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[01 Dec 2004|07:47pm]
bad news?

[25 Mar 2004|05:06pm]
im moving to lj. dont know if i will still post on this ne more. maybe you should all move to lj with me! hehe.. well it was just a thought. ;)

ask me if you wanna know my new user name for lj.. cause i dont wanna post it up on here.
bad news?

hmm.. [24 Mar 2004|06:34pm]
[ mood | blank ]
[ music | remember to breathe- dashboard confessional ]

yep, so here i am updating agian.. and it must mean only one thing. im bored. hahah so true though. lets see nothing really new since i last updated. well i mean nothing major. lol

today was Wes's birthday and i got him a cool shirt and a kick ass wallet. lol im glad he liked them :)

hmmm.. i hate ppl that set out to ruin ppls days. like sure youre having a great day..but then you see one of those ppl that do sumthing to piss you off, or rub stuff in your face.. or idk. im not talking about ne one in particular... im sort of just babbling.

its only wednesday. sucks. this week is going by to slow. today was good though, 1st; talked to bailey 2nd;listened to ms. baker talk about sperm 3rd; walked around all block w/ kiira and bailey and gave wes his present 4th; worked on that dumb mask for art... sort of boring but w/e... then after school i went over to Wes's and finished Fight Club, which i started watching yesterday w/ him. good movie. real good movie. plus brad pitt is hott. lol tonite is boring though. no one is home and no one can come over. yuck. lol

okay well im gonna go do.....hmm nothing. so call me or something.

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oh how much have i missed my dear keyboard... ahh. [18 Mar 2004|07:39pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]
[ music | prom night- the ataris ]

heyy everyone! wow i finally have my keyboard back.. thanks to my dad! i <3 him! if ya'll didnt know my mom took my keyboard away for like 3 1/2 weeks cause i got in trouble so i couldnt talk to ppl online.. but i finally got it back! yay! lol

hmm.. lets see.. school has been good. im passing all my classes and i did pretty good on all my midterms. B in Bio, C in Geometry and A in photo. I got alot of compliments today! yay. it made me feel so pretty. lol i think i should dress up and wear my hair like that more often. lol. hmmm lunch has been fun latley.. everyone eating my popcorn and talking about who we wanna kill. hahaha.

hmm.. tomarrow we have a band concert. yuck. i really dont wanna go. ughh. then i might go out w/ the girls to nats resteraunt. idk yet though. then saturday we have a freakin parade in the morning which sucks .. yet again. but afterwards i think me and alyssa are going to the mall to buy wes a birthday present (i dont know wht im gonna get him yet though cause he doesnt make it very easy for me. hehe) then idk wht after that.

i need to talk to ms. natalee pischner .. why you ask? cause i love her and we need to discuss my life! haha

okay well im gonna go.. hopefully i will have my keyboard for a while now.. and when i wake up tomarrow it will be gone. that would suck... alot. okay talk to you all tomarrow! later.

p.s. this weekend i feel like.....getting messed up?! lol so call me to hang out this weekend. 514-1624

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[17 Mar 2004|06:43pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Its in the way that you move me, and the way that you tease me. The way that I want you tonight. Its in the way that you hold me, and the way that you know me. And when I can't find the right words to say,you feel it in the way!

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but as for me, i wish that i was anywhere, with anyone [16 Mar 2004|08:57pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

Well as for now im gunna hear the saddest songs
and sit alone and wonder
how you're making out
but as for me, i wish that i was anywhere, with anyone
making out

I'm missing your laugh
how did it break?
and when did your eyes begin to look fake
I hope you're as happy as you're pretending

I'm cuddling close
to blankets and sheets
and I am alone
in my defect i wish i knew you were safely at home

I'm missing your bed
i never sleep
avoiding the spots where we'd have to speak,
and this bottle of beast is taking me home

w/e Good luck w/ that‚ little do u know id rather just be friends...right? yeh i think so. its gonna be better this way

grrrrr i have no keybord so im using this character thing. Its really hard sooo im gonna go. Later

bad news?

you're hott. yes... you. [10 Mar 2004|03:20pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | brand new- me vs. maradona vs. elvis ]


wow so sunday was amazing. john mayer was amazing ( and very very hott) and maroon 5 was amazing (and they came out in boxer/ briefs during your body is a wonderland and i was like drooling. haha. but yeh it was one of the best days of my life. yay!

