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Bloody Mall Rats [31 Jul 2004|11:59pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

Hah today was the bloody best. I met Brian and Robby from Offset. Good stuff.
They were playing warped for one of the smaller stages but couldn't get their van to Ft. Lauderdale so they decided to drive down the west coast and do some promotion before going to Jacksonville. Anyway, I had just finished visiting Paulie at work(he's got a job at Hot Topic) and was going to the mall's food court when Brian walks up to me asking if I went to Warped Tour yesterday. I said no and he started to go on about how his band was down from San Deigo playing a few east coast dates and if I wanted to listen to them. Me being me I was like why the fuck not. The stuf was pretty good and sounded familar(at this point I didn't know these guys were frm Offset)and we started to talk a bit about club shows before Robby handed me the cd so I could look at the cover art. When I see it I started to laugh a little and asked if a guy named Christian ran the street team. They said yeah and asked how I knew. I explained how Chris was a friend of mine from the emo. punk boards back in the day and sent me a demo a few years back. Because of my lack of funds Robby said he'd give me the cd half off since I knew Christian and had their demo. So I gave him the five bucks and we started to talk about the different places to play in Florida and I gave them some contacts they could look up next time they tour Florida. Like I said before, good stuff kids.

Now let's move on. I talked to the owner over at the CD Warehouse and he seems pretty impressed with me even with my lack of retail work. I explained how most of my jobs and school activities I had worked with people and handled money. I seriously can sell anything, even myself. He mentioned me working on the weekends so I hope that was a good sign of things to come and I'll have a pimp job soon.

Dammit, today is Warped Tour and I forgot to ask some to go and get me some badges. Bleh. Next time or something.

ANTI-FLOYD - The Terrier State is the name of the Anti-Flag cd in dutch. ^.^

cross x's over my eyes,

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I rather kill you. [23 Jul 2004|10:38pm]
[ mood | mischievous ]

Badonkadunk? Is that really needed? Last time someone said that to me I skinned them and trust me you aren't anything special for me not to do the same. Such a stupid thing to bitch about, but it's something that makes me want to rip my eyes out when you say it in public. Thanks for letting me know I'm a prime example but I've bloody tired of hearing it from EVERYONE. I love my boobs, I realize I'm all about everyone nowing it, but it's coming from me. Whatever, I'm gald your gone now.

Moving on to something, less...stupid? No, it's still pathetic but more in an obsessed way. Fall Out Boy is going on tour with Taking Back Sunday but it's only a left coast thing. Fuckers. I've been wanting to see them for awhile but Fla seems not to be their stop of choice.

hobbitXcore = tomorrow. Hah I'm going to have a fucking good time. giggle giggle...or not. Dunno.

cross x's over my eyes,

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Making hits not taking them [22 Jul 2004|03:57pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

She was the type of girl who loved it when there was a bottle in one hand and his in the other. One day she had to let one hand let it's prize go. Sadly she let the wrong hand drop. Now she sits in the corner stool thinking over what went wrong.

He was the type of boy who loved to take her where she wanted to go. One day she called and said he was replaced with someone better, someone new. He drove his car to the place where they first met. Now he sits covered in glass, pinned down by a tree.

cross x's over my eyes,

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signed with x's and o's and from me to you [21 Jul 2004|10:16pm]
[ mood | calm ]
[ music | Roll(Electric Kissing Party Pt. 1) - Ultimate Fakebook ]

I remembered I had this journal so I decided, what the hell I'm gunna use it. Not that there's really much to tell. I've moved since the last entry. There have been no new shows, the last one wasin Febuary of last year. I've met some new people. One of which is the boy who has decided to make my world go inside out upside down. I guess I'll learn to deal. Boys do that all the time anyway. High school's over and I've been left behind to become a townie. Not bad but not good. I just want to get out of Naples. I'm still a broke ass fucker with no job. Lazy, maybe. I like the Fall Out Boy alot. Their my new Ataris. heh. Riiiight. I now know the joys of social drinking. Gimmie some Guinness(cliche but my poison of choice) or Mike's hard Lemonade(I'm such a bloody weak drinker) and I'll love you forever. Sad I know, but that's what happens when you go to the Keys, they turn you into a lush. My fault? Maybe.
There's really nothing left to say right now.

cross x's over my eyes,

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[18 Jun 2003|03:32pm]
woot got the home to myself this weekend.
i think i shall go to the little local show and seduce a nice nu metal boy over to make out.

