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    Friday, November 4th, 2011
    6:30 pm
    What To Do Whenever your Xbox 360 Delivers the actual E74 Error Code - Exactly what does It Indicate

    So it happened for you, Xbox console appears to get arrive to a sudden death. The Xbox 360 a few red flashing red lights problem, appropriate I'm going to presume that you understand this means widespread hardware failure. And at this degree your Xbox console is not really working at all.

    prizerebel Quite a few people suppose their Xbox 360 is gone for good once they 1st experience the a few flashing red lights challenge. Many gamers make the enormous error, if their warranty is expired they go out and buy an completely new console. Which is a waste of countless bucks, simply because you may repair your Xbox red lights problem for a number of bucks.

    Microsoft needs you to definitely believe that that the actual console Emergency Area resides only inside their fix warehouse. And yeah, they'll fix your Xbox 360 red lights problem, and mail it again to you minus all those a few red blinking lights. But it is heading to charge you in the product range of $140. Oh and if you want your Xbox 360 back again underneath your Television quickly You can hang that up going via Ms. Microsoft will return your Xbox 360 somewhere involving 6 in order to eight weeks. Do you really need to wait that prolonged

    The secret to finding out how to do this for by yourself is the James Dean three Red Light Resolve Professional. gaming lagoon This really is an absolute resolution, brought to you by tech gurus who know the Xbox much better than they will know themselves. These gurus guarantee their own technique will function for you personally inside of a number of several hours!

    You might discover this challenging to imagine, but it actually is the truth. Inside of an hour or two from now, your Xbox 360 E74 Error will become resolved. And your Xbox 360 will be functioning excellent as new once again, and that Xbox 360 red flashing lights problem you simply had, will be background. There is no have to expend unnecessary funds, not with all the firm you presently paid for a few-hundred or 4-hundred with for the console. There is absolutely an excellent benefit in deciding upon to make use of a guideline to a low-cost and simple Xbox 360 E74 fix.

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    2:12 am
    Download Free Xbox 360 Games - How you can Download Xbox 360 Games Free of charge

    Have you ever wondered how can you really download free Xbox games online Is there really free games available on the web You should be skeptical concerning the title you read but this content is about to demonstrate exactly how to do it.

    The problem is the fact that this information is flooded across the Internet, what we see within the first page of Yahoo and google or Yahoo, can not be the last update-This could lead to frustration because some techniques work as well as others. These processes are a little 'complicated because the techniques have been updated using the latest version could save lots of problems.

    If you really are a beginner with a new Xbox and have no experience of the first discharge, I suggest you download Xbox 360 adhesion websites. swag bucks This is because it would not be able to play downloaded games without knowing how to record their 360 games and make some small changes (flashing the DVD drive from the console) on Xbox 360.

    The website with members of the private staff can help you filter out all seed products slow download torrent, the techniques of documenting an album and play bad Xbox 360 is flashing the firmware of your DVD drive. In some other words, tonnnssss saves time because you can download, record and play back directly to any Xbox 360 game you would like, without going through any process of trial and error.

    My answer is indeed... These games are usually kept in good bit-torrent. You must be asking yourself "Do they work Tend to be safe from viruses Are liberated to legally download games for Xbox 360 ". Well, from what I've seen, many of these games have good download speeds that will complete the download in one day. These games can not be completely free of viruses or malware, but when compared to download sites anonymously, to be able to download games for Xbox that contain the virus are certainly more affordable.

    points2shop However, if the law is and has never been a problem for you personally, get the free Xbox 360 is the ability to download games for a great as it could conserve time and money trying to download different methods as well as units of DVD recorderthat damages your PC and Xbox 360 flash, just go step-by-step, without thinking of ways to get games downloaded and played back in no time!

    Download free and legal with regard to the concern that unless you're downloading the demo version from the site of the Xbox itself. So what am i able to say If you you don't have the money, try sharing the games with close friends, or buy2 second hand 360 of the line. Speaking of legal issues. Download games or movies or songs online is not really a legal act should know.

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    Thursday, November 3rd, 2011
    2:00 pm
    Xbox 360 Repair - How To Do-it-yourself

    Creating your Xbox 360 Live account is quite quick and only takes seconds to undertake. All that you simply demand to do is purchase a membership from either a local store or even the Xbox straight and decide on a name - additionally also referred to as a Gamertag.

    gaming lagoon Next, basically hand them more than ones e-mail and security password or make a brand new one, and resolution the protection inquiries and you also are all ready to initiate taking part in. At this moment which ones Live account is all setup, you'll be able to revise ones avatar to take a look simply like by yourself by visiting change and modifying the characteristics on it.

    swag bucks If you purchase Microsoft shows, you can visit the marketplace and pick special clothes and gadgets for your little character. Together with the points, you can simultaneously buy movies, games and backgrounds for ones dashboard.