this week other then sunday has sucked..majorly. but today was the first day i was actually really happy and not all jealous and blah feeling. no one pissed me off and no one bitched at me.. and you know what? i think i was really nice to everyone today. which has been a first.. well at least lately.(which is really ironic considering my friend came to visit today. hehe) yay for being nice. yay for my friends. their always there for me... and i really love them for that. so i hope ya'll know that! i like being in a good mood. its been awhile. :D

weekend plans anyone? i feel like the beach or sumthing. idk yet lol

ive been listening to brand new so much lately. like i constantally have one of their songs stuck in my head. haha but their good.. so go and download one of their songs/ or a couple of em. lol

okay well this was a long entry .. so no one will prolly read it. but oh well...i still love you. haha
k im out. later.

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wow. [07 Mar 2004|01:44pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]
[ music | at a glance- afi ]

omg. wow thurday night was so amazing. i cant even describe it. Coheed and Cambria were kick ass and Thursday was okay i guess.. idk i never really liked them anyways..and what was with the guy and swinging the microphone. haha. then AFI came out to miseria cantare and i just got so excited. ahh! i mean i was listening to that song like a hour before and then they come out to it .. and its just like wow.. im actually seeing them live. hehe :D they were so amazing. i was screaming so loud. and i felt soo happy and excited to be there. haha. they played so many good songs, they played like 8 songs off sing the sorrow and they played a couple older ones like total immortal and morning star. it was deffinatly one of the best nights of my life. then i heard that davy got sick and they canceled the rest of the tour and we were the last venue. i was so glad that he got sick after our show. lol

tonight is the john mayer/ maroon 5 concert. haha (total music change.. i know) but yeh im sort of excited for it. not as much as i was for afi but it should still be cool. me and lyssa are gonna leave in like a hour and a half or something. idk haha but yeh it should be fun!

man i feel like im on a huge rollarcoaster. i have wanted to get off for the past 3 weeks...but i havdnt had enough courage. i thought id be done today but things changed... so maybe i can talk to him before i leave to go to tampa.

k well ill see everyone bright and early tomarrow. peace.

bad news?

[24 Feb 2004|03:10pm]
i did something i regret. i dont think i should regret it as much as i do... but i do. now i dont think hes speaking to me.
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if you listen, listen listen, listen close, beat by beat. [20 Feb 2004|04:03pm]
[ mood | blank ]
[ music | bleed black- - afi ]

wow, its been a while. couldnt get my lisense on thurdsay. long, dumb story. hopefully monday though.

hah today has been an intresting day.... im loving these certain 3 guys hitting on me. argh. so annoying. wait scratch that.. make it 4. haha nice. *note the scarasm*

sams bday party tonite. im still tryin to convince my mom to let me go. ive already asked her like 02397609834 times though. maybe she will change her mind. if not, im sorry and i love you like woah and happy birthday!!!

. . . i d o n t f e e l g o o d . . .

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pssssh u mus be straight trippin foo! [10 Feb 2004|07:28pm]
so this nice random ghetto girl from where i used to live in Ny decides to im me tonight. haha. i dont even know how she got my sn. but i thought this convo was pretty funny! haha

