07:42pm 06/07/2005
  I hate people.
And I hate birthdays.

Everyone forgot mine last year, and they're gonna forget it again this year.
02:57pm 13/05/2005
mood: bored


. . . YEP. GO ME. Sorry.
I'm bored. Bored as shit!


I think some kid asked me out today. . . o_o That's a big deal for me! Not many people do.

Well. . .

Only three people do, one of which just wanted to find someone with low self-esteem so he could possibly have sex. >_>
So yeah.

La la la la la la la la la la la la la. . .


I hate people.   
10:22pm 16/04/2005
mood: pissed off
I do. I absolutely hate them.
And I don't understand what the fuck is wrong with them. :/
Half of them are total retards, and the other half hate me completely and half of those people pretend not to!
(there are a few exceptions though. :/ Shockingly.)

I am sick of it. Everyone always tells me I switch screennames too many times so they don't know my new SNs to talk to me, but I haven't fucking switched SNs since maybe October!
I know they've known my SN since then!
So I fucking know they don't want to talk to me, and they won't fucking outright just SAY IT. I'd be perfectly fine with it if they just TOLD me that they didn't want to talk to me unless I was just standing there and they couldn't ignore me. . .
And if that's the case, fucking ignore me! I don't care. I can go fucking find someone else to talk to, or just go sit by myself.
Doesn't bother me in the least bit to be by myself. . . At least I won't be around people who hate me and won't admit it. :/ Sigh.
Just pisses me off. So much.

I've said so many times that I'm just going to fucking stop getting online, but I do it anyway. :/
For those three people who bother talking to me.
Maybe I will stop.
It won't matter. . . Those people who want to talk to me, fucking call me and if I answer, we can talk. Okay?

So fuck you, and you know if you're one of the people I'm telling that to.
So, uh.   
10:42pm 15/04/2005
mood: blah
. . . Yeah. I know it's fruitless to write in this thing, but here I am.

I haven't been doing anything recently, save for sitting around, eating, and watching TV. . .
I've been depressed, and I don't really even know why. It's just stupid. >_<

But yeah.
It's getting better, less severe.
Which is good. . .

So yeah.
Uhm. . .

Oh. I want to bitch about Kat, but, I don't. xD
I dunno. It's weird.

I am thinking about making a real comic though. I bought some COPIC markers, some professional mangaka pens, and some thick, smooth manga paper. . . Which was a helluva lot cheaper than I thought it was going to be! ! ! 8.95$ for 60 sheets! That's some cheap jainx, lmao.
But, yeah. It's cool. I need to find some good packs of tones to buy, and some supplies like the tone smoothers, and white waterproof ink and black waterproof ink. -Prone to spilling things.-
And, I need to get a box-cutter thing that doesn't have a metal handle. . . So I can cut out the tones easily and with precision.
It'll be great.

My idea is like, sketchy right now, but I've pretty much got the setting for time and history all worked out.
It's in the future, I am not sure how many years yet, and it's after WWIII. ^_^ It's really cool. . . I'll have more details when I get the whole story set up, and the plot line for the comic done. I'll also put up a spoiler page or two on my DA gallery once I get the first chapter done or something. -Nod.-

So yeah. I think I just might go name all the important guilds and clans and begin to form the plot line better.

^_^ Bai.
So, so sad.   
07:33pm 09/04/2005
mood: busy
music: I have a "Theory of a Dead Man" song stuck in muh head.
SO. Here I am. No one updates their Blurties anymore, of the people I know IRL. . . I wonder why.
I should probably check before I say that, but. . . I'm going to assume.
Lawd. I forgot why I was updating this. . . OH YEAH. I was like, gonna say that. . . I KEEP HAVING ANXIETY ATTACKS!
Small ones though.
S'pissin' me off, man.

So anyway. Yeah.
Life's been relatively good lately, shockingly.

Except, I had to talk to Eileen today. >_>

And, like, also. . .
Uhm. I keep having knee problems, and I had to get an MRI. x_x

Those fuckers are some scary jainx right there. Lmao.
And like, it's sad, and kind of shocking how scary it is. I was freakin' out durin' it.
And, those sores on my legs keep getting deeper, and the one I had surgically drained is getting infected again I think. . .

And, no doctors know what the fuck is going on with me!
It's scary. . . I think something serious is wrong, if they don't know what the hell it is. Y'know, one of those rare cases of something. u_u
That would suck butt wholly.

But, yeah. I'm gonna go. . .
Have fun!

10:16am 12/02/2005
mood: sick

I adopted a cute lil' October birthstone fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!
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08:08pm 08/02/2005
11:18am 15/12/2004
mood: bored
Or else. Damnit.

Hi. No one's been updating their Blurties lately. . . Which strikes me as a little odd. I wonder why. -Grimace.-

I'm not sick anymore! Kind of. Today, I should get my results back from my bloodtest. . . And, for those of whom who don't know what I am talking about, I shall fill you in with the details:
_1.) I have spots on my legs, that are unhealthy looking.
_2.) Doctor duddn't know wtf they are, or why I have 'em.
_3.) He said I should get my blood tested for:
__a.) Diabetes.
__b.) Thyroid disease.
__c.) Anemia.
__d.) b12 deficiencies.
__e.) Liver problems.
__f.) About everything else you could think of.
_4.) Got put on more antibiotics (which are making me ill).
_5.) Got blood drawn and urine sample taken on Monday.
_6.) Results are supposed to come in today.

