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oh jee bob wilickers [31 Oct 2003|12:59pm]
I am a kittie in school today, I look like a slut. Oh baby, IM fucking tierd as hell!!!!!!!!! My feet are killin me, i juss wanna go home sink myself into my fluffly warm bed n get some major shut eye......*sigh*

I wanna see Justine today, I wrote her a note, and I wanna see her outfit, If she is wearining it. I think I read shes not =( Damnit, but I hope she likes my outfit, RAPE the kitttie =) Oh baby

Well Im out

this is how it feels

I remember the days I was so eager to please you.. [15 Oct 2003|03:29am]
[ mood | complacent ]
[ music | -Music- ]

I remember the days I was so eager to please you..

The smoke is so heavey in the room I can tast it...

You shatterd my heart like a vase, except you cant replace this.

Just another mindless wonder, standing in line for complexidys stamp, just face it.

My past, the hurt, no means to erase it, just another lesson in my suit case of reminders.

And I cant find my past port to get out of this god forsakin town.

Im trapted..theres no way out stopped im trapted., theres no way out, relax.

It seems like I always miss a key, wheather it be you or me.

Your the annoying tickle in the back of my throut.

And If you say its gonna rain, your like god. Grab my rein coat.

Im headed out the door, and No not to stand with you, but to make my own tracks in the sand.

As I walk on the beach, rain coat in hand, I can look out into the ocean, and Know where I stand.

Cause Ive got my suit case, and pass port to go, a new start in life, sand to grow.

this is how it feels

zZzZzZzZzzZLONGER AND LONGER...ZzZzZzZzZZzZ [08 Oct 2003|10:28am]
[ mood | sick ]
[ music | -Kiddies Typing- ]

Wow...Life pretty much sucks. I dunno what to say. All the shit I talked about is in my Livejournal.

Yep...No fun..I have to get "Extra Help" In science, wich is fucking MATH class, cause thats what Im staying for..Dude, He like said, YOU HAVE TO GET EXTRA HELP, all loud, and I was like YOU GOT ADD, I was out for two days, god. So I have that half my lunch period and then I have to take a math test 7th period...Oh what joy and love. Well The bell is gonna ring or Im gunna hurl..shitty....

<3: Stephiekins

The only good thing is that I might be able to see justine Sunday If I go to the show...

Ps. I think Im going def..haha..

1 don't believethis is how it feels

[01 Oct 2003|12:45pm]
I LOVE YOU JUSTINE! Im sorro I cant write were gonna leave, I had to do homework.
Love you steffy kins
this is how it feels

weee wee waa waa [29 Sep 2003|12:35pm]
I gotta go pee pee!
this is how it feels

[24 Sep 2003|12:23pm]
Im so tierd
this is how it feels

[23 Sep 2003|10:16am]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | <33333333333333 L*o*V*e ]

Heyyyyyyy Justine-luvie!
Awe, J-Doggie! Im in study hall 4'th period. Yesterday was fun fun. I came home and shit and Aj called me so I went to starbucks with her, I got a mochia coconut frapacheno! Woopie! =D!

Then I met the girl she likes...aww...<333...their so adorable...It was at her work, and we picked Aj's mom up, cause they work at the same place. I met this british lady..she was so funnie...omg...she slapped everyones bum. She was like 60 and I kept makin her say NAUGHTY! Like a brittish person sayin naughty is so awesome. Haha..Im such a dork. Any who who! The brit ladie was named susuan I think, and she had a conversation with me and Aj, and she was like "So and So got Pussy at 12 and then he had two plums.." Haha, I was like? WHA? She was like Kitty cat! Pussy cat! Haha, I dunno but I was like Dirty brits on the run. Oh baby!.

Then we went to our spot at C.V.S, we talked forever. Smoked a pack hahaha! We went to Acme and bought these power drinks and a butterfingure. I had to use the potty! =D! I like tryed stealing the toilety paper, but it was too big to put in my hoodie. Then I sprayed myself with air freshiner, and I scared Aj, by putting goggles on and jumpin at her at the same time I put my face in the water fountain with the goggles on. Hahaha. Fun times.

We are talkin about living together. Like when Im 18 and were so seriouse, we got so heavely into the convo on the living thing, we went to best buy to see what Tv and sound system we should get for our house. Haha. I wa slike WOA! Were gettin a flat screen, hopefully the prices go down in like 3 years. But the house will be bumpin yp. Haha

She will be 21 when we move in and I can get a job pluse my money from the accedent. Woopie! I coulf never get in a fight with her I swear and we have the same style. And shit. Good shit. We also bought film for today, she is coming over and taking pictures in my basement, were gonna make a big set up. =D! Sexay!

Well any who who! We would be able to live together and when she is 21 she can spot me the alchol, haha, so i was like hell yeah, justine can come over =D Hahah. Fun Fun! We picked our frig out, hahaha, so gay.

Dude she takes pics good, its for her photogerphy class. =D I need to hang out with you! =D

Im going with her to get her Tatu saturday, Im pretty sure. Me and her are so poor. Hahaha. Fun..
Shes getting a chamelian going down her pants and maybe one on her neck. Nice.

I went with her at 4 dinner time and got back 11 at night, my gramps was like off the wall. He was like ur supposed to be in bed. OH WELL! =D! It was fun, I got to sleep like at 2.

