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[25 Jan 2007|09:44pm]
this is my journal
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Daily Phone Calls and Weekend Visitations [08 Feb 2005|06:28pm]
[ mood | complacent ]
[ music | Snow Patrol ]

Things are hmmm.. what can i say....they're ok. I have no car, so I guess I've come to realize that my life before not having a car revolved around my car. It was my transportation here to there, it was my way of getting away from things without any questions involved. My life has drastically changed because i have no vehicle, well not drastically, i just can't do things I'd like to do when i want to do them. My car was a lot of things for me and now its gone and i can only wait to get a new one. Until then I have to make some adjustments. I have come to the realization that I can no longer see Janet when i want to. I have to wait around for my 9 pm phone call from her, because she's busy with school and work the entire day up until that point. But sometimes like last night i get bumped up, my 9 pm phone call was changed to 9:30 and then that was changed by another text message to 10:15 which was followed by a brief phone call telling me that she was going to take a shower then call me which had me waiting around till 11:30. Which is all fine at least i can talk to my girlfriend, but i can't help but be a little bugged that i only spent an hour talking to her because we were tired rather than you know 2 and a half hours of complete talking without the last 20 minutes being I'm getting pretty tired. I want to be able to talk to her at the prime of her day, I want to hear everything that's been on her mind, not that I want a 2 and a half hour phone I would much rather a one hour call with absolutely no talk of I'm getting pretty tired. I guess its me just being "things weren't on time as planned" so i got a little flippy, but not to Janet. I guess I demand a lot of attention, and just feel jealous because all day people had the chance to see her, and talk to her, and smell her(but if I find out who was smelling her I'll kill them all). But most of all I just miss her, and wish I could be there every time she wishes she could call me or everytime I wish I could call her. So every night from now until I get a car I'll be waiting for Janet's phone call at 9pm unless it changes and I'll just be thankful that she wants to talk to me. I'm glad we're in love, and that everything will be ok even if its just phone calls and weekend visitations.

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[13 Oct 2004|08:11pm]
[ mood | loved ]
[ music | ...and the countdown begins cd ]

As days go by I realize more and more what is developing in front of me. I am in Love. This isnt the i'm in love where i love a girl from a distance or i love a movie start crush love, both of which never really have happened to me. But this is real love, the true deal. I thought i felt love in the past with Amanda but I knew that would never work out because she never would commit to anything. I thought possibly i was in love with Haley, but really that was just me obsessing with wanting to be wanted by someone else that thought was a pretty interesting person. I thought if i convinced myself enough that the number of times i would finally get enough courage to tell Loretta how i felt, I too would be in love. But I guess what im saying is, with all of those I tried so hard to feel love, I pursued it when i could. Its now when i really had just said you know it doesnt matter if im single for the rest of my life that God put someone so amazing in my life. A person where i wasnt looking for anything but she's given me everything. She's given me happiness something i havent felt in forever. She is definately the Love of My life, and i will be by her side forever, and i can say that with confidence. She is my best friend, she is my lover, she is my girl, she is my Janet Lester. She makes me smile, she makes me laugh, she makes me cry, she makes me upset, but she brings it into my life and i dont mind one bit. I love every minute i can get with her even if its a forty minute drive to her and back and only too take her out at midnight to denny's just to see her smile because I know as for me all i needed was to see her face and hear her voice. Thats all i needed to keep me going. I love her with everything, and will always love her with everything for all of my days.


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[04 Oct 2004|01:45pm]
[ mood | loved ]
[ music | Pedro The Lion - Winners Never Quit ]

Well, Well, Well. Look what I have found once again, my trusty journal. Rather than bore you with updating you on everything that's happened in the year I've taken off from writing in this fine journal, I'm going to breeze through my life and fast forward to the now. I've graduated from Onondaga Community College in Electronic Media Communications, with pretty great grades. I went back to camp for the summer where I was again the candy man, and its guaranteed to be my last....I believe.