NuNuschica4life1: who dis
AFhunni49: who the hell is this?
AFhunni49: ure the one who imed me
NuNuschica4life1: datsn y u prolly do have a.d.d
AFhunni49: haha okay.
AFhunni49: so u gonna tell me who you are?
NuNuschica4life1: u live in geneva
AFhunni49: um no, not anymore.
AFhunni49: do you?
NuNuschica4life1: yup
AFhunni49: well who are u? and how did you get my sn?
NuNuschica4life1: dats betta
NuNuschica4life1: dis lyniesha
AFhunni49: lyniesha?
NuNuschica4life1: yup
NuNuschica4life1: now who dis
AFhunni49: this is jaislee
NuNuschica4life1: what
NuNuschica4life1: u blk
AFhunni49: no. u?
NuNuschica4life1: yup
AFhunni49: oh cool
NuNuschica4life1: and u dont mess wit a blk ni99a like me
NuNuschica4life1: or talk 2 me in dat kind of way
NuNuschica4life1: k
NuNuschica4life1: k
AFhunni49: i aint be talkin in ne kind of way. okay?
NuNuschica4life1: i was juss confrontin u
AFhunni49: mkayy
AFhunni49: so wht grade u be in?
NuNuschica4life1: u 1st
NuNuschica4life1: i told u my name 1st so u
AFhunni49: pssssshhhh im in 10th u?
NuNuschica4life1: im in 11th
AFhunni49: oh okay
NuNuschica4life1: old nough 2 be yo damn momma
AFhunni49: psshhh i dont think so biotch!
NuNuschica4life1: who is u callin a BITCH
NuNuschica4life1: wen da next time u comin 2 geneva again
AFhunni49: pssh i dont know
AFhunni49: u be trippin iaint callin u a bitch
AFhunni49: its jus a expression.
NuNuschica4life1: o00o0o0o
NuNuschica4life1: dats what i thought
NuNuschica4life1: biotch
AFhunni49: oh okayyy biotch
NuNuschica4life1: iight biotchhhhh
NuNuschica4life1: lol
AFhunni49: psh okay
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beauty queen of only 18, had some trouble w/ her self [06 Feb 2004|03:01pm]
im tired. dont feel like going out tonite.. so call me if u wanna come over and watch movies, be lazy and chill w/ me! hehe. k so call me. now. 514'1624

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[05 Feb 2004|05:23pm]
things are changing..
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its my party i can cry if i want to...cry if i want to.... [26 Jan 2004|09:25pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]
[ music | its my party i can cry if i want to!! lol ]

so yep. today was my 16th birthday! yay. *scream of joy escapes my mouth* haha. but yeh it was a good day. it started off good cause i got a call at 12:01am. to be the first to say happy birthday to me. i got the best friends.
i <3 them all. haha.

tonite was good. had fun. got lots of money! yay so that was cool! haha. i had my grandparents, my family, father basil, alyssa and her mom , and wes over for dinner and cake and all that usual stuff. haha fun stuff! lol even though me and alyssa were way full and couldnt eat ne thing! haha.

okay well im gonna go watch csi miami...which starts at 10 then go to bed. so good nite everyone! love u all!

yay jimmy jus called me! i miss himmm.. and all our porch fun! yay...cant wait to see everyone in ny again this summer!

happy birthday to me. haha.

xOxOx Jaislee!

you would cry too if it happened to you.

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is somebody out there, will somebody listen? [25 Jan 2004|03:12pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]
[ music | blink 182 ]

tomarrow should be intresting. see who remembers.... and who forgets! haha.

lets see friday was fun! havdnt jus sat home and hung out in a while. it was fun though..haha coloring, jumping on my trampoline and jus talking and hanging out watching movies. thats all i will say bout that cause i dont wanna get ne one in trouble. haha. *note the scarasm*

saturday i basically did nothing, sat around for awhile and talked to ppl. then jus hung out w/ ppl for a couple hours that night. fun i guess. thanks carissa... i deff. owe you one! im so glad u help me deal w/ all my problems and i can jus call and let everything out. i <3 u!

today is boring. i went to church, came home...im in a bad mood for sum reason. idk. but then i went to lay out and i jus layed there by my self listening to music and sorting everything out in my head. and i think im better now. haha i hope. lol. some times you jus have to have sum time to ur self and think and try to sort out all the stuff thats bothering you.

ive decided that im not gettin back on the computer till i loose 10 pounds. ha. im serious though. either i can get back on wen i loose 10 pounds or i can get on everynight after i have wrked out for like a hour. soo i should be back in like 2 weeks... or everynight. hah we will see ;)

k bye guys! see you all tomarrow!

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i guess its okay i puked the day away... [21 Jan 2004|07:21pm]
[ mood | sick ]
[ music | the used. ]

wht is wrong w/ me? if ne one can answer that i will give u a million dollars.

if ya'll only all saw me at my worst...you would think i was a completley different person. im not actin like jaislee.

im never in this sad, mopey, sick kind of mood. and thats wht im in. i want to go to sleep and never wake up. never face ne one ever again. and the thing is i dont know why. hmm.

btw. my party is now switched to the 31st (next saturday) at the lakeside clubhouse. dont ask why.. long story.

i need a hug.

