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08:43pm 14/09/2006
  This Journal is officially::::::::::: FRIENDS ONLY:::::::::::::: if you would like to continue reading it i guess youre gona have to let me know who you are: ha ha ha DONT WAIT UP FOR AN INVITATION


the long path ahead of us is so dark, long and painfull
desolate path
we could barly see were we are going,
if we end up making a wrong turn
we cant turn back, we never knew were we came from to begin with

in so much darkness we are left alone with our selves
and our demons, wich fill us with uneasyness and fear
of whats ahead,
so many voices with out faces, making us, shaping us
to our bitter end

i walk along side of my demons
not joining them but befriending them
as if i belong with them

they admire my courage
as i do on those who dare
stand before me and challege
with out fear in their eyes or inside their hearts


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12:00pm 12/02/2003
  changes are not alwayls bad, as long as you learn to be strong
streanght comes from inside, somethimes from an only thought
weather it is of happines or pain we should all fight till the end
cause thats all we will have. our selfs and no one else

first entry not bad?

remember missery likes company it alwayls has

(forsaken me)