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Monday, August 11, 2003

8:38PM - cheers, lollapalooza!

I had the best weekend. it's one of those weekends that u dont want to end and after it's over you're like ok so what do i have to look forward to now? michaela came up on thursday, then after i took my finals on friday we drove to austin. first we went to UT to visit Laila, then we went to Ashley's apartment. Later that night we went to 6th street. it was really fun but we stayed out til like 4 and then had to get up at like 11 the next day for lollapalooza. lollapalooza was soooo great. best day in a long time. me, ivana, ashley and libby all went together, but me and libby had pit tickets and ivana and ashley had seats. incubus rocked my world. we were pretty close and we got some good pictures of the band. i was in heaven while they were playing- no other way to describe it. i thought audioslave was really good too. me and libby had so much fun dancing in the pit during audioslave haha i dunno sometimes u just get the urge to dance. it was great. so after lolla was over we went to find a place for libby to get her tattoo. we found one and she got it and we were there til like 2:30. im still sooooo tired and i still feel gross and dirty even tho i've taken 2 showers since i got home on sunday. what a fun weekend. totally rocked compared to the boring day i had today. i think tommorow im going to drive home to visit my mommy! haha later...cheers!

Current mood: lazy
Current music: "Blood on the Ground" by Incubus
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