This week was mad crazy fun times. I got the biggest hicky from this guy that took his shirt off and tackled me onto his coach in his dark basement with music playin loud. RAPE! Haha!

It was awesome, I went to the mall and played every game there, in the acrcade. Haha, won them too. With my cousin nicky. Nice.

Well the bell is gonna ring. I love you. Later skater
<333 Stephiekins

this is how it feels

[22 Sep 2003|12:54pm]
[ mood | lonely ]
[ music | ='( ]

I love you justine, Its almost time to go and I was doing science wich was a wast of time. I have like no time. Blah....haha. But i had a nice ass week...haha..i have the biggest hicky in the world, ahhh, hahah, dude, its so funny. I had fun. I will write about it when I get him. Kays?! Alright. Juss write me back cause i mish yew.
<333 Stephiekins...=D


2 don't believethis is how it feels

[19 Sep 2003|10:38pm]
I miss Justine....
this is how it feels

='( [19 Sep 2003|10:38pm]
I miss Justine....
this is how it feels

RARA! [18 Sep 2003|12:35pm]
[ mood | weird ]
[ music | hmmmm Suck my nads! =D ]

Dude, I forgot to do my History Review...this sucks nads....damn!!!!! REERAA!
I miss you *smoochies*
I was talkin to those marine fella's and one of them was like "Hey hunnie and he called me sweet heart and shit..hahha he was like taco's is poppin up in da lunch line, i was like my name is steph, he was like HOLLA! An i was like i got hit by a car and i told him what happend, and he was like "You a walking Merical baby!" haha
Good shit. Damn serves men. I told him my guy was a doughe bag, haha. Awe.
Yea, dude THEATER arts is soooo funny.
You like gotta see me and Cherises skit i made up.

Steffy: You must have something to say about this!

Cheris: Your always accusing me!

Steffy: But the nachos and beer are missing....*looks at her seriously*

Cheris: *flippin out face and movments* What about that time i found crushed taco shells in yer panties and white stains on your bra that had a light fregrance of sour cream! I never said nuttin about that!!!!

Steffy: OKAY OKAY! *starts to cry* Im a mal dancer at taco bell! *falls to knees and continus to cry*


Hahahaha good shit man, haha.

2 don't believethis is how it feels

=D [17 Sep 2003|12:43pm]
[ mood | Gotta go PEE! ]
[ music | I dunno but I GOTTA GO PEE PEE! ]

Awe, Justine love!
Im so Lonley I wish you were in here. Dude, It like cold, Im so glade I got my hoodie, I cant wait for Christmas time to come so i can get like Millions of Hoodies! I LOVE HOODIE WEATHER! I love what you did to the journal, it Looks sweeet! I mish you Justine! *Tear*( I am so glade that Sherise, is in like five of my classes, but i wish you were in my classes, I miss them damn Caluclator Nazi's. Haha! Dude, I lost my calculator and math teachers are doughe bags. I am so lonley. I wanna go clothes shopping cause i looked at like all of these nice clothes ann jnow i am picking out shit. Haha, I wanna get a lot of rings this year, i love rings....YERP....but i have none.

Do you still work at Bellmawr lake? =D Ice cream girlie! WOOPIE! SO did u find like any guys for me, from shane. *tear* I hope so, I was gonna wear my TBS shirt today I have the same one u do, but like its ugly on me , i got a youth large, which was a bad idea, i always get cold and shit, damn emo shirts..hahah...i love u man.
Awe the Libraryan is like "Are you tryping real words cause you tyrpe pretty fast." I started to like laugh an shit

Dude, what the fuck, they think im skipping gym and shit, when i gave them like a million notes on how i cant take gym cause i need my brase in order to take gym all the time, but the damn doc's are taking forevr to fax a real note over, oh well they can fuck me side ways and call me sally.

AhHHH im so bored and i gotta go PEE PEE! I call it Pay Pay!
Well Im out
Love you so much

<333 Stephiekins

3 don't believethis is how it feels

wee [17 Sep 2003|09:39am]
[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | listening to the mole yell ]

alrighty. I fixed everything :D hooray for moi. Im so cool haha.

<3 xemoishx aka ºJustineº

this is how it feels

[16 Sep 2003|09:20pm]
like it? I gotta make some adjustments, which Ill do tomorrow, cause Im too tired to now. some of the overrides got a little cut off when I copied it from Word and put it into here and I didnt realize it until after I closed and didnt save >< I like the background, but Ill change it if ya like. it kinda puts me in mind of you and Lonnie.. aka ºJustineº
this is how it feels

[16 Sep 2003|09:17pm]
like it? I gotta make some adjustments, which Ill do tomorrow, cause Im too tired to now. some of the overrides got a little cut off when I copied it from Word and put it into here and I didnt realize it until after I closed and didnt save >< I like the background, but Ill change it if ya like. it kinda puts me in mind of you and Lonnie.. aka ºJustineº
this is how it feels

I have here by claimed this to me our NOTEBOOK! This notebook is for notes, reguarding Justine and I [16 Sep 2003|12:44pm]
[ mood | artistic ]
[ music | Tip Tap Tip Tap Goes The Kep Board ]

Hey! Whats up?! I hope all is well! Im so happy for yew man! JORGE! I swear Shane looks like Jorge, Like woa!

Now Im gonna like stare at Jorge all the time, awe. <333333 My luv got a new luv.....awe...

this is how it feels

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