>>>yawn, sleepy sleepy, yawn<   
01:52am 20/01/2004
mood: cold
music: "burr...it's cold in here" ~ i don't know the name of the song, but it's a cheer from "bring it on" and it really is freezing in here:)
So, yeah it's like 1:39 am and I'm still awake! I didn't get up 'til around 10:30 this morning, but i'm still tiered b/c last night i didn't end up getting to sleep 'til after 3 b/c i started watching "you've got mail," which i've never seen before, and it was so good and i just had to watch the ending and all:)...i want something like that to happen to me, well with out the whole having to have my mother's bookstore closed down by the man i fall in love with over the internet, but you know what i mean, right?

So, me and miles ended up going to see "chasing liberty" today and it was really good! i mean i like mandy moore anyway and you know that new actor british guy matthew goode is really cute, he's like 25 and just adorable:). oh and jermey piven was in it and i just think he's adorable, even though he's pushing 40, he's hot for an old guy:).

Ok, so one of my best friends, who likes to tell me all about her love life, called me tonight around 9:30 b/c i guess she just wanted to ramble on about her guy problems as usual, you know? i mean i still don't understand why ppl come to me, a girl with no boyfriend, with their love life/relationship problems. So, I told her that i didn't know what to tell her seeing as how i'm not this guy and all. She was complaining b/c he never wants to make out with her and she thinks he just isn't attracted to her and i mean that never makes anyone feel good, you know? anyway, then she informed me that i need to find someone to make out with and i was like "so, i'm just supposed to go up to some random guy and make out with him?" and she said "no, you can find him at church, i don't care." Then i informed her that all the guys at my church are old (well, all except the ones who are like with americorps and such ~ there are a couple of cute guys in that group:)...but at that moment that we were discussing my lack of a love life, i was just thinking about who i really want to make out with....yep, you guessed right, it's "K"... Speaking of "K" i emaled him last night about him making fun of me and I forwarded him this funny thing that i was telling him about that my dad sent me the other day ago. Anyway, he hasn't emailed me back, but i don't know if he will b/c he didn't respond to the last one. I reall, truely like "K" so much that it's weird. I mean I think about him all of the time, especially when I think about wanting a relationship...but, of course, i think about him about 85% of my waking life many days, but not in a creepy way, i just really like him and want him to know that.

Well, that's all for now. I'm trying to write this and watch the "ellen" show on lifetime at the same time, and then it's time for a few back-to-back episodes of "roseanne" on nick-at-nite, gee....i sound like a total dork-head, but you know i don't care. OK, well goodnight you guys (whoever, if anyone, reads this:)...have a great night and remember>>>Someday we'll all find true love:)~Sarah
01:54am 20/01/2004
  I just spent like 20 minutes typing this long entry and it never showed up...i'm pissed:(  
01:56am 20/01/2004
  never mind...i'm just retarded or something:)