So now you know. :/
So, since Friday, I have been stressing over what weird disease I may have. xD
Not to mention, these pills are making me sick. . .

Which is not fair. :/
I know that sounds immature, BUT IT'S NOT.
I've missed three important days of school! But oh well. I don't care. . . I'm going to school tomorrow.
So, uh. . .

It's almost Christmas Time!

So. . .

No one's getting their presents 'til after break, since I got sick and all. . . I have yet to wrap the gifts. xD
I gotta do that.


I'm gonna go now. . .

08:30am 15/12/2004
mood: dorky
Guess what!

:D This means, no diseases. No diabetes, no failing liver! No thyroid disease!
But, the things on my legs are stull unsolved. . .
A shame.
I just wanna know what the fuck they are.

So, uh. . . Yeah!
I have nothing more to say, so, I am off!
Au revoir!

10:45am 13/12/2004
03:32pm 05/12/2004
mood: bored
I don't even know what color I'm using . . . I just put in a random number code I remember.
Fuck changing the font, too. Lmao.

I've been coloring my picture of Jonathan Davis on the computer, so I can put it up on my Deviant Art gallery, but I like . . . have been majorly procrastinating.
Do I care?


I'm gonna start a picture of Sephiroth, too. I'm gonna color it on the comp . . . too.

I can't wait to get my pen-mouse. My coloring will improve so much 'cause it'll be more natural 'cause . . . regular mouses suck to color with.

Like, completely and utterly.

I'm bored. Can't you tell?

I'm gonna go.

06:40pm 30/11/2004
mood: happy
Hey! I got a Deviant Art account now! Please go check it out. :) Here's the URL:

Right here! CLICK!

If that didn't work, here:

Go check it out! :D
By the way. . .   
03:54pm 26/11/2004
mood: Bored as All Hell!
I just came here to state that I have two new screennames. My AIM name, firstly, is DecayEternally; My AOL name is SulfurousPit.
I might make a new one, if it's not taken, but until then, I won't let any of you know what it is. . .
Alors, au revoir. parce que ce que je suis arrivee pour faire a ete accompli. Jusqu'a plus tard.
01:50pm 26/11/2004
mood: disappointed
Nope. Didn't work.
01:35pm 26/11/2004
mood: bored

Hi there again. The day after Thanksgiving is boring as shit.
I have absolutely nothing to do. We're just all sitting around. . . There are no good movies to see. :/ And all that shit.
So we're all bored!

I should do something . . . like, work on a story, or something.
Or draw.
Or something.

. . .
I wonder if this font is working. I didn't use one I have downloaded onto my computer, so it might not.
I hope it does. . .

La la la.
I think I might just work on my comic . . . get a few pages done, start my Keenspace comic.
Or not.
:/ I really don't give a fuck right now, as long as I have something to amuse me.

I wonder if I gained a lot of weight from yesterday. u.u
I better not have.
Or I'll be very sad, and prolly just give up . . . like always.

Le sigh.

I'm just gonna go. o_o Got absolutely nothing ta' do.
So . . . I'm gonna find something to do.

Au revoir.
Holy crapola.   
06:23pm 24/11/2004
mood: weird

The Weirdest Dream,

I had the weirdest dream last night, truly.
It started out, that Robert and I were going to the movies, to see Shawn of the Dead; so in we went. Once in there, we saw some of our friends, and went to sit by them--then, all of a sudden, it was no longer a movie theatre. It was an actual theatre. Then. . .
In came a real zombie. So.

I shot him.

Then, everyone was gone, save for . . . Jesus. (Gee-zuhs, not hei-zeus.)
Well, apparently, he was my gun supplier. . . We were all of a sudden in another room, with this pipe coming in front another room--you know, one of those metal, ridged ones--and there were sounds in it; Like a zombie.
So, Jesus told me to wait in there, and shoot the zombie when it got out, and he tossed me a gun, before trotting out of the room. (Mind you, he's in the attire of the times he was supposedly alive in.)
Anyway. I was thinking, so I got up and straddled the pipe, staring down for the zombie to come out, since, well . . . I didn't wanna lean down and shoot into the pipe, seeing as the bullet might ricochet off the metal ridges and come back to hit me.
Well, out pops the zombies head, and I blow into her three times, int he head, in the shoulder, then a miss, then in the head again--but alas! She lived.
She began to scream something about the Messiah, asking me if I was it, or where it was, et cetera.

Apparently, bullets don't kill crazy zombies.

She ran off, like a banshee in the night, into another room. So, back in the room came Jesus, but he had been bit--and was already pretty much a zombie. So.

I had to shoot him. o_O
Anyway. . .