    Having an Xbox 360 Reside account is lots more as opposed to just simply taking part in on the internet multiplayer games. You can look for your buddies and include them on Live and perhaps give messages or open a chat room to speak with them over the headphones. To be in a chat will not indicate that you both need to play the exact video game possibly, you possibly can perform whatsoever you prefer but still be talking.

    You possibly can at the same time use ones Xbox 360 Live profile and perhaps be interconnected to Facebook and you may do ones revisions from Live. Live can furthermore link all through your computer or cell phone so that you can commonly check ones mail messages and pay attention to who's enjoying what upon Xbox at that immediate.

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    Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011
    5:09 pm
    The Best Xbox 360 Download Source

    The games for the best Xbox 360 look as good as the console itself. All the games for this model of the Xbox are high-definition, so you can make sure that you are getting as near to real-life graphic renditions as you possibly can, for now. Just since it is so advanced, nevertheless, does not mean that you will have to throw away many of the old favorite Xbox games because it is backward compatible (we. e., you can still play lots of your old games on it).

    It is a known fact that Xbox 360 is not merely simply for playing of games but in addition for playing of songs and videos where your family can enjoy listening and watching. The Xbox 360 downloads has legions of onlookers, watchers, audience and fans comprising associated with kids, teenagers and actually adults. This is simply because of the songs that are included in the soundtracks, which are definitely irresistible and cannot be ignored. The big factor also is the set of different artists and singers of the various songs who are merely great in their remarkably done performances.

    Thanks towards the online functionalities of the Xbox downloads and its expandable HIGH DEFINITION multi-gigabyte memory, you just have to connect to the online Marketplace to buy downloads of mini-games, movies, and even TV exhibits! There are even downloading of demo versions of recent or popular -must-have- games that you could try out first before purchasing the full version swag bucks!

    For those who follow the evolution of the best Xbox 360 downloads, just keep yourself updated and posted using the latest announcements because more of your favorite songs will be within the future, of course, that depends on how you support the featured current songs as well as performers. Be there when the next batches or packs of downloads are launched!

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    5:01 am
    How Anyone Can Learn Making backup xbox games

    Almost every gamer has sooner or later looked at a scraped disked and wished they had learned steps to make. Many gamers do not understand that these games are on normal DVDs which are fragile and can easily be damaged.

    Music CDs and movie DVDs could be mildly scratched and still work. Gamers are especially frustrated once they see this since unlike Games for the xbox 360, the game will not play when it is scratched. Unlike these some other disks, crucial data is store all over the game disk that is required for your Xbox 360 to play the game, making this terrible if it obtain scratched. If your disk even gets one scratch it is probably ruined. Once the overall game doesnt work, the game player has two choices; pay for a new game or dont play it at all. Either choice is painful to make, and would not have needed to be made if the gamer had known how to make backup xbox 360 video games.

    swag bucks How to make backup ps3 games can be especially crucial for gamers who have a large amount of money invested in their Ps3 game collection. Even although many gamers baby their disks, it is inevitable to enable them to become damage no matter how careful you are with them. Learning is the best thing you can do to safeguard your collection.

    As long while you own your original disk, it is completely legal to backup xbox 360 games for your own personel use. Just do certainly not resell them. As long as you are planning on playing the backup copy and storing away the initial game, you will find that your collection will be protected, as long while you arent cheap and copy your game on low quality Dvds.

    You will find which both disks are a comparable to the game gamer. You can play and enjoy either of the games. Those who are planning on selling or trading their game soon, however, will find the only important disk is the original. Keeping your game within pristine condition will guarantee you'll the most out of your game. Damaging a backup game is also not an issue since all you need to do is make a new copy.

    Unlike years ago, it is no longer a significant issue to backup copies of xbox 360 games. All you need is a good copy of a software, an original Xbox game, some high-quality DVD blanks. Making backup xbox 360 game will require almost no time so long as you have your computer and some video game copying software to get the job done.