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yay for random 3 day weekends! [19 Jan 2004|07:39pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]
[ music | maroon 5- she will be loved ]

haha. this weekend was amazing. utter amazment! lol it was sooo fun! and random! :-D haha but i loved it and me and alyssa deffinatly need to do it again. as in 2 weekends from now cause next weekend is my birthday! wahoo! lol pat is hott. right alyssa?!! lol but ne ways a nice PG version of this weekend is,
friday--maimi went to alyssas afterwards at like 3
saturday--hung out w/ chris, natalee, and a whole bunch of other ppl, went to nat's resturaunt w/ jus the gurls and had a great talk about boys! lol i <3 u guys! then went to 5th for a lil bit, then went back to chris's house and hung out there *insert disk here* and then went over to seths house and hung out w/ him for a lil bit.
sunday--church w/ alyssa and chris..which was intresting! lol with the cross waving at him and everything. then headed back over to chris's and hung out w/ alyssa, him, and pat g. for a while, then hung out w/ all of them plus a whole bunch of random freshmen. lol it was fun though. then went back over to nat's who had a friend over and we all hung out and watched movies then jus went back to chris's till 11:30 then back to alyssas to sleep.
monday--woke up, got ready, watched the new real world reruns, went to pick up chris, drove around, then went to my house, me, lyss and janelle then went to wrk out and i burned 450 calories! then alyssa left and i went home and ate dinner.. hhah kinda ironic i know! lol

*i dont want this great weekend to end :/*

guess what?!!?! i found out that my mom, alyssa and carissa have been planning a surprize party for me since september...but it didnt wrk out cause im too nosey. lol. oh well. sryy guys.. but ne ways my party is saturday and u all should be coming! lol ill talk to you in school bout it! lol

american idol is going to be on in 10 min. so im leaving good bye everyone!

omg!! omg omg omg!! im going to the john mayer and maroon 5 concert on march 7th!!!! omg! u have no idea how excited i am!! yay!!!!


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its a Shabutie! [15 Jan 2004|06:06pm]
[ mood | cranky ]
[ music | radio- alkaline trio ]

lol. wow today sucked. sort of. lol alyssa didnt talk to me, for a really dumb misunderstanding...but idk i guess she feels it was a major thing. maybe it was to her..too bad she wont talk to me..w/e im so sick of doin shiit to please other ppl... haha its my life and im gonna live it how ever i please! lol

ne ways.. softball today: haha i sucked so bad. lol but bailey was doin way good. you could tell she jus all of the sudden got in the softball grove. wish i could do that still... we will see. i will never be able to do it though if i dont stop gettin hurt. lol so today im at 1st and the ball hits a bump in front of me and rams right into my thumb/nail.. and omg it hurt soo bad. and i went in to catch instead and all the blood rushed to my thumb and it got all swollen and it hurts so bad.. i cant bend it. yuck . lol

k well tomarrow is miami. arghhhhhhh i dont wanna goo.. k ttul bye

oohhhh one morething.. i learned how to play guitar.. well smoke on the water... but its sooo pimp! haha i was soo proud of myself cause i never even picked one up before. lol so props to wes for teaching me! lol k bye!

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my song for the night. haha. [13 Jan 2004|09:36pm]
i hate him.
he hates me.
we will start a big family.
with some fast hott sexx
and a lick from u to meeee
wont you loveeeee me?!

^sing it to the barney tune. lmfao

so now i got 2 ppl to go to the concert w/ ... i hope/think. mikaela and gina. yay! lol ne other takers?!?!?!
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srry bail... i heart you! [13 Jan 2004|05:56pm]
[ mood | sore ]
[ music | she will be loved - maroon five ]

got my schedule changed. sry guys.. specially bailey! im srry but i really couldnt handle two sciences and geometry..cause i suck at all 3 subjects... so this is my new schedule... hopefully i know some ppl in my new classes :/

1- geometry honors w/ ms. mikhulchic (or sumthing like that)
2- bio honors w/ ms. baker (yet again!! argh.. i better know some ppl in this class)
3- photo w/ ms. ferguson (the only other class i could take instead of anat. and physio... hope i know sum ppl in this class too)
4- band / art

im scurred i wont know ne one in block 2 and 3. i really hope i do! okay so thats bout it.. guess i should go shower, eat dinner then start my geometry hw. toodles everyone!

oooh- i wanna go to the AFI concert...but i have no one to go with..? so some ppl better come w/ me and tell me soon so we can buy tickets! k thats all, haha bye

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