Now that I'm on the topic of camp, I'll tell you it wasn't the best summer there and it wasn't the worst. But in fact it was my best summer ever. Sure camp was good my heart just wasn't in it this summer, it just felt as though so much had changed and I don't think I enjoy change in a place I love. I didn't feel comfortable in my own home anymore even though I did meet and hang out with a lot of really cool people. Jerry as usual, Josh Jones he's absolute hilarity and a whole bunch of fun to hang out with even though he was my boss. Nick was cool just because we shared music and video games, and just a new cool friend to have. Shannon, we are the original pranksters beginning from last summer continuing on to this past summer, and that's always a lot of fun because people just don't have the balls to pull stuff off at 3 am like us. Yeah those were really the main people that had an impact on me while my time was spent at camp. So why you ask, and how you ask was my best summer ever. I'm here to tell you.

I met someone so amazing (am-ah-zing-gah), so perfect, so right for me that I was able to look past the boredom at camp, and just let myself go. I fell in love this past summer and I'm not afraid to admit that. I met the most loving person, the most beautiful person, and really the love of my life. I am (We are) almost certain that we are going to be married. our love isn't just this wild thing, and every other time I've said love to another person has been in vein because I truly never knew what love was until I met, Janet Lester. She is absolutely amazing and I can't envision my life without her in it as the love of my life. I would die for her surely if it ever came down to it. She means that much to me.

For now this is my update until I feel the urge to write a new one.


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I'm Living In A Dreamland [02 Sep 2003|11:16pm]
[ mood | dorky ]
[ music | Rock Kills Kid - Miracle ]

Do you ever get the feeling that maybe you're just in a coma, because everything feels just like a dream. Everyday just a new episode to this thing called life. I don't know seriously nothing feels real anymore, that might sound wierd or like Im trying to sound depressing or have something psychologically wrong with me. But its true I dont feel like anything I see, touch, feel, smell, or taste is real anymore. I just want to wake up, and make it so things are normal again. But I know Im not in a coma, or dreamland or anything, so everything is normal...but it just feels so strange. I don't know what's going on, maybe its like that brand new song "you asked me what its like to have myself all figured out.......I wish I knew" cause sometimes when i tell people what i want to do, I wish I knew my exact battle plan to get there, but I have no plan. I still havent figured out or started looking at schools to transfer to yet. Ok, so to get away from all that let's talk about recent purchases....and there have been a lot. Ok here's the list:

Phillips C577 Stereo 5 cd changer, gameport hook up, and what i bought it for, the pc link...I can control my mp3s with my remote, how cool is that.....but I needed a new stereo anyways and I figured $147 for 330 Watts and all of that just isnt bad.

Copeland - Beneath Medicine Tree.....these guys are absolutely great...very smooth vocals, very sensitive lyrics....just great stuff.
MxPx - Before Everything and After....I had to thats where my music began...I need to stick to the roots for me. Its actually really good.
Matchbook Romance - Stories And Alibies....Im not sure about it yet, not sure if its better than the ep, but we'll find out real quick.
Donnie Darko Dvd------You either like this movie or you just dont get it....I love it
Life As A House Dvd----the First movie Im not ashamed to openly say I cried during this movie....a really sad and moving film,,,,but oh so good.
Hangnail - Transparent......mmmmmmHangnail.....Their best album to date, next to the acoustic ep.
The Nail Dvd-----good videos and stuff
Tooth and Nail Vol 7 dvd----music videos good stuff
Im sure theres more purchases I just cant think of.

Downloads.....Ok this might sound wierd but....Steve know the guy from Blue's Clues...well he put out an album, and its really good, kind of wierd, but really good.
Other stuff but I dont want the RIAA on my butt. So I'll leave it at that. So I guess that's it. I have nothing more to say. Why are you still reading this?


