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Date:2004-03-12 12:25
Subject:Robot Kill Monkey
Music:Phantom Planet - "Turn Smile Shift Repeat"

When i'm at work (i host at Applebee's) and i come in feeling kind of goofy, i really got to watch out and not get carried away like i did yesterday when i kind of forgot i was at work and my boss basically told me to do my job and i got all depressed because 1) it felt like he was scolding me for having fun and 2) because he had taken me off the door and told me not to run food thus regulating me to the mundane, robotic drudgery of busboy. however, i do see that he just wants things to get done and it is his job to let me know what needs to get done so i guess the problem is, regrettably, although it often times is, with me. so my plan of attack for today is to be a good robot and try really hard not to be a silly monkey:/ ...wish me luck ;)

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Date:2003-09-02 13:10
Subject:Brand New Beginning
Music:Brand New - "Jude Law and a Semester Abroad"

First entries... hmmm... uuuh, these rarely get seen, i guess. i don't know. last community/journal site i was on i wasn't really making any progress with. plus everything i posted was just whiney trash which was probably partially to blame on the site itself. so, here i am. hoping this place will be less depressing and just as addictive :/

Anyway, "Event:" ...yesterday my friend's $300 dollor rims almost got stolen... she found her tires flattend and her rims partailly off.

Stuff like that is why i'm looking foward to the beater i will someday own. right now i sport a Razor scooter with shocks and a bus pass. well, not a bus pass persay but i find ways to get around.

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