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[04 Oct 2004|07:35pm]
img src="http://bakadesu.com/nancie/quiz/287chopper.gif" width="250" height="150">
Which One Piece Character are You?
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The Potion Maker
sexium is an opaque, soapy violet liquid drained from the belly of a wildebeest.
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The beginning of the film...

"People once believe that when someone died, a
crow brought that soul to the land of the dead.
But sometimes, something so bad happens that a
terrible sadness is carried with it, and the
soul can't rest. Sometimes, just sometimes, a
crow can bring that soul back to put the wrong
things right."

"If a building gets torched, all that is left
is ashes. I used to think that about
everything: family, friends, feelings. But now
I know. If two people love each other, nothing
can keep them apart."

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Congratulations! You're a kitsune baby!!! Wily,
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What Japanese Creature are you?
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....i ....may be.....gay .....lol

welll thats enough for now ta ta
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[04 Oct 2004|07:31pm]

You are Taki -

Admired for your style and fresh approach to life, you are the Japanese femme fatale!
Deceivingly innocent, you are actually a devil in disguise. You love to show off, but behind that
flamboyant and sometimes uncaring personality, you definately care for and stand up for your friends.
Just one flaw, you can be annoyingly hyper and bouncy!! However this can be just what a friend needs
after a boring day.

Which Soul Calibur character are you?

this quiz was made by david park
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wow [01 Oct 2004|03:11pm]
its been forever i just thought id start writing again in this journal to i miss my old friends like Greg and Chris they were cool people. Greg is in basic training now that stinks. and im starting school tomarrow. weee no not really but oh well well off to talk to chris ta ta
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long time no update [01 Aug 2004|01:51am]
i havent updated in this in a long time and well thats because im back over at my xanga the url is http://www.xanga.com/users/insomniac3011 or something like that but yeah so cheak that out if u wanna stay updated
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[20 Apr 2004|11:51am]
sorry i havent updated in awhile my nets been down and im grounded off anywho so im in cooking waiting for my quiche to finish and everything so i thought id jump on to tell you all and my phones on restrict to so DONT CALL lol well got to go cheak on my quiche ttel

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my club survey [04 Apr 2004|02:37pm]
Invite your website visitors to click here and take your survey

Invite your website visitors to click here and take your survey
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BATTLE OF THE BANDS [21 Mar 2004|12:18pm]
first off i miss Derrick

okay yesterday we had the battle of the bands for the new hampshire region it was really good nashua didnt win though but they were still really good all the bands were one kid was playing with his guitar behind his back and above his head without looking so that was pretty cool to watch. then i got a henna tattoo of a rose on the upper left part of my arm by this guy jim hes pretty cool he does henna at hampton beach and has his own bands which is pretty good although i pick on him cuz he looks really girly in the pictures in the cd but what can you do lol. so he gave me a free cd and signed it.

Then the headlining bands came on they were "2 hour parking" ,"walthem" and "alphatide" i cant remember the last band that played but they were good lol. Walthem was last to play and they were wicked good i was in the front and i swear the guy wanted me or something he was like standing above me right and front and like pelvic thrusting and like he had duck tape on his pants to make them look retro even though i could tell there were no rips and so yea hed like look at me right befor he'd put his foot on the speaker and spread his legs then he was like singing to me and winked and smiled so my friend alli was like omg omg lol then he had a hat on and took it off and i turned and was talking into her ear id say wispering but u cant wisper in the front row lol and i told her i wanted his hat and like half way through the show he leaned over picked up the hat and put it on my head and alli thinks he mouthed something to me but i didnt see it. and like this girl wanted his shit and was so envious when he gave me the hat you could tell so i just started laughing with alli and then after i started hearing everying in 2nd person it was wierd and then it went to mumbiling and i couldnt understand the bass player when he sung and same with the lead singer (pino) so that kinda stunk but it went away. so then the show ended and we found out who won the battle of the bands and wounded soilders didnt win and they were like the only ones who did there own stuff i think they did one cover out of their whole performance and then when i left i saw pino so i asked him to sign the hat and he did and he signed it " Tina's hat now" and then put his name and then we went home and lisened to alli's "walthem" cd that she bought.

