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Wednesday, July 30th, 2003

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    bouncy stopsign
    Tonite was awesome!!!!! My day started out crappy cuz' mom & dad were in bad moods an arguing, so Chad and I wanted to leave...we went to Mansfeild around 8 an I bought a couple cd's. Great stuff. The REAL music you can really appreciate. Ya know? Got back a little after 9, then mom an I hung out in my room. We do that every now & again. Around 10 my FRIENDS Rob, Dom & Jimmy came over to see me!!! I really love those guys. We messed around, jumped on the tramp, played with fire...the usual. I love having a special friend with benefits. I really love it. lol They left at midnite, and of course they were late. Of course. That's nothing new for Dominic - he always leaves here like 4 min before he has to be home. Bubba came out an hung with us for a while. He was drinking a bit, so it was amusing. He always tells me that all his friends want me, and it's true, but it's just how he says it. lol It makes me laugh cuz they're all way too old. I'm wet and cold cuz I just took a shower. Jimmy made me smell like gasoline. That hooligan. He's wonderful. So is Dom - he's unlike any other. And Rob...he's just hilarious. I'm gonna go up an listen to some Etta James 'til my ears bleed.

    "Somethin' told me it was over, when I saw you and her talking."

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