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[16 Feb 2003|11:29am]
[ mood | touched ]
[ music | home grown - give it up ]

Okay so last night was really great. We got there and Jennifer saw Tyson. So there was a lot of, "rachel, rachel, it's tyson, it's tyson" Haha I won't touch on all of that because she'd kill me. But we went up and she got his autograph and a picture with him. Then we go to get the tickets and they said Jennifer wasn't on the guest list so we bought our tickets and shoved our camera's in our boobs. And listen it was 80 something degrees out. And then there was discussion of piss on some guys head hahaha. So then we waited outside around back for Adam from Home grown to come out and then Darren came out and we told him that she was supposed to do an interview with Adam so a few minutes later Adam comes out and he was like, "Was someone looking for me?" and so we went over how he forgot to put her on the guest list and how Jennifer had to buy her ticket so it was so cute, he gave her the 12 dollars for the ticket. But then he said he would get us on the guest list and to sell our tickets and a few minutes later some guys came up and asked if we had tickets so he's like, "how much?" and Adam was like, "20!" but I said 15 because I am nice like that. So we made 3 dollars. So anyway Adam was really cool and I will only share him with Jennifer the rest of you can die. But anyway he is in love with Mandy Moore so we gave him her screen name and he freaked out it was so cute man. He is so cute. But anyway 45 minutes later we learned more about Darren's sweaty balls, his love for Mandy Moore, that he thinks he's a 9.5 in bed and he is up for anything, pictures of his girlfriend she was really pretty. And that he picked out Clint from Riddlin' Kids pants out. Red dickies, oh yeah during the interview I ran away to get autographs from Clint and I think he thought I was down syndrome haha.

So when we finally went inside Wakefield was on so we went to the merch things and bought stuff then went and then The All-American Rejects came on and Jennifer kept saying, "tyson mmm tyson he is so cute." Throughout the whole thing hahaha. Oh and there was this annoying girl jumping up and down screaming, "TYSON!!!!" repeatedly and if you know me you know I don't have very good tolerance of.. people. So I grabbed a water-bottle and threw it at her :) Then Home grown came on and they did really good, I loved the remake of Barbie girl. And lmaoooo there was this old lady who was really drunk like booty dancing on the floor so these guys walk up to her and start making fun of her dancing it was so funny and this one guy was cracking us up it was really great. Home grown were only on for 30 minutes so when when they were over we went to AAR's merch table and got more autographs but then we had to run Tyson down to get another one. And he is only 18 right? Gasp he had a beer haha. Then Riddlin' Kids came on and they were on for a long time but they did really good, then we saw the slutty groupie that was at the Sugarcult/Rufio show lmao she was wearing the same thing and flirting with the merch guy she's so gross. But Home grown never came back out and Adam promised us things so he is getting a mean e-mail. Oh it was so great some kids came up to us during the interview and were like, "can we bring this in?" to Adam and Jennifer goes, "no." and then Adam asked if we could e-mail him the pictures of us and him and Jennifer goes, "no." and he's like, "yes." It was really amusing to me. But we have his personal e-mail so I feel all cool man. And he was going through his cell phone saying everyone famous that was in there and I was scared he was going to have William or Tyson's and that Jennifer would run off with it. But he only had Clutch's and some other guy from AAR.

Anyway, after Riddlin' Kids got done we got more AAR autographs and then went up to some other guy from Riddlin' Kids and got him to sign ours. Then we went back up to Clint and made him sign our tickets on mine he put. "Rachel Kicks Ass, Love Clint RK" and on Jennifer's he put, "I <3 Jennifer, Clint RK" he was really nice and I think he knows I'm not down syndrome this time. Then we went and got our camera's because they made us check them they did full body scans which sucked a lot. And ew I saw some girls from my old school that I really hated and it bothered me that they were there. But I am going to go back to bed now because Jennifer isn't even awake I wonder if I need to cut-tag this.. actually no I won't you guys can deal.

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[04 Feb 2003|09:08pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | home grown - kiss me, diss me ]

School was shitty today but I don't even wanna get into that. I really hate it there I cry myself to sleep sometimes. It's not like I'm unpopular or I get picked on, I just hate it and I feel like I can't act like myself I can't wait to go back to MDB next year.

Anyway I went to the mall after school I bought a pair of black pants, and a red sleeveless turtleneck. And I bought this little butterfly shapped thongs they were cute, and some wristbands with a red star on them from Hot Topic. I really hate how Hot Topic has become some big Avril fan shop. It's annoying, I got offered a job though. I would love to work there, get to chill and listen to music all day and not really have to do much because they were molesting the rug when I went in there and he did something to it and was like, " I hope you didn't want to buy this!" and I was like, "oh its okay I will pretend I never saw" and he followed me around and kept adding things to my purchase he was funny he's like, "oh well I'm allowed I'm the manager." But then we went to dinner and it was good or something then I came home and watched American Idol.

Tomorrow is Wed. it's an early day so I get out at 1:25, that's a whole hour I don't have to be there. I am quitting my singing lessons. 100 bucks a month isn't worth it. I'm going to talk to people or something now.

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... [03 Feb 2003|04:43pm]
[ mood | pensive ]
[ music | greenwheel - breathe ]

All my other journals are friends only, not this one. Mainly because I won't be adding any friends and because no one will know about this journal if it keeps to my liking. Some of you are going to read this and think, "what a shallow bitch." or something like, "what a freak/nutcase." think what you want, the reason people pick on other people is because they are insecure. I know this for a fact, I used to pick on other people because of their weight, or how they dressed. I learned my lesson, lets just keep it at that.

The thing is, I want this journal for me, because i'm too paranoid to write what I think in my other journals because people always have a say so or whatever, here, I don't give a fuck. Go ahead, leave me comments, I doubt I'll comment back. You don't know me, you can't even start to judge me. My name is Rachel, I like punk rock music and I'm very picky. I have been through about of bad relationships and friendships. I only have two friends who haven't screwed me over. Sam and Jennifer. Sam lives in Georgia though, Jennifer lives an hour and a half away so I can only see her on weekends and breaks. Maybe that's why I get along with them, I don't have to see them everyday. Even though some of my other friends that live far away have fucked me over too. Anyway all of my icons are of Ivana Bozilovic, i'm not a lesbian or anything I just think she is so great.

What can you do, it's life. Welcome to my world :-*

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