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Im BAAACCCKKK [02 Sep 2003|10:52pm]
[ mood | pleased ]
[ music | The Cure ]

Ok so here it goes, Its been absolutely forever since I wrote in this thing, I can't even remember what my last entry was, but I restarted my computer and Blurty popped up so I decided, why not write in it, no one reads it anyway's? So I guess it'll just be a huge update of what I have accomplished or done. So after this past semester at OCC majoring in Electronic Media Communication or (EMC for short) which pretty much just adds up to Radio and Television production. I've decided to take the audio track instead of the video. In the long run I'd like to work in a recording studio running the board as an engineer or a producer(ultimately). I really think I can attribute to music somehow in someway, I think. I have so many ideas, and sounds running through my head that I would love to hear on a record, but I know I could never do it myself. So yeah. I want to produce other bands music, and get the good stuff out there. So as I was saying after school ended, I went straight to Long Point Camp, So the day I took my last test I packed and the following evening I left and began to work there full time. It was all right, I mean it was as good as it could get being on an empty camp out in the middle of nowhere, at least the day time there were people, but at night is when the animals came to plan, and Steve stayed inside or went to "town" or Geneva got a movie at Blockbuster or something to pass the time till the morning. Then after about 2 weeks being there by myself my best friend Jerry came down and stayed with me and worked during the day and weekends like me, doing maintenance mainly. Hey at least the good thing out of the ordeal was that I got to drive a tractor to do a garbage run. Fun to drive, not fun to unload at least I had someone to help me. That job (maintenance) lasted about a month, and then my actual camp contract kicked in. I was then deemed, "The Candy man" because I ran the Canteen or Candy Shop as I told the incoming campers. I did that for 2 and half months from (June to August). So yeah, I've been keeping pretty busy. I sure do miss camp and all the people in it, but I'm used to by now. The whole thing about dealing with separation and stuff. I mean at least the people I care about seeing or hearing from again I am actually staying in contact with. I had a good summer over all. Some notable people to mention: Jerry (awesome guy, class act), Steve and Raksha (Great people, truly care about others), Scott and Danielle (they helped me out, and made me feel like I was not the only one, great people) Dot( My German friend, also a great person, I'll never forget that last night when we were late for curfew, and everybody probably thought we were making out, maybe I only wish too much. But when we did are thing, it was fun, yeah) Richard (My English mate(heh)(friend) I'll get you back you Zeppelin I promise..ha ha.....what a great and amusing guy. Emma, my only friend from Wales you too are a great person, I sure hope you like Motion City Soundtrack. Sarah you're kind of messed up, but you're totally rad in my book. Jay well you always say how it seems like I'm the brother you've never had, I guess you're right, we've had some good times. Shannon, I know she'll never read this so I'll just say a few things. She started working off and on around the same time I did, then a certain person put a thought in my head that she liked me. The more I got to know her the stronger my feelings got. Yes I wanted to ask her out, but I guess I never had the guts, but maybe in the future, but I doubt it because I heard she's got a thing for David Flores, but maybe I'm wrong. So yeah, she's a great person, kind of crazy, really fun, and absolutely gorgeous, and might I add that on the banquet night when she straightened her hair she looked absolutely amazing I was in awe. But I guess she'll never know unless she stumbles upon this thing I'm writing which I doubt. SO those are the bunches of people that really made the summer fun sure there were others but I have a whole year to write about them. So next time you'll hear more about my many friends from across the world. So, currently I'm back at school taking more courses I've got a full load, so that's good gonna keep me busy.

Over this past summer there were a ton of music releases that are absolutely amazing in my book I'll just list them:
Brand New "Deja Entendu" This cd has not left my stereo, its made it onto my xbox so I can even kick it when I'm busting a 540 Benihanna over the fountain. Absolutely amazing cd, so many different dynamics.

The Mars Volta-----Absolutely weird off shoot of At the Drive in but I find it extremely interesting rock music, kind of like at the drive in meets Sigur Ros, which is wicked.