Magic Number9
PersonalitySunshine And Blue Skies
TemperamentA Yo-Yo
SexualJust Say No
Likely To WinA Free Coke
Me - In A WordGenius
Brought to you by MemeJack

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excuse me as i make an ass out of myself [04 Jun 2003|01:45am]
[ mood | amused ]

SwingSetGirl636: Heh...dear god amber.....
SwingSetGirl636: I know who you meant... I love Conan!
ForeverHasAnEnd: there was bad british accents, talking of what snogging sound like it would be, and urineville
ForeverHasAnEnd: all this while Bony was orbiting thru my head
SwingSetGirl636: Heh! I read "all this white bony was orbiting in my head"
SwingSetGirl636: Which makes it a completley differeny sentence
ForeverHasAnEnd: lol
ForeverHasAnEnd: hah i just snorted.
ForeverHasAnEnd: ah, laughing is so good
SwingSetGirl636: Heh!!! Yay!!!
SwingSetGirl636: Especially when you snort
ForeverHasAnEnd: maybe it's so late that everything is so damn amusing
SwingSetGirl636: HEh. Yah know what is amusing. How worked up people get when they read there is gonna be a movie with "male companionship" in it. That's funny....ish
ForeverHasAnEnd: lol i read that championship.
it's get how peopel love the male chapmionship moives.
SwingSetGirl636: HEH hah hah hah!!!!! WOOOH
SwingSetGirl636: It is WAAAAY past our bedtimes.
ForeverHasAnEnd: my god i can't spell
SwingSetGirl636: You can tell these things by how our ability to read goes out the window
ForeverHasAnEnd: i blame this all on BENONY!

well i was never abole to to well read to begin with.
SwingSetGirl636: Abole? Ebola!!! That stuff is harsh.
SwingSetGirl636: Evidently, you were never able to spell either.

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where's my gas mask and bomb shelter? [20 Mar 2003|08:24pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]
[ music | AFI ]

quick note:
I have posted this in my livejournal, deadjournal, melo, GCR, and kiwi, so if you love me and know me from any of those you have read this.

i hope people realize the extremes that Iraq is in now didn't not occur until after the Gulf War.
Also if you look at northern Iraq they are a very democratic population within the country. the problem is in sourthen Iraq. they have come to the extremes they have to their money having little and no value causing them to buy into the Wahabi organizations that pay the Iraqi people just for following them. if that part of the country could have been helped after GW I then things might have been different then now.

also we have all these trade embargos with all these countries we've had war with but after GW I we still kept getting oil from Iraq. if we had an embargo then and used the oil we have in this country there's a big chance this situation would be not happening now. how so you ask? well my friends war is just a fight for power ansd in this day in age he who has the oil has the power. hence we don't use our oil we'll have plenty oil to sell off when the middle east begans to run dry of it.

Further more, until i'm given real proof that there are all these weapons and they are being given to terrorists i will not support the war. til that day comes i will view Bush, his administration, and America it's self as just another terrorist group because right now that's what America is. America is bringing terror into the hearts of those people who have done nothing wrong but unfortunately were born into Iraq. We have gone ansd bombed these people while they were still sleeping. I know a girl about my age from the Baghdad area and last night i got what might be the last e-mail from her for awhile. in it she talked about how she was scared and crying because she could hear the bombs being dropped. each time she heard them she thought they were coming closer and closer and would soon hit her home. if that is not bringing terror to an innocent then i don't know what is. as steve best put it:
You can not be pro-war but anti-terrorism, or use war to fight terrorism. war is terrorism.

the end.

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larmes pour vou [19 Mar 2003|09:42pm]
5:30 am Iraqi time
the bombs have dropped.

i've been reading Where is Raed?. this makes it all to real and scary.
these are fucking people who you are going off and killing. real people with families, friends, dreams, feelings, but it's okay to bomb them since it's all to make Iraq a "better" place by freeing them and giving them democrasy.

good job cowboy.
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you need a hug [14 Mar 2003|08:56pm]
[ mood | amused ]

maybe you should work for "sick of it all" / or get a job with the l.a.p.d. / did someone switch your ritalin with ephedrine? / Just don't take your fucking problems out on me. / I'd buy you a little fuzzy bunny / I'd put you on my x-mas card list / if you'd promise not to take your job so seriously / and realize you don't have to be so pissed. / life ain't all that bad. life ain't all that bad. even if henry rollins is your dad. / life ain't all that bad. life ain't all that bad. / buck up litte camper, don't be sad. / maybe you could go hunting with ted nugent / and see how many animals you could kill. / I'd pay all of my friends just to hang out with you / and take you out to sizzler for a meal. / I'd take you to my favorite karoke bar / and you sing "let the sunshine in". / you could stomp my ass into oblivion / but that doesn't mean I'll put up with your shit.

