>>>it's been a while<   
10:48pm 29/02/2004
  HEY! Well, it's been a while since I've written, like 4 days to be exact...so, sorry about that! I've been feeling not so well this weekend b/c of the fact that it is my "time of the month" and all. But anyway, it's also been extremely busy at work with "the passion" and all. And I've been feeling kind-of bad about something b/w "K" and I that happened on Friday afternoon. See, we were talking and being "dumb" as usual and he said something stupid and instead of just laughing or giving him the finger like I usually do jokingly I simply looked at him and said, "fuck you," which was horrible of me! I mean I love "K" with all my heart (I truly do) whether he feels the same about me or not, but it just came out and I've felt like shit about it over these last few days! I mean I appologized in an email Friday night, but he never replied back. He gave me the movie i asked him for today though and I talked to him for a bit and told him that I was really sorry and I did come home from work tonight and sent him another email and thanked him for the movie and then appologized once again! I mean I'm such a RETARD!! How could I tell the man of my dreams, the man I'm in love to "fuck himself" basically! I just feel like a complete asshole for saying it at all! Oh well...hopefully he'll forgive me because whether he knows it or not and whether he feels the same way or not...I do love him and beleive that I always will! Well, I guess that's all for tonight...I'm gonna go read a bit b/f I hit the hay since I have my 8am class tomorrow....SUMMER>>>>hurry up and get here 'cause I'm ready for a break!....have a great night and remember>>>Someday we'll all find true love:)~Sarah  
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