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23rd August 2003

2:13pm: A happy ending....
Well ya kno the doggie who was lost, this morning when karissa got up we went to look for it, and as we were walking down the street in our pajamas some guy came out and said "Hey what r u guys doin walkin around in ur pajamas?" we answered "We're looking for a lost dog" the guy was like "OMG!!!" he wasd like "A little black and white one? kinda older?" we were like "YEAH!" than hes like "Its my roomates dog, we lost it last night... but it wandered back to us this morning..." me and k were amazed- ot to mention really happy. he was like "so what r ur names?" we told him ours and he told us his was jerry and he said thanks for looking out for the dog that night with a whole lot of "dude" in his vocab. he was an ok guy though, a lil nast wit out his shirt thou. See somethings do have a happy ending... I commented to karissa on r way back to her house.. but i was thinkin at the same time some things dont.
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10:00am: shopping, lost doggies and well u get the point
Well yesterday I wouldn't participate in a seance at ambers with karissa and ryan cuz I gotta say this man, it just aint right. Why am i getting such an annoying conscience now? I don't quite kno but last year i woulda been all for it, hell a couple weeks ago i was all for it. But not now. It just aint right. lol. Newayz walking home from ambers the 3 of us found a lost lil doggie like one of those miniature dogs.... it was so cute! & wandering in the middle of the road at 10:30 at night. so we knocked on a few door and people said it might be the neighbors- they didn't quite kno so we went next door and their neighbors weren't home, so we took the lil doggie home wit us for the night. It stayed in the garage but this morning Andrew let it out and he went in the backyard to let bella (k's dog) out and the thing took off. Poor lil guy. So now I dunno what we're gonna do, hopefully the owners find it. Or someone atleast. Today we're going to lakeside mall not lakeside motor inn lodge- thankgod-lol (inside joke wit k) And I need to buy nice clothes for the fall unfortunately everythings so damn expensive!!!
so i betta go get ready... bye!
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22nd August 2003

4:17pm: This guyi kno...
Ok school started it was horrible I got my schd. changed, i have a few more classes wit my buds but not many. Anyways there's this guy I kno, and I might kinda like him except i really dunno cuz i hate being tied down and I never make the right choices- ain't that the story of life!! But I like him kinda than my bff says he kinda acts like a well lets just say girl* somtimes and I start questioning my judgement again. We've got a lotta things in common I guess we're pretty ok buds but the question is could he be more than that? I dont know anymore! And Im getting a strong craving for Quaesilldias or w/e they are, betta go I'm feeling kinda glum now but ok.. : (

9th August 2003

8:33pm: Maratime days are sucky but I'm happy!-- I think!
Yes, I am feeling particulary cheerful today, I havn't quite got an idea why though. I mean school starts in less than 2 weeks!!! AHHHHHHH! I'm scared now.... I kinda wanna go back to school though cuz i'm pretty bored with my life. Nothing exciting or 2 wonderful has happened lately but work is getting funner with Jim being there, okay even if he is a pothead he's funny sweet smart and absolutely gorgeous! Okay so he's kinda 19, we have an age difficulty but I'm not to be a dream differed! Or I dunno maybe I should just forget about the whole male species its not like any of them are 1/2 worth it anyways. I mean we got D.j./stalker dude who's in juvy for the next 5 years...hahaha he deserves it probably.And than this dude from my school who'd rather have my best friend and than purposely tease me to get a rise out of it. Yeah, lol well I'm done through with everything I vow not to talk or hell even think about any guy whatsoever till ummmmmmm errrrrrrrrr lets see till thanksgiving, okay so its not like that long of a time but its definitely a start.

So anyways I get my week and I hope I have most classes with karissa and Lauren or im gettin it changed its as simple as that... than I gotta buy books and hopefully lauren can come over a spend a few days with me here in nowheresville aka Marine City. Than Early Sat. Morning I'm gonna leave with karissa her dad and darce and lil baby Jimmy for Port Austin yayay! and I dont kno whats there but its betta than here. We'll be back sunday afternoon and I want to go to k's for a few days but I prolly cant cuz school starts wed. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I dread homework! Right now me and k r watching some spring break show,or more or less she is and im listenin in here typing. G2G!
; )
5:46pm: Karissa & Sam
I don't kno why i chose those two for my subject!! Bloody gits they are in my bloody damn side! They are sitting here yelling at me or in sam's words "speaking forcefully" Today I went to the mall wit k and my mom, than we saw the dirty mexicans,lol than my mom drove us up to the maratime days, I'm a bloody carnie I kno, but now we're at sam's and we should probably go so bye!

8th August 2003

5:32pm: Idiot people!!!!
I have an idiot person next to me right now!!!! Who's teasing me about the way I speak! hmph! anyways maratime days start today. I'm at one of my best friends houses. We're about to go down there right now so I guess since certain people won't leave me alone I guess I gottta go!!!! HMPH!!!

6th August 2003

10:42am: quizzolas

You love a free and spontaneous life. And you attempt to enjoy it to the fullest, in accordance with the motto: "You only live once."

You are very curious and open about everything new; you thrive on change. Nothing is worse than when you feel tied down. You experience your environment as being versatile and always good for a surprise.
10:31am: Seances, Pizza & Rain
Well we did a seance yesterday to call on good spirits and bad ones. I taped part of it and so did john than we just set it down in a corner and some somewhat freaky things started happening. Like it shut off on itself with like more than half of battery left. And like The music box thing kept banging around, except for not really the first time, and who knows? the second time. Than on part 2 I couldn't stop laughing as we were summoning the water god, everyone and the whole situation was just funny. Well I was kicked outta the stupid circle without protection - Thanx buds!! - but Amber gave her cross to me and than john threw a platinum chain on my head so I mean how much more protection could you get? But the stupid thing didn't work neways so we headed outside to the woods where I very likely got west nile from the damn misquitos. Than we went back to ambies house and ate her pizza and than we like lunatics we went and walked through like a down pour of rain, or atleast it felt like it. And today I gotta go home (tear) lol I like this place a helluvalot better but duty calls, or w/e. Dommage!

5th August 2003

3:13pm: Hey blurty people!
Today, well for like the first part of the day I just layed around at my friend Karissa's house, (I've been here for like 4 days I think their about to start charging me room and Right now we're just about to go see her friend Amber and have like a eance type thing which is kinda cool so I guess I'll see ya later..
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