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Date:2003-06-15 00:21
Subject:Dont Cry Mallory!!!!
Music:The Grass Roots-Let's Live For Today

dont cry over kyle....hes a fool for not wanting you. how could anyone intentionaly hurt u.....its just not right. stay away from relationships for a long time.....i mean this stay out of relationships!!! you dont need this drama...this isn't what high school is about. have fun, hang out with friends (ones that dont hurt you), go "good-willing", go play in the parks with me...and others. it doesnt matter what you do, just have fun, dont think about anything except making sure there is gas in the car. go get kiked out of places, go wreak havoc on south bend, go to places where there arent any memories of things that can make you cry. go to new places and make new memories. in short stay away from kyle!!!

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Date:2003-06-03 23:23
Mood: horny
Music:Space Cowboy - Steve Miller Band

so i just got back from swim practice.......it was so easy! man only 2 sets, a 200 s.k.p.s. warm up, and then 16-75's IM order, those sucked. im talkin to Nicole right now, were prolly gunna go to the Summer in The City Festival on sunday. and Rahpsody in Green on like sturday or somethin.
i ordered my green chucks finaly i have been looking for green ones for a little over a year now.....so psyched when i found them, i didnt care how much tehy were i was gettin them.
man im tired....i dont want to go to school.......arggg.....oh well school sucks......french sucks......algebra sucks.......swimming sucks (but i love it)......golf rules......woooh golf nerds!!!!
Music: Space Cowboy - Steve Miller Band

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Date:2003-05-25 21:58
Subject:soo bored.........
Mood: bored
Music:Bob Seger-Turn The Page

man i didnt do anything today.........it was gay. but last night was fun....i went out with Chris and Nate and Nicole, usually its me and chris and nate and kyle l. and sometimes kyle h. but kyle l. didnt want to do anything so i called Nicole. i think i might ask Nicole to go out with me after a while, but i dont know, we have everything in common. we both love old cars and old music. she thinks i know more about cars (i do) and more about music (i probably do) than her, but i told her i didnt think so.

Damn u mal lopez why did u have to boycott the internet??!! i dont care about what Kyle is saying about you.....i need to talk to you online!!! we can talk about kyle like we used to.....oh well.

im prolly gunna help Chris change his brake pads tomorow.......ive never done automotive work with chris before.......the Tempo still cracks me up!!

well today was uneventful so im gunna quit now

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