    Want to copy your video games Have you ever wanted to protect your valuable game collection by copying your original game disks and also playing only the copies Want to copy video games from any console system Using Gamecopywizard, you can copy all your original disks. Click the to get more...

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    Tuesday, November 1st, 2011
    4:47 pm
    How To Fix Your Xbox 360 If you have The 3 Red Lamps

    Have you come throughout those 3 flashing red lights on your Xbox 360 and you don't know what to do If you are the parent who's kids love their Ps3 or an avid movie gamer, this poses a huge problem for you because your Ps3 cannot be played till those red lights convert green again.

    Generally, most peoples first reaction (that is the worst one) would be to head out to the local game store and buy the new Xbox 360, only soon to understand that the new Xbox's have the same problem and they just wasted hundreds of dollars. Even though you are sometimes told otherwise, the newest models to have this particular same problem.

    Now for something that will cheer you up... your Xbox 360 is not finished once you see these red lights, it just needs some work done!

    swag bucks There are a few ways you can fix the 3 red lights on the Xbox, some are slower and much more costly than others, but it's sure much better than spending hundreds of dollars on the new one only to run into the same issue again.

    Most people will turn to Microsoft for answers, but are unhappy with all the result when they find out it can cost them $140 and minimal 6-8 weeks before they get their Xbox 360 back (which is way too long prize rebel! ). The only other option you have (besides paying a lot more than that at a game store) would be to do what the experts recommend which is fix it yourself. Just don't try any of the "quick fix" options you might find on the Internet like the towel trick, penny technique, or soldering fix because they will cause much more damage to your Xbox.

    What you want to perform is find an Ps3 repair guide that has been tested and proven to operate by the tech pros who have experience with the Xbox 360 unit and have already been doing this stuff for some time. A good repair guide will have real (not machine) customer support and provide detailed step-by-step video instructions on how to eliminate the 3 flashing red lights for good.

    Don't waste your money on purchasing a new Xbox 360 just to run into the exact same problem, and don't waste your time sending it to Microsoft. Take the advice in the experts, and fix it yourself.

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    4:41 am
    Xbox 360 Repair Methods to Fix Your Xbox
    Putting together your Ps3 Live profile is really easy and only takes a few moments to carry out. All that you just demand to carry out is purchase a registration from both the store or the Xbox right and pick a name - likewise termed a Gamertag gaming lagoon.

    Next, just allow them to have ones e-mail and security password or make a fresh one, and response the protection concerns and you also are all prepared to start off taking part in. Since your Live account is all set up, you possibly can modify ones avatar to seek exactly like oneself by visiting revise and adjusting every last little bit of characteristics on it.

    In the event you buy Microsoft shows, you can use go to the marketplace and pick exclusive dresses and goodies for ones little character. With the targets, you'll be in a position to as well buy films, games and backgrounds for ones dashboard.

    Having an Xbox 360 Live account is so much more compared to just simply participating in on line multiplayer video gaming. You can lookup your contacts and add them on Live and perhaps give messages or wide open up a chat room to speak with them over the headsets. To stay in a chat will not suggest that you both have to play the identical game possibly, you possibly can perform what ever you need but still be conversing.

    You can furthermore access ones Ps3 Live profile and perhaps be linked to Facebook and you may do ones revisions from Live. Live can moreover be accessed via your personal computer or cell telephone so you can use typically check out your own e-mail messages and see who's placing what on Xbox in that second.

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    Monday, October 31st, 2011
    4:34 pm
    What Are The Functions Of Ps3 Repair Center

    Xbox 360 repair, read articles and guides about how to repair xbox. Gamer's favorite source to fix xbox problems, xbox 360 reddish lights, xbox dvd restoration, and other console repair guides. Xbox 360 gaming console is the hot favorite game indoor activity of the kids and elders. With the ratio of its increasing popularity, Xbox 360 Repair Center is also receiving lots of complaints in the Xbox users. Most of the complaints depend on the error of three red light error. It is the most crucial and awful errors which hinder an exciting session of continued game. Xbox 360 is probably the most advanced and sophisticated console produced by Microsoft in 2001. Since its developing someone buy of this gaming console is going on rapidly high.

    If some error is occurred inside your console and you want to send it to Ms for repair. It is important that you can check the warranty amount of the defected console before sending it to Microsoft Xbox 360 Repair Center. You will need to pay lots of dollars just in case warranty of your system has expired and along with money you will also face the wait to obtain repaired back your console up till 3 to 4 weeks.