Spitalfield---all I have to say is wow, I thought it was going to be generic emo pop but was I surprised by this guys voice so crisp and non whiny I absolutely love and hope to see them on the 11th

Matchbook Romance "West For Wishing Ep" -----Wow pop/punk/emo/hardcore sound strange well its not that strange and it works so well, its great the harmonies and then all of the sudden this guy screams the lyrics back and you can understand it, awesome and I cant wait till their cd comes out on the 23rd

Then there's
Motion City Soundtrack "I am the movie" ----Great Rock band with synth to go along with it. All I have to say is that the Moog player is more into it than anybody I have ever seen, he does a flipping Superman move on his freaking keyboard stand its crazy!!!! But really they are a great band.

I guess that's long enough to make up for time lost. So if anybody reads this who knows me or doesn't know, send me and e-mail we can talk or something. It may be cool.. I don't know. Well that's it for now.


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One Minute To Zero [09 Mar 2003|10:08am]
[ mood | okay ]
[ music | Holland - Photographs and Tidalwaves ]

Wow its been a long time since I've written in this thing, I guess Im just caught up in school. Plus I work every now and then at camp on weekends so I dont really think about writing, when i should. Its been a crazy time here back at home is kind of wierd, but that may all change because my friend Jerry might be trying to go to ITT up here in Syracuse, if he is then he's going to need a roommate, thats where i might come in. So that might be cool, theres really nothing to be excited about yet, but it may be in the future. Ive actually really started getting down and dirty with my song writing, Ive been trying to write really good songs, but its pretty difficult. I guess it should just come naturally, most of it does but i wish it was better. My guitar work...well it could use a whole lot of work, but I do what i can. Ive got a really artsy....well what i think is artsy sounding song, trynig to put some lyrics to it. I dont really want to sing that much anymore, I wish I knew someone who could sing really well, and would be willing to collaberate with help write songs, sing lead, I'll sing back up I can harmonize pretty well, I just hate singing by myself. I just want something to work out, maybe even have a girl----guy combo, that always sounds cool where the girl sings lead and then you hear the guy singing back-up. Who knows maybe someone will come, maybe not. Ive been pretty frustrated lately with some of my friends. My best friend Loretta went to England for a week now shes back but I'm sure she has jet lag pretty bad. But the thing that kind of upset me was that she was going there and staying with 2 different ex boyfriends which didnt sound like a good plan to me, but she went. I'll find out how everything went on thursday. I guess that wasnt the biggest friend haley I mean i know she has trouble communicating, but come on, Im the one who always ends up calling, I feel as though Im not wanted there I kind of Text messaged her on her phone, and told her. And she said , "I dont NOT care. Im just....Depressed and therefore self indulged right now. I cant care. Dont hate me..." Yeah well shes depressed a whole lot, one thought is maybe you wouldnt be so depressed if you didnt close yourself off to the entire world and have some contact with people you dont see everyday, maybe you wouldnt be depressed. Look I just really miss being with her, and just wish that she would call and say Hi on the machine or Hi in a text message every now and then. That would make me happy, and then i would now I still got a friend. I guess thats my biggest gripe but I guess i should just keep trying to call and talk to her, maybe something will happen. One big thing I can think of is that she lost her job...but she knew that was coming..she was working at K-mart and they went out of business, so I think that might have something to do with it....but its never the whole picture....if I ever figure her out, I'll be a genius thats all i have to say. Look I'm going to get out of her, I've written enough for the past few weeks or months. SO Im gone. Adios


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All Aboard [31 Jan 2003|11:36pm]
[ mood | weird ]
[ music | Dashboard Confessional ]

Somedays you feel though you're on top of the world, somedays you feel like you've fallen off you're footstool. Then there's those certain days that you feel as though you don't exist. You know you're here, you're alive, you can feel your heart beating so its obvious youre not dead. But all around you, you look, you try to see the people around you, but you see only blurred images of people that were once there. It feels as though you walk the halls, the streets, your home all alone completely engulfed in the fact that you feel invisible, no one can see you. You talk outloud just to hear an echo of your voice as it bounces off these lonely and empty halls. You think you've missed the train to dreams of candyland and shoots and ladders, but you didn't, its still waiting on your arrival. Your ticket is at the depot, a one-way ticket with your name on it. The whole world waits for you to figure out when you'll hop on board. But you think you've missed the train, you're never going to collect your pass, you wait in limbo, while the train's coals burn hotter and hotter as the time passes on. You'll never get on that train, because in your head................its already left.

