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[03 May 2004|09:15pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | The Ataris : So long Astoria ]

weekend: spent mostly at my dads. on saturday, we went to avhas (portuguese for grandma) house. daddy n taylor like re-did her garden thingy. haha they put down cow manure and crap like that and they smelled so bad on the way home-it was disgusting. meghan and lauren were there too. i havent seen them in so long. later we went to barnes and noble and coconuts. i bought Punk-o-rama 3..that cd sucks. well there are a few good songs on it but thats all. on sunday we got home bout 12 and didnt really do anything all day.
well today was alright i spose..kissed n made up with morgan (just kidding about the kissing part) even though i kno she told kiah she didnt mean it when she said she was sorry. im still mad at her but ive decided to make an effort to be nice cos she made an effort to fix things between us. oh yea i talked to kiah and she said she felt really bad when morgan said those things on friday-kiah wasnt being mean or anything. after school i stayed for a while with joey and then i had to walk home in the rain =[
jenna may come and sit with me morgan kiah and caroline at lunch again which is a big deal cos of the reason we banished her in the first place. she better respect us and our opinions now-were giving her a second fourth chance (maybe even more than that..shes lucky were so nice).

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