    It said that the customer relations of the Microsoft Xbox 360 Repair Center is very friendly and receive your complaints of your faulty console patiently. Regardless of all this, it gets difficult to wait for so long of the repairing console. You have to face the error and defects in the console due to poor design of it. With the passage of your time, as long as the effectiveness of the users of Xbox 360 is increasing, complaints and issues may also be arising.

    Microsoft gives you the facility to check your repair status alongside. points2shop By contacting via telephone or within the helpline of the Xbox 360 Repair Centre complaint department or by visiting the site of repair centre you will get updates of your console. The facility is not supplied by each repair centre of checking the status of the damaged console side by side. It is a great service that keeps absolutely free themes satisfied that work is being done on their console.

    After completing repair, shows the message that the console has packed and soon you receive the back it. Now with all the arrival of online guides, the tendency of people to send back their console for repair is getting decrease. Now people prefer to go to and get help to be able to repair their faulty console rather than visiting Xbox 360 Restoration Center.

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    Sunday, October 30th, 2011
    10:29 pm
    Xbox 360 Overheat Issue - Cause and Repair Suggestions
    In this write-up you will discover about the Ps3 overheat dilemma, which impacts most 360 games consoles at some stage or one much more. What you may possibly not know about is the actuality that overheating of your Xbox 360 can result in terrible technique errors like the red ring of demise, crashing, freezing, as correctly as common program disappointment prize rebel. Continue to keep reading to comprehend what causes your Xbox to get so very hot, as very well as whatever you can to to quit it from getting damaged by this heat.

    In comparison with the old Xbox console, the new Xbox 360 is a significantly slimmer, lighter affair. However, this indicates that space within the console and around the components is severely limited, preventing circulation of air flow. As you use your own console, warmth builds up inside this cramped environment and can not escape, ultimately resulting in the Xbox 360 overheat mistake. This predicament is not really made much better by the belief that the Xbox 360 was don't ever created with an especially powerful cooling product- there aren't adequate followers and warm sinks to lessen temperature levels from skyrocketing.

    prize rebel To begin with, you must not possess your Xbox 360 in a position where it lays flat (ie horizontal with all the base plate touching the ground) Instead, go to your local video games store, or search on ebay, for a vertical Ps3 stand. By making use of a single of these types of, your console will have what of surface region exposed to air flows, meaning that warmth could be released extra quickly.

    Secondly, you must generally switch off your Xbox 360 after a couple of hours gaming. Save your game, then turn your console off and wait a minimum of 30 minutes prior in order to turning it back on again. This will help prevent warmth from accumulating inside your console's situation, which could lead towards the overheat error on your Xbox.

    Lastly, you need to get to open up your console and clean out dust particles which might clog up followers as well as heat sinks, as well as check for damage caused by overheating. In several circumstances, gamers find that their consoles desire to have repairs carried out there for typical errors such as the red ring of dying, when they open up the case.

    The most effective way to learn how to correctly preserve and repair your Ps3 to keep it operating at its peak is by using a fix guide. One particular of these will consist of step-by-step videos, showing you how to open up your Ps3, clear it out, restore any injury, and then place it all back together. gaming lagoon It is definitely worth the investment, as absolutely nothing sucks much more for a gamer than a broken Xbox 360 that can't effortlessly be fixed.

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    Square Enixs CV confirms FFXIV to Xbox
    A-Square Enix staff CV has confirmed what many have considered as fairly set already: Final Fantasy XIV will be released for Xbox 360 prizerebel. RESUME, which belongs to Yuuki Akama, said - they have now edited - the massive online game will be released regarding PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

    "Final Fantasy XIV with regard to PC, PS3, Xbox360"
    When Final Fantasy XIV had been announced at Sony's push conference at gamescom last year introduced Jack Thirteen, Sony's professional director, the title as being a PlayStation 3 exclusive. It has since been confirmed the game also will become released for PC, and already within the exhibition floor, Square Enix said they discussed the possibility of an Xbox 360 version of the Microsoft.

    It has already managed to rumors that FFXIV should have a system where players after a specific period of time no longer be able to get EXP or reduction of such. Many were puzzled that since it seemed odd right also it became even harder when the beta on the Japanese site actually came the announcement about it:

    You receive eight hours a week by which each class / profession, where you can ranking up as usual, after those hours therefore it will go slower, and finally, after a total of 15 hours so you will not receive EXP at almost all.
    When you use up those hours, you can then simply change profession and leveling another part of his character.
    EXPn which you really would have collected excessively stocks, which do not yet have someone function.