oh and i cant forget about alphatide they performed and after this girl in my group who is obsessed with kevin the bass guitarist went to go ask him for his guitar pick and i got anthony's and they signed their guitar picks for us which was cool of them .

so yea over all it was cool and my mom called me a groupie when i told her about the guy from walthem i had a major headache but i had a blast and when i got home my whole body hurt from setting up all the stuff at 7:30am. we left around 9:30pm and i got home around 10pm thats a long day lol but then i slept and now im better

p.s. good luck to megan and john i hope you to end up happy with each other
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[13 Mar 2004|01:39pm]

A GOLD Dragon Lies Beneath!

My inner dragon color is GOLD. Click here to try the Quiz!

My inner dragon is the most honorable of all. I enjoy shape-shifting, humans, and the occasional crusade to save the world. I'm what you might call a Draconic Knight. Click the image to try the Inner Dragon Online Quiz for yourself.

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lol :woof woof: [04 Mar 2004|07:51pm]

Made by the fine folks at

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UPDATE: [29 Feb 2004|12:13pm]

I will be moving at the end of march but dont worry im staying in Nashua im just moving to another part of it. Unless somthing changes Ill be moving down near the mall past like funworld and all that stuff i hope something changes the rooms are really small from what my sister told me but at least i get my own and a closet and my mommy is thinking about letting me have the computer which i will then put in my closet with a lock on the inside of the door that would be fun fun. but yea thats it for now ill keep you guys updated if anything changes

p.s. sorry i havent posted lately im trying to stay outta the house as much as possible lol

its the end of febuary vacation i hung out at john's and shadOWS house and that was fun thankxs guys for helping me say outta my house and then my cat got surgery and it cost us 11 hundred dollars and my stepdad is trying to ban scrunchies and hair ties from the house so fikki dosent swallow more and i dun think its gunna work cuz my sister and mom both wear them lol well im off i gotta go clean some more befor im yelled at and then i got school work i gotta do thats due tomarrow who gives us work of vaca honaestly no1 if they are exspecting kids to turn it in on time
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convo between me and julie about what happened with my ex friday [21 Feb 2004|02:33pm]
[ mood | laughing my ass off ]
[ music | Kyle's mom is a big fat bitch ]

Julie: did i tell u i was back yet?
DrkLgtInsomniac: no
Julie: ok i'm back
Julie: :-)
DrkLgtInsomniac: lol i can tell
DrkLgtInsomniac: guess what
DrkLgtInsomniac: i saw my ex yesterday the one that cheated with me for anna
Julie: gross. what happened
DrkLgtInsomniac: okay so i pulled him aside and he was with his wife and i told him to tewll me the truth and told him anna is dead set on that she fucked u
DrkLgtInsomniac: and he was like thats gross no i didnt fuck her and im sticking to that story hes like she was stoned off her ass she probly thinks thats what happened
DrkLgtInsomniac: and so he got into saying hes gunna have nightmares
Julie: hahahaha
DrkLgtInsomniac: and i told him he got himself into it and its his fault so we walked back and his wife gave me a wierd look
DrkLgtInsomniac: and i was like dun worry he will tell u
Julie: lol
DrkLgtInsomniac: so i told him sean will just be having nightmares for awhile and shes like dun worry ill give him some nice thoughts for his dreams and i was like good mowne
DrkLgtInsomniac: women*
DrkLgtInsomniac: and so they walked off
DrkLgtInsomniac: then i told my 3 friends i was with what i said to him
DrkLgtInsomniac: and like 3 mins later seans wife puts her arm around me and was like whats the bitches name
DrkLgtInsomniac: im like anna
DrkLgtInsomniac: and shes like well where does she live
Julie: mwahahahaha!
DrkLgtInsomniac: and being the nice bitch i am i was like i dont know the exact address but sean does
DrkLgtInsomniac: hes been there enough times
DrkLgtInsomniac: and so sean started exsplaining what gl it was cuz i guess they met at sheepfold once
DrkLgtInsomniac: and so sean was like member that girl with the frizzy hair
DrkLgtInsomniac: and befor he could finish his wife was like EWWW SEAN YOUR KIDDING
Julie: lol
DrkLgtInsomniac: and i was like yea now u know how i feel he cheated on me for that
Julie: lol
DrkLgtInsomniac: and shes like sean thats gross and shes like im soo sorry and gives me a hug
DrkLgtInsomniac: and then i just started at sean who looked like he wanted to go in a corner and hang himself it was great
Julie: lol
DrkLgtInsomniac: and it was even better cuz when she was giving me a hug u could tell she ment it
Julie: :-D