After that, I was with this girl, and like, we decided we had to get to a church, 'cause we'd be safe. So, we found this like, Hindu place but it was all ancient like and shit. . .
Anyway. We found this part of it where this like, two foot tall old lady was teaching like . . . a class on the religion or something, and then. . .

Ninjas attacked.
BUT! The old short lady (who looked like a grasshopper lady to me), beat the shit out of them.
But after that, I was somehow in a kitchen . . . and I was making brownies.

Then. . . After they were done, I put a note on them to the Ninja Mastah dude, asking him to leave us and the Hindu peoples alone. . .
And it worked.

Woo. I'm losing weight. -Raises roof.-

XD Sorry. Couldn't resist it.
Uh. . . I have nothing else to talk about, other than the FOUR DAY WEEKEND!


Bye. o_o
AGAIN! I bother you.   
10:40pm 23/11/2004
mood: tired

Hey again! I changed my clock time. xD Amazing, eh? Well, anyway. I just wanted to litter this place with pictures of Jonathan Davis.
Oh. And maybe Anderson!
But, uh. Yeah. XD HERE!
This picture is the one I drew--but it's just his face and shoulders (hair too). I didn't have enough room for his hands and the microphone. Oh well.

Oh. And here. :D Another picture I think is a great pic!

Oh. Now for Anderson!
Best pic I could find on short notice.

:D Here's Alucard.

:3 And . . . Sephiroth!
Oh. . . Who else. . . XD I'm just making it hard for this to load for y'all. OH.
Vincent Valentine!

I just thought it was adorable!

Well. I gotta go now! I should'a been in bed a while ago--dead tired I be.
Holy shit!   
07:31pm 23/11/2004
mood: jubilant
Changing the font actually worked! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Guuuuuh. . .   
07:08pm 23/11/2004
mood: moody

Again with that magnifique Jonathan Davis action up in here.
Oh yeah.
Anyway. Today sucked. :/ Horribly.
My stomach hurts like there is no tomorrow, I can't seem to lose weight even though I've cut a lot of fat and calories out of my diet, and like. Just.
S'not fair. :/ My leg keeps bleeding. My knee hurts. The other spot on my leg is getting bigger, and we still don't know what the fuck the spots are!
The surgeon never called us back about what was inside the bigger blotch.
I wanna know what the fuck it is, so I'm going to go back to the doctor. I'm going to force mom to make another appointment, but with a different doctor, one who might know what the fuck it is!

On another note. . .
I drew Jonny-Boy today. :D
And it's pretty! The picture actually looks like him.


I am proud of muhself.

But back to complaining. . . Lol.
It's hot in here.
Anyway. I still haven't changed my computer clock yet. It's still three hours behind. . . I should fix that. :/
But will I?
Probably not. XD
Oh, lawd.
I can't wait for December.
I'm going to California from the 27th to the 3rd of January. We're gonna go to Vegas, babeh. And all this other shit. It's gonna be so cool.
I cannot wait!

It'll be so kick ass.
I'm going with my father, for that trip.
On the fourth, to the fifth of December, mom, Walter, and I might be going to New York. It's more than a 'might', I think; We just need someone to puppysit for us. I'm quite positive we will find someone.
Most likely my aunt.

So yeah. December's gonna be a good month, or else. I'm sick of having a shitty year.
I should like. . . Summarize the year of 2004. I think I shall do so, near New Years, or right before I leave to California.

It'll start off with the fact that this year, I was up to 162 lbs. I didn't have to deal with Chris at all this year though. That was a plus. . .
Lots of other shit happened, but I'm not gonna--oh Hell. I might as well.

1. I was fat.
2. I lost my "grandmother."
3. I had this thing on my leg, and I've got another. No clue what the fuck they are, either! Doctors don't even fucking know!
4. A few kids at the school I went to died--granted, I didn't know them all that well, but I knew two of 'em, and it affected a lot of my friends.

The list goes on.

I just don't wanna finish. :/ I had a shitty year.
A horribly shitty year.
It's not fair. xD
But, Jonathan Davis keeps me going! XD Lmfao. Anyway. . .
I hope I lost some weight. :/ I hate being fat.
I'm always gonna be fat. >/
Damn it all to Hell!
To Hell and back.

Gaaaaaaaaah. . .

I'm off.
Ran out of shit to talk about.
See ya' 'round.

Au revoir.
05:59pm 21/11/2004
mood: cynical
music: Korn

Look at that nice Jonathan Davis action going on up in here!

Hey. I've got absolutely nothing else to do right now, but pollute the web with my odd rantings about there being nothing to do.

So, here I am.


Dude. Last night, I had the weirdest dream. :/ I dreamt that I was pregnant.
But I was still a virgin.
Like Mary.

It was freaking me out.
Still kind'a is.
Why the fuck would I dream something like that?!

Freaking me out man.

I can't wait to go to California.
This winter break. ^_^
I'm hoping to meet the wonderful Jonathan Davis.

It's not fair.
I wish so baaad. . . So bad.
I wish so, so, so bad. . .

It will never ever happen.
I know.


Never, ever.

No fair at all. . .
Not fair. . .