-Close Personal Friend

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....And So Life Begins.....Again [26 Jan 2003|12:55am]
[ mood | calm ]
[ music | Dashboard Confessional - Places You've Come to Fear the most ]

Ok, its really been a while, and I thought I could stay on top of things with this. Ok things have happened in my life. I started school on Tuesday, I really like the classes im taking right know. Im majoring in Electronic Media Communications which means radio, tv, sound, and video stuff. So maybe one day i could do something cool. I sold my books from last semester some to one website, and some at, and ive made like a little over $100 so thats really cool. My website is up for all those who want to listen to really crappy songs check out this link yeah so that has one song and its pretty bad, and then another one coming very soon I just have to have them approve it over at Me and my brother went into that Columbia house Dvd thing together, so I just got Fight Club, The Goonies, and Pulp Fiction on dvd for like $15 so i was happy about that. I also got the Memento limited edition dvd for like $7 so that was really cool. Then tonight I bought a mini disc recorder/player, in hopes that not only that it is a pretty cool portable music player, but also to hopefully be able to record better sounding songs....Maybe. But even still things are going good, I finally changed my cell phone number, so that cool. So everything is getting crazy these days, but thats cool, its better than nothing happing at all.


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[22 Jan 2003|11:14pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | Reggie And The Full Effect - Under The Tray ]

Well I'm back in school again. I have a feeling this semester is going to be a whole lot better. New Classes, New School, Old Friends, they way it should be. I really like a lot of my classes, I'm going to dread my CIS computer course though, it teaches you the basics of Windows XP and how to use certain programs, I already know how to utilize all these skills so I dont expect this class to be important. Analog Audio on the other hand look to be a whole lot of fun working in the studios with a sound board and all that jazz looks to be really exciting. Well I'm heading to bed now, just figured I needed a short update.


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To The Victor Goes The Spoils [16 Jan 2003|01:30am]
[ mood | empty ]

What should I say, nothing has happened as it usually doesn't. I guess I can't say anything bad has happened because nothing bad has happened today our since my last entry, and yet nothing good has happened either. So I guess it all equals out. So the people over at have finally accepted my really crappy mp3, but if anyone wants to check it out, its check out the pure horror that is my song. I've really got nothing exciting going on in my life, I've got to go find a job getting low on cash now a days. I'm going to try and sell my old school books to earn some cash, it won't be much, but it should be a bit. I finally got my stereo hooked up, and I just found out to of my speakers aren't plugged in, so now I got to go and re-wire them again. Ordered some dvds with my brother from columbia house, Fight Club, Pulp Fiction, and The Goonies. I think those are some solid choices. So that'll be cool I'll have a total of 8 dvds including the 3 dvd Sports Night box set. So its growing one step at a time. Im going to rent some Xbox games tomorrow, and that'll be cool something to do this weekend. Then after all this week is the last one before school begins, on the 21st, so YAH!!!! Great fun will be had. I really don't know what else to say, so I'm going to leave you with another song, you figure out the artist.