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[ mood | In Love ]
[ music | SATISFACTION-remix by derrick ]

why because nothing that exciteing has happened lol sept i made a new friend and he looks like freaky identacal to my friend dan dun worry dan he wont take ur place just cuz u live in raymond but what it importnet ITS ME AND MY BOYFRIENDS 6 MONTH ANNIVERSERY AND I STILL LOVE HIM WITH ALL MY HEART AND I WILL FOR A LONG TIME I LOVE YOU HUNNY :HUGS: BUT I NEED TO GET GOING MAKING THE FINAL EDITS TO THE GREEN CARD BEFOR I START BUILDING IT INTO REALITY

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uggg [27 Jan 2004|10:00pm]
i hate this house I HATE THIS HOUSE!!!! I cant wait till im 18 and i can move out then ill get togeather with some friends and we will all live without our asshole parents and be free i cant wait julie i think will be first on m list wanna move in with me julie after highschool nikki can come to !!!!
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metallica quizz 2 [25 Jan 2004|10:20pm]
you are for whom the bells toll from ride the

"for whom the bells toll, time marches on, for
whom the bells toll"

what metallica song are you
brought to you by Quizilla
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metallica quizz [25 Jan 2004|10:13pm]
You are Metallica!!! You are THE best metal band
ever. People will listen to you, or you will
just keep playing louder and faster!

Are you: KoRn, Metallica, Oasis or Nirvana? (With Pics)
brought to you by Quizilla
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hmm whats been going on [13 Jan 2004|05:38pm]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]
[ music | sound of the heater ]

Friday: it was like any other day me and john and derrick hung out and we walked in the cold to strawberrys so derrick could get a poster and it was cold out and then ( big gap those who need to know, know!! john and derrick) and then i saw bekkie and she said derrick was cute and andrew and bekkie met dunno how that ended but umm yea then we saw romeo and derrick left with him around 8sumthing and then john left and then i hung with sabrina and then got picked up and went home with my mommy ate supper went to bed
Saturday:boring as hell
Sunday: went to look at houses i want to live close to derrick to tell u the truth not sure what school ill go to cuz even if i moved close to derrick if i stayed in nesa i would go to south and yea then derricks dad dropped him off at the real estate place sorta near his house and then he wouldnt get in the car and close the door cuz he didnt want my parents to think wrong of him so i told him fine lol and he got cold and sat down but wouldnt close the door although he said if i turned the heater on he would but i told him if he wanted it on he could do it but e refused cuz it wasnt his car cuz hes nice like that so we hung out watched some hellsing then i think it was pirates of the carribean next dunno me and derrick were to busy playing with the popcorn and trying to shove it down eachothers throats (the popcorn perverts) and then around 9:15 mommy drove him home and he got out and went buh byes and i got a kiss good-night and was happy
Monday: Watched the whole series of hellsing then went on the computer and talked online then took out the trash then went upstairs and talked to derrick
Tuesday TODAYYYY: school was boring i went cross country skiing again though that was interesting i took my time and me and my friend john p were the last ones back everyones like ur late im like no u were just early i scheduled my time perfectly so i could get in a little befor quarter of 12 and take of my skii shoes and skiis and yup perfect timing and then umm oh yea got home watched tv in my room john called me aaabout hillary cua she thinks i hate her but i dont and she says i talk about derrick to much but she does to either saying " i hate your boyfriend he made me laugh" or "i was gunna go____ in the bathroom and then i saw him and i was talking to him and i didnt wanna cut anymore" and " i really dont hate derrick" i said the smartest thing i have said in awhile i think

