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:D ~ :P [16 Mar 2003|08:24pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]
[ music | Sev - Same Old Song (remix) ]

i made 6 plans this weekend; 0 actually work out the way they were supposed too ;(
ehh w/e i get screwed over alot.
me and my mom got in a huge fight today. she makes me so mad sumtimes. egh..
jesse was supposed to come over today, and of course he didnt- so then i was supposed to go to the movies w. jeff, but he had to much work to do. so we are gunna go next friday :D

*i don't want to be left alone
not when i'm right next to you
what are you thinking?
it's so misleading
is it not for me to know
i think it's just hard for you to show*

i wonder if laura ever got my letter.. i need her to talk about it w. me. i hope she understands wat im going thro. i miss her so much :-\
well i gotta go take a shower and finish the rest of my hw.
hopefully this week will be better then last week.


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