*Song of the Day*
bound to this couch, i lie in waiting
watching wind blown memories slip past my window sill
i can't fall asleep, voice in my head disturbs me
waking nightmares keep, have my cries fallen on deaf ears
can you hear me or am i....

talking to myself again, is there anybody listening
are you taking this in, am i wasting my breath
tell me, is the wind in your sails worth everything you give
are you looking for something, forgiveness

i leave it up to you, i guess i'm better off removed
because the situtations growing too thick,
in your hands

could it have been something i said,
or was it something that i did
did i ruin my chance, have you written me off
tell me where did i cross the line,
and can i work my way back this time
will i always regret this decision
i leave it up to you,
i hope you find a good excuse because
i've given about all that i can give,
in your hands

are you taking this in, am i wasting my breath
did i ruin my chance, have you written me off

i could try to count the times that i've been through this in my mind,
but i'm running out of fingers and i don't have that much time

are you taking this in, am i wasting my breath
did i ruin my chance, have you written me off
-Artist......You tell me.....

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Its a never ending circle [12 Jan 2003|03:50am]
[ mood | drained ]
[ music | Coldplay - Rush to the head ]

Ok, so the weekend went alright. Not exactly to what I had said earlier. I never got a hold of Jerry so I didn't see Piebald, so I was in the house till Friday when I left in the afternoon. That evening I went and picked Haley up from work, and we hung out all night, and then I slept over. In the morning, afternoon, I went and picked Loretta up, and we went to see Catch Me If You can, it was a pretty good movie. I love being around Loretta, she treats me like no one else does, and when we're together only good things happen, and it just seems so right. Except there is nothing more, we are friends, at least as long as she wants to be. There is no one in this world I would rather see myself with in the future than her. For now I just wait, and hope, that someday she'll be here. I'm going back to see her again on Monday, bright and early, to let her take her road test in my car, and hopefully, with all this practice, she'll pass it. I really hope she does, she wants this more than anything in the whole wide world right now.

I want to see what people saw
I want to feel like I felt before
I want to see the kingdom come
I want to feel forever young
I want to sing
To sing my song
I want to live in a world where I belong
I want to live
I will survive
And I believe that it won't be very long
If we turn, turn, turn, turn, turn
Then we might learn
So where's the stars?
Up in the sky
And what's the moon?
A big balloon
We'll never know unless we grow
There's so much world outside the door
I want to sing
To sing my song
I want to live in a world where I'll be strong
I want to live
I will survive
And I believe that it won't be very long
If we turn, turn, turn, turn, turn
And if we turn, turn, turn, turn
Then we might learn
Turn, turn, turn, turn
Turn, turn, turn
And if we turn, turn, turn, turn
Then we might learn
Learn to turn

Maybe someday I'll live in that world. For now, its off to bed.

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Get Out The Way [09 Jan 2003|03:00am]
[ mood | determined ]
[ music | Bob Marley - Stir It Up ]

Ok, so here's the low down, I couldn't get a hold of Jerry, so I'm still at home. I didn't see Piebald on Wednesday, because I bought the new Coldplay cd instead. Tomorrow is the day I begin preparation for leaving though for a few days. On Friday I'm going out to Geneva, where I'll meet Haley after she gets off work at 3 from there who knows, and I'm going to see if I can stay at her place for the night, so I can then go into Geneva to visit Loretta on Saturday. That's when it becomes shady, because I may or may not have a place to stay on Saturday night, so I may have to come home. If Loretta made the calls I should have a place to stay, in which then I will stay either till Sunday or Monday would make more sense because I have to be there Monday. So I should be gone for a couple of days.. Hopefully. Who knows maybe something cool will happen out of all of this. I hope so. I'm out of here.