i dont know what to do john
im only a kid i cant fix everyones problems
unless i can fix my own
i have to be right in my own head
befor i can make other people see stright

and its true everyone is used to coming to me for like help but i can only give 100% to them when im in a good mood and when im happy and my life is going decently so yea thats my day so far ttyl and yup

love you derrick, sincerly tina a.k.a goddess of night

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another fucked up dream from my head [10 Jan 2004|06:31pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]
[ music | lagoona-always in my heart ]

it was about this house it was fine during the day but once the sun set everyone who was in the house was trapt and we moved into the house and it wasn't my normal family it was people really close to me and some people i think were made up in my head but the sun set on our first night of living there and everything started going wierd like all the doors would lock themselves and were there was a window u would look and could see nothing but wall there and everyone was dieing and the basement was full of blood from the people befor that have died in the house and the people that would kill you could shapeshift and stuff so theyd kill some1 and take there body to kill their next victim and shit and i was running away and i kept climing the stairs and when i got to the top the door was locked and so i was like banging and punding on the door and shaking the handle hoping for it to open and it did and all u could see was black not like an dark room black like nothingness black and i stepped into the room if thats what u wanna call it and closed the door and kept walking feeling my way around but there was nothing there and i just kept walking and walking and it wouldnt end and then all of a sudden i start feeling hands and shit grabbing my arms and stuff then i woke up

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yesterday stunk [04 Jan 2004|09:51am]
yesterday stunk lol john was yelling like all day weather it was about that stupid video game or at one of us thats allll he did and then at the end of the day the one other person besides my mom that cleans and cooks in this house on a regular basis (me) he starts yelling at and it just got wicked bad to the point where my mom picked up a cigg. and i really wanted to talk to Derrick cuz he would have been able to calm me down so i locked myself in the bathroom for awhile while i was in there a glass broke my stepdad drove off(not forever :sigh:) and i cried cuz it was all my fault that my mom was smoking and i went to go appologize to her and she just told me to leave her alone like the one person i actualy like in my family is telling me off so yea yesterday was a great day and i wanna see derrick NOWW!!! think it will happen u bet not

sincerly,tina a.k.a goddess of night
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today stunk [30 Dec 2003|05:01pm]
[ mood | nervous ]
[ music | mother fuck mother fuck noise noise noise..... ]

i hung out with derrick for like an hour today it would have been longer but well let me tell you the story okay so i was at hanafords waiting for derrick's dad to come pick me up actualy it was the parking lot of ames but that dosent matter and so yea we get to his house and some western is on i think it was quincy sumthing or other and well after derrick finshed his sandwhich we went to his room to clean the rule was though light had to be on and door had to be open so we fallowed those rules well all was going well for an hour derrick was organizing his room and we were lisening to music and every so often he would lean over and kiss me well i didnt go to sleep till like 5am and i woke up at 8am so like i was kinda tired so i was laying down on his bed and derrick leaned over and kissed me and his mom walked in and she didnt like it so she said we had to get out of the room which we did with out a word and i saw down and like 2mins later i was being brought home so it kinda sucked just a little but i guess the way she saw it we were doing sumthing wrong cuz when she walked in we were kissing and he was leaned over me so thats how my day went now i just have to hope derricks parents dont hate me and such and i know i wont be going over there for awhile now i just hope derrick dosent get in to much trouble so im kinda scared and it would really suck if him and his mom got in a big argument and he got kicked out so now im like praying that dosent happen :sigh: i should have known it was to good to be true everything was gonig so well

:sigh: sincerly,tina a.k.a the saddend goddess of night its gunna be a cloudy night tonight

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owwwwy [29 Dec 2003|05:05pm]
[ mood | owwwwwwwy ]
[ music | your base all belong to us ]

i burnt my finger on the metal rack for the oven when i was cooking an apple pie for my family cuz i bake when i get bored

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