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Tuesday, February 3rd, 2004

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    i waited for this fuckin page to come up fot liek an hour so wutup wutup havent updated in long superbowl wus nuts i didnt even get that ddrunk i had liek 5 beers but i took my meds wich i havent in mad long n i got tired n shyt from them n really impatient well mad people showed up at my house idk shyt went down then drama ofcourse a sussual but it ended up fine i told every1 to get in my moms car to bounce out of my house but they all left with the beer me n tj bought wich wus fucked up but fuck it i prob would of got one out of the whoel thing ne way n i didnt really wanna drink that much more infront of my frends parents which were mad chill well wut happened wit me n justin is fine i shouldnt of bugged him after he got slapped by im not sayin lol cus he gets mad angry n i was bitchin but who cares afer that everything was mellow but i wich all of our frends could have just chilled n went to the parteyyy but we all went to my house where it was me justin nicole madison n tj n heather ahhh lol tj n heath heath wut was that all bout lol that was cute tyho neways im bout to b out have a stoge so every1 peace u ufckin foolz hopeuflly no one had any hard feelings from sunday wich wasent that bad i just feel liek eerything was my fault n so dus my mom since one of my frends sed sum fucked up shyt to her wich wus fucked up n i think u owe her an apology

    Current Mood: frustrated fuckin comp

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