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Episode 11 [07 Jan 2003|01:54am]
So I'm sitting here, not knowing what to do. My parents are controlling me, or trying to, I'm 19, and I just moved back into the house after being away from home since June. So I've been on my own, and I know what its like to be on my own, so I think I should have this feeling that I have to approve everything with my parents right? So if I want to leave home for a few days and just be a nomad, visiting friend finding shelter whereever I can, becuase I can come home anytime. So I think I'm going to take the step and say, this is my plan, I'm going to go to this person's house and from there I don't know when I'm going to be home. So just pretty much leave everything up to the flow of things. Maybe itll work, maybe it won't, but at least I'll have tried, right? So this is my plan, I'm going to call Jerry tomorrow, and see if he wants to go with me to see Piebald on Wednesday, and from there ask if I could stay for a couple days, and then drive into Geneva to let Loretta get used to driving my car for her monday road test. I then on Thursday night or Friday night, go and visit Haley, and in the mean while be visiting with Michelle, and Jerry which would be really cool, so there's my plan, how does it sound? Nothing amazing, but thats my plan. So that's it for now, stay tuned for the next episode of blurty.

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Today Was A Good Day [06 Jan 2003|01:05am]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | Avenged Sevenfold - Warmness on the soul ]

Ok so everything went great today....first off to top my day the Steelers beat the Browns 36 v. 33, and move on one step closer to the Super Bowl. 2nd i played some video games with my brother that was pretty fun. 3rd I talked to Loretta on the phone for like an hour, and I told her I'd make the trip out to Geneva if she would feel more comfortable in using my car for her road test next monday. Plus I just really want to get out of the house. I'm going to see if Jerry and Michelle will let me stay with them for a few days, who knows. So that'll be cool because I'll see Michelle, who I haven't seen in like 2 years. Maybe get to see Haley while I'm there, but I've kind of given up on it, becuase I'm making the effort to be her find and she doesn't even try that hard to keep in contact with me. So thats that. And I got to talk to Loretta, which was fun, and I'm going to get to see her in a few days and that'll be fun. The forth and final thing "I didn't even use my
A.K." thats why "Today was a good day".


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Steelers win [05 Jan 2003|04:47pm]
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Juicy Fruit [04 Jan 2003|01:44am]
[ mood | gloomy ]
[ music | Coldplay - A rush of blood to the head ]

I didn't go, life sucks, haley never called back, Loretta never called back.. Nobody likes me, everybody hates me guess I'll go eat worms.

I posted my song up on so check it out in a few days when its verfied, like it, hate it, I don't care, its there for the whole world to listen and puke because of how horrible it is. Well there you have it my life, No girls, No Holland Concert and one song up on


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[ mood | pissed off ]



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One day till the Rock is out in the open!!! [02 Jan 2003|06:06pm]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | Holland - Shine like Stars ]

So there is one day left until this awesome concert: Holland, Anberlin, This Day and Age....shout outs to my friend Steve Padin the drummer from This day and age which by the way is an awesome band:, and head over there download some songs, which are really good by the way. The show is Friday at the Showplace Theatre in Buffalo at 7:30 pm be there its going to be rocking and for only $8 you can't go wrong thats the same price as a movie, and instead of a screen you get live music, how awesome is that!!! 1 day and they, meaning Holland will be in Buffalo!! If I have enough money I might also skip on over on the 6th to see Piebald in Rochester how cool would that be?? Well I'm finally talking to Loretta who I haven't heard from in a while so I'm cutting this short. But let me leave you with this, if you live in the Buffalo/Rochester area go to see Holland!!!! You won't be sorry!!!


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Holland, Anberlin, This Day and Age, and Last Page First, Friday Jan 3rd Showplace Theatre Buffalo, NY 7:30 be there or be square [02 Jan 2003|03:17am]
[ mood | impatient ]
[ music | Thrice - Identity Crisis ]

Holland in 2 days...I mean tomorrow!!!! Its going to be great at least if the weather doesn't make a turn for the worst, I better get to see them, no school, no job, tons of free time, all I'm asking for is one night away from home to see an awesome band, buy a t-shirt or something, and just rock out. Thats all I ask for this one night to be perfectly fine, in which I can get out of this city and into the next to see this band. Hopefully I'll get their. Thats the only thing on my mind right this instant....oh left another message on Haley's Voice mail today and i still haven't heard from her I don't think she cares anymore, she could care less that I value our friendship before a lot of things. Well I'm out of here. Adios


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