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Monday, January 9th, 2012

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    Stop The Diet Madness- Feed Your Body The Calories It Needs

    What are your plans in terms of fitness and nutrition this year? A new decade, a new you! That won't happen if you don't follow some easy rules.

    If there's one thing most people don't understand about weight loss, it's hunger. Failing to understand your own hunger can doom you to fail at your weight-loss efforts as well.

    Let's explore the topic of hunger. Many diet books and "experts" recommend eating several small meals throughout the day to control your hunger and your portion sizes. But does it really work? It does if you make sure you're eating enough! Some people start on a weight-loss or fat-loss plan and still feel hungry even though they are eating five or more times a day. Why does this happen? It happens because portion sizes are way too small! Each of your small meals should control your hunger for the next 2-4 hours.

    It's very important to know how many calories you're consuming per day, per meal, per snack. Calories are energy! If you've ever fasted for a day, you understand the necessity of calories. Without enough of them, your energy slowly fades away.

    Calories fuel your body's important functions. Whether or not you realize it, your body is constantly at work, allowing you to walk, to talk, to move, to work out at boot camp, and even to rest and repair yourself.

    Without enough calories (energy), your body won't function as smoothly. Your metabolism will slow down and your immune system will weaken. You will start to feel like crap and get very tired, and possibly sick.

    Cutting calories will make you lose weight?but your body pays too great a price. You lose water and muscle, and you don't burn fat throughout the day. You will actually be more likely to hold on to fat and try and produce more to help your body survive.

    You don't want to make your body pay this price! Instead, you want to be a fat-burning machine. You want to feel good, to be strong, to remain vibrant and healthy, and to have a positive air about you.

    You won't get this by eating small portions and being hungry during the day. When you feel hungry, it's because your body is telling you it needs more energy! When you "diet," you force yourself to ignore this signal. However, you will only feel worse if you do.

    Treat your body right. Listen to it, control your hunger, and give yourself the energy you need to be healthy.

    Here's a list of four important Do's when it comes to hunger and portion control:

    DO...eat when you feel hungry. Eat protein and fiber-rich foods to fill up faster and stay full longer.

    DO...remember that 1,200 calories or fewer do not provide enough energy for any normal-sized adult.

    DO...satisfy your hunger. Don't overeat and don't undereat. On a scale of 1 to 10, keep your hunger at a 5. This means you are able to function and have energy to give. A ten means you are stuffed and uncomfortable and don't want to move. A one means you are painfully hungry with headaches, nausea, or dizziness.

    DO...eat breakfast like a king. Unless you are working out first thing in the morning, a small breakfast won't provide you with enough energy, especially after a long fasting (sleeping) period. Treat your body with respect, and your body will respect you back. Give it the energy it deserves!
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