    This is justified by the truth that the game is targeted to those who do not play a lot of hours a week.
    On fansite FFXIVcore, the guy who first published a translated version, there are a lot of disappointed FFXIVfans. Many hope that this will be removed completely or at least changes launched hardly something that attracts new players.

    Final Dream XIV is scheduled for release on PC on 22 September, but for fans of PlayStation 3's arrival will be delayed until March 2011.

    This has been reported Hiromichi Tanaka, producer in the title, explaining that due in order to various problems during the development of the title, it will delay the departure date for that Sony console.

    "We understand the wrath associated with players and developers to complain simply because they have done everything they could to obtain a simultaneous release. Unfortunately, we now have found too many specialized problems in developing the game for PS3. prizerebel We hope to launch the game as soon as possible "Tanaka said in an interview.

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    Saturday, October 29th, 2011
    10:24 pm
    What xbox 360 kinect package is befitting oneself
    The doubt on everybody's thoughts at the moment is "where can I get the advantageous deal on the xbox kinect " There are totally a several places that you will be able to get some really from this world deals on the xbox kinect. At the beginning we have to find out what a person admittedly need. I don't know if you're knowing of this or even not but there are in fact a few options you need to choose from. For the most part you might have these choices referred in order to as "packages. " A console is nothing more than an arrangement of hardware and software based on precise interests. For example you will get a sports console, which will come with all the sports toy as well as an exercise program for the kinect. The 1 thing you want to be somewhat attentive of if you are purchasing for bundles is to make sure you are comparing apples to apples. For probably the most part, each furnisher offers different consoles. Microsoft, for instance, offers a kinect with the 1 or 2 game option. Gamestop offers the kinect with a a single or three game opportunity. If you see an enormous argument in value you may want to just accelerated double be sure all things is the same. 1 of the greatest mistakes that i see is when you are purchasing the xbox 360 kinect bundles which comprise the xbox and the kinect. The complication comes in when you do not check to see what ps3 kinect console you are receiving. 1 console has an xbox 360 kinect with a 4 GB hard drive, while another one has every little thing particularly the alike only it carries a 250 GB hard generate. This is a distinction of between 100 dollars. 1 last critical highlight you need to glance at is the healthiness of the kinet. The kinect has been out for some time now and we are beginning to see refurbished xbox 360 kinect out on the market. prize rebel There bundles generally traffic for any hardly ever bit less than the characteristic kinect. As for where to get the desirable discounts within the cyberspace goes. swag bucks There is one place that I move on with to come back to since of the awesome cost savings and consistent service. points2shop Feel free to have a peer at xbox 360 kinect for the best sales on the world wide web.

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    10:14 am
    Easy Steps To Quit Puppies From Chewing

    Puppies- cute, wriggly, curious, face licking puppies. There is nothing that will melt a heart more quickly than a puppy. But what should you do when your puppy will go beyond melting your heart and begins mutilating your things with his teeth Luckily, puppies tend to be highly trainable, and exactly like house breaking, puppy chewing can be addressed easily and quickly. Here are five simple steps to help your preferred pet lick his bad habit!

    1. Play together with your puppy often. Puppies need play time and mental stimulation. A lot of chewing originates from boredom or loneliness. In case you work long hours, you might want to restrict the area the puppy can roam in while you are gone.

    2. Carry around something that makes a loud noise. When training your puppy, you will have to train her what to do as well as what Not to do. Saying "No" in a firm voice and then making a loud noise (such as newspaper crinkling) can teach your pup to associate the word "No" with this noise they don't such as. Do this anytime you discover your puppy chewing something he really should not be swag bucks.

    3. Give your puppy plenty of appropriate items to chew up. Flavored chew toys and stuffed animals are usually popular. Never give your pup a toy that looks like another item you don't want them chewing.

    three. Bitter apple sprays. Spraying bitter apple upon frequently chewed items will discourage your pup from chewing forbidden objects. It will not harm your pup.

    5. Enroll the pup in obedience training. prize rebel Not just a tool for your puppy dog, obedience training will also help you learn how to effectively manage your puppy's behaviour without sacrificing the really like!

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    Friday, October 28th, 2011
    10:03 pm
    Xbox 360 Repair Techniques

    Setting up your Xbox Live account is pretty straightforward in support of takes seconds to perform. All that you simply demand to handle is purchase a registration from possibly a local store or the Xbox right and choose a name - moreover commonly called a Gamertag.