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[11 Mar 2003|02:19pm]
kill me
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ska - ska - ska - skankXcore [09 Mar 2003|09:35pm]
[ mood | amused ]

i saw austin! i saw austin! *hyperventilates*
austin yay!
i went with megan and sam to the show in marathon and he was there. i was standing around the bench inside the rec center during blame it on yoko and this guy comes over to me. i look over and it's austin and he starts hugging and putting his leg around me. he was all like, "Hey! remember me from last weekend?". i was thinking how the hell could i forget you but all i said was oh hey i didn't even see you(truth is i did see and was eyeing him a tad before hand) then just smiled alittle. he smiled too and then showed me the new piercings he had just gotten but then he's friend called him over and he had to go. le sigh.
after that i just sat on the floor to watched most of blame it on yoko set. that was until sam got me on the floor and we over rocked it because over rocking is the only way to rock out during their sets. yes sir. near the end, danny stripped down to nothing but his boxers. heh hotness. when they were done i got my purple i heart muffins/yoko shirt. very cool.
after everything got set up The Dramatix played. while i gotta be representing so the local local kid, i have to say from all the bands that are part of the keys' "scene" they're my favourite but i've said that before. right? they played mxpx again. they said something to the extent that they were playing it for some mxpx fans because a few were there and one of them said she loved it when we played them sunday *coughcoughmecoughcough*. lol i did some hardcore skanking during their set. so much i thought i was going to pass out when it was over. i had to stop a few times to catch my breath....and pull up my pants(by this time i had no shoes, no sock, no belt on). during one of these breaks one of austin's friends comes up to me from behind and grabs my side and smiles then walks back over to austin. it was odd but whatever i had a mission at hand and had no time to figure out what all that was about for i had to skank.
after they were done i collasped on the bench and austin came over and sat with me. he let me rest my head on his shoulder until i came back to myself(i was skanking that hardcore. lol). we talked a little more. ends up he has tons of pictures of everyone from last sunday. :\ i don't like the thought of that because 1. everyone includes me and 2. pictures and me don't get along, i hate them. so we talked for a few minutes and then megan told me her mom was there to pick us up. so i said my goodbyes to austin and got some hugs from him and premission to molest him sometime. ::giggles::
we got in the car and after asking we're told we could stay to see the monjees. yes! they rock so much. very awesome set. they remind me alot of early rx bandits so you know it's hot. i skanked and "danced" during their set with sam and then with some chick named josie(she was the only person their who out skanked me that show. arg! lol). i got their cd but i left in megan's mom's car. poop. when i bought the cd the guy looked at my arm and was like' holy shit you have on a lot of bracelets' and started to dig in the bag that the cds were in and handed me a little baggie with a bracelet that says the monjees on it. happiness.
on the way home we stopped at miami subs. i've never had so much coffee ice cream in my life. it was uber great. i had one scoop while i was in there and then sam bought me a cone with two more. on the way out of the place i fell down and ice cream went everywhere. i could not stop laughing, what can i say i was REALLY hyper. stupid caffine and sugar.
something else i learned at the show was if you have to hit people who like mxpx on the back to get their attention. at least that's what happen to me. i was talking to megan and the dramatix singer(who's name i can never remember) hits my back as he was walking by and then waved at me. when i asked him after the show why he did it he said he wanted to get my attention due to the fact i'm really cool because i like mxpx.
according to danny there's a show up here near the end of the month so there will be more dramatix, blame it on yoko, and this time adore mirida might be coming down.::jumps up and like crazy:: plus austin might be there too. yay!

when we got to megan's house we watched queer as folk then some other movie were there was more boy on boy action. w00t! we ended up going to bed around 2ish. i of course slept on the floor. i always have since megan got a new chair for her desk. for some reason i like sleeping on the floor at people's houses.
i woke up this morning and when i looked at my tummy i had the back cover of the good charlotte cd cover on it. how it got there is beyond me but it was there. after we ate some food, we watched muppet treasure island(i now love that moive) and ghost world. fun fun. i left before i could get my stuff out of megan's mom's car so i hope megan will bring it again.
i wish i had showtime........queer as folk. yummmmmmmmmm.

wow this was a long entry. crazy.

