to worry, that it was fine. woo. i am dumb. in any case, i don't think that it matters at this point of time; dunno if i'll do it again so quickly, though.

ryan, your half eaten cheeseburger is staring at me. make it stooooop.

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[09 Nov 2002|10:05pm]
[ mood | nucking futs. ]

yes, i'm still going on about this ..

colourless dirge: OH.
colourless dirge: MALCOLM MCDOWELL.
colourless dirge: WAS IN I-SPY.
colourless dirge: AND I DID NOT REALISE IT.
colourless dirge: weep.
Pink Octane: o.O
Pink Octane: wtf?!?!
colourless dirge: YES
Pink Octane: DID HE DIE?!
colourless dirge: HE WAS THE MAIN VILLIAN
colourless dirge: I DUNNO.
colourless dirge: I THINK?
Pink Octane: HOLY GOD.
colourless dirge: I FORGOT
Pink Octane: that's scary.
colourless dirge: WE WEREN'T PAYING ATTENTION.
Pink Octane: Rof..
Pink Octane: l.
Pink Octane: rofl.

uh. right.

an update about tonight will follow shortly.

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[09 Nov 2002|03:27am]
[ mood | dshjkfdshjk ]
[ music | dropkick murphys x irish drinking song ]



< brain aneurysm

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[09 Nov 2002|03:01am]
[ mood | surprised ]
[ music | bush x head full of ghosts ]

well, that was odd.

a guy i barely know from school more or less asked me out on a date. i giggled insanely, but told him that i sucked at bowling&that i probably wouldn't be doing it again any time soon. besides, i have my ryan. wee.

i'm listening to bush, for some reason. okaaaay.

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[09 Nov 2002|02:52am]
[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | barenaked ladies x who needs sleep? ]

it's really too late to be writing meaningful entries, and i'll probably fuck this one up to. but it really doesn't matter at this point. this is just a brief introductory post, even though i have another blurty on here. eh. i'm a blurty whore. in anycase, it's late, and everyone is bloody sleeping. i don't get it. i thrive at this time of night, for some odd reason; i've always been an insomniac. uh. i dunno.

so yes. here i am. expect more musing of various dementia throughout these lonely nights.

.. or some crap like that.

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