    Following, just simply allow them to have your e-mail and security password or even make a brand brand new one, and remedy the safety thoughts and you also are all all set to begin enjoying points2shop. At this point that the Live account is all setup, you'll be able in order to edit ones avatar to have a look just exactly like yourself through likely to modify and improving the highlights on it.

    If you buy Microsoft spots, you can visit the market place and pick unique attire and components for ones little character. With the targets, you possibly can furthermore buy movies, games and backgrounds for ones dashboard.

    Owning an Xbox 360 Live account is really a lot more in contrast to simply just placing on the web multi-player video games. You possibly can locate friends and family and add them on Live as well as ship e-mail messages or open up a chat room to talk to them through the headphones prizerebel. To be in a chat will not signify that you both need to play the same exact video game possibly, you possibly can do no matter what you wish but still be communicating.

    You possibly can likewise access ones Xbox Live profile and also be connected to Facebook and you may do ones improvements through Live prizerebel. Live can in addition be connected via your personal computer and / or cell phone so you possibly can typically examine your email messages and focus on who's playing what on Xbox at the time in time.

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    9:54 am
    Acquiring a good and Reliable Cheap Xbox on EBay

    Despite the truth that there may be a lot of items that your child, grandchild or your companion wants, low priced Xbox 360 slim may just be the excellent option. The one excellent point regarding the Xbox is that it has a great deal of game options regarding of both genders and of any age.

    If you are looking to get a cheap Xbox 360, one spot to get quite a lot on would be ebay. But just before you decide to go bidding on an auction there are several things you must know with regards to the auction and also the item you will invest in. Read over these easy recommendations carefully to assist you make an informed selection.

    It is essential to only invest in a refurbished game device which has been authorized by Microsoft. If the Xbox isn't authorized you may run into a number of unforeseen issues with the Xbox in the very near future.

    When you purchase an Xbox 360 System, redesigned or otherwise not it'll generally have a very seal under the faceplate symbolizing that this game console hasn't been interfered with but still is qualified to receive the manufacturing guarantee. Look into the auction listing carefully to ensure the seal remains intact, if it actually is not pointed out on the auction just send the owner a problem. If they're a reputable vendor they'll respond inside 24-48 hours.

    swag bucks Do not under any situations purchase an Xbox System that was fixed; buy the auction supplier or perhaps a close by repair shop. Many of the non-certified Xbox maintenance is not really permanent and at occasions truly causes the Xbox to are unsuccessful quicker than if it had been just still left alone.

    If you're scared to risk bidding on the bad Xbox, there are a whole lot of reliable online buying web sites that are actually reliable with regards to selling Xbox. Some of them are Game Stop, Greatest Buy, Electronics Boutique, DealTime, as well as Shopping.

    Nearly all auctions will be from reliable vendors and most of the time you will not get ripped off, eBay has a relatively beneficial program of getting rid of shady sellers so just use your greatest judgment and follow these pointers and you'll be happy with your freshly bought Ps3 in a cheap price.

    I won't get into info concerning how these websites works, but I can tell that this is actually a popular method of advertising that's capturing the web. So do not be closed minded is to do your study today.

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    Thursday, October 27th, 2011
    9:50 pm
    Xbox 360 Red Group Of Death Repair Tips That Work- Guaranteed
    prize rebel Trying to fix the red circle of death on your Xbox 360 can be frustrating along with a hassle. Especially when you're not sure what caused it to happen. So, what I'm going to do is reveal to you some Xbox 360 red-colored circle of death restoration tips.

    1. The first way to fix your Xbox 360 would be to send it back to Microsoft. They will repair it for you at no cost if your game system is still under warranty. In case your Xbox isn't under guarantee anymore, Microsoft will charge you over $100 to repair it swag bucks.

    2. Another Xbox 360 red circle of death repair tip is to fix the over heating problem of your game system. It's one of the reasons why your console has got the red circles. This happens to over 20% in the Xbox game systems.

    3. The best way to correct the red circle of death would be to repair your Xbox 360 your self. It's fast and easy to do. I'll share a video with you on what to do to fix the issue. You will need under an hour of your time, the guide, and some household tools.

    These are some of the Xbox 360 red group death repair tips. If you are going to fix the circles yourself, I'll show you the video on how to proceed in a second. Make sure you get your Xbox console fixed as quickly as possible. If you wait too long to get it repaired, it may not work properly again.

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