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you're not worth it [05 Mar 2003|08:11pm]
[ mood | blank ]

stayed home. it's sucked. i was in such a bad mood.

the only thing that has made the day decent is listening to mates of state. someone take me to see them on friday.....please? i'll give you a muffin hand job my undying love some fucking awesome vegan cookies gas money?

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boys with body mods are oh so orgasmically sexy [02 Mar 2003|09:24pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

we may not have much of a local scene down here but the little we down knows how to rock it. i don't think i've had so much fun at a local thing ever. actually i was surprised moradapalooza was this fun. after all last year not only did it suck but it also blew. well i guess there was some sucking and it was due to the hot florida sun.

boy do the dramatix rock. then again i guess the only reason i think they rock is because they're just a punk band......or maybe because they're good. either way.
i wish their demo was of decent quality and you could actually hear them.
while they were doing their set they had everyone get up and dance around. me and angela found this kid, austin, standing around and had him come over to dance and skank with us. he was oh so pretty. he had these really deep blue eye(very like whoa)and a few body mods(a labret, a nipple ring, and his ears gauged to one inch). shall i drool? yes i will, boys with body mods are oh so orgasmically sexy. yum yum. yes but he was pretty and he danced with us. XD after the show i went over to say bye to sarah and him. he saw my ears and asked me if i had an industrial piercing but he was dissapointed to find out that is was just a huge safety pin in my cartilage. he then offered to give me an industrial using the safety pin i had in.....but the way my ear is pierced it wouldn't work. it's okay tho since he was all showing me where everything was in my ear. but then i had to go. blah. well at least i got a nice hug from him before i did. yeah i'm a very huggy type person. i lurve to hug people, even if i just met them.
the best part of it all tho was skanking my little heart out during the dramatix. i stepped on a rock and everything but that could not stop me from ska-ska-skanking.
then los dramatix played some mxpx. heh so hardcore. i had on my mxpx shirt on and will pretend they saw it and played teenage politics just for me. heh

i need to get a ride to the rec center in marathon saturday. i wanna go to the show-oh! it's the dramatix, another punk band from marathon, and some ska band from miami. fun-diddly-un!

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[20 Feb 2003|08:34pm]
me: the scariest thing in the world, i've decided, is jp doing his shake it right in your face
megan: haven't seen someone do the shake-it dance in a loooong time...
me: it's not a pretty picture
megan: i'm thinking it will haunt you for the rest of your life
me: it will
megan: and why exactly was he shaking his man stuff in your face?
me: because music was playing and i was sitting on the floor after i saved sleeven from being raped by jp and he just started to do his shake it dANCE.
megan: heh heh heh heh....thats funny.....why did jp try to rape sleeven? never mind....journalism is a scary class....very strange going-ons
me: yep......were you there on the day holly made the power point?
me: jp always tries to rape sleeven
me: after all he's the founder and president of the sleeven moorhead is hot club.
megan: heh heh heh...oh really? heh...that's great...isn't sleeven the founder of jp is hot club? and no, i wasn't there the day holly made the power point...what was it on?
me: i think sleeven did start that club but it's more like a secret the skull and bone society.
megan: o, well then i don't think it would be can't rape the willing....contrary to popular belief....
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y tu mama tambien [15 Feb 2003|02:28am]
i watched y tu mama tambien so just ignore this post unless you wanna watch a fucking amazing mexican film. it has subtitles for all you non spanish speakers.

Los 10 mandamientos charolastras
Los charolastras, los protagonistas, tienen un manifiesto de 10 puntos.... que son mandamientos:
1. No hay honor más grande que ser un charolastra.
2. Cada cual puede hacer de su culo un papalote.
3. Pop mata poesía.
4. Un "toque" al día... la llave de la alegría.
5. No te tirarás a la vieja de otro charolastra.
6. Puto el que le vaya al América.
7. Que muera la moral y que viva la chaqueta.
8. Prohibido casarse con una virgen.
9. Puto el que le vaya al América (se repite).
10. La "neta" es chida pero inalcanzable.

The Charolastras' 10 commandments
1. There is no greater honor than being a charolastra.
2. pretty much you can do whatever the hell you want to.
3. pop beats poetry
4. toke up daily, it makes you happy.
5. don't bang a fellow charolastras woman.
6. You are a fag if you go for team America (which is a mexican soccer team by the way)
7. death to morals and long live masturbation(in the movie the subtitles say that you have to wack of at least once a day).
8. don't ever marry a virgin
9. you are a fag if you go for team America (yeah, it repeats)
10. The truth is great, but never achievable.

god i love Gael Garcia Bernal.

yummmmmmm. XD
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