>>>ok, so yeah i think he might be the one<   
01:48am 16/01/2004
mood: determined
music: "white flag" ~ dido, yeah i LOVE this song:)
I had every intention to write to you b/f midnight, but you know how things go sometimes. Anyway, so yeah today was a pretty good day i'd say. I didn't get up 'til 11:30 b/c i apparently turned off my alarm when i was half asleep b/c i planned on being up by 10. Anyway I was super happy b/c i turned on the tv when i got up so i wouldn't fall back asleep and look who's talking was on hbo and i haven't seen that movie in forever and i love it so! anyway, i went to work at 2 and then "K" came in around 2:45 and we had our usual flirty bantar and i went home at 4:30. Then i came home me and myles went to the grocery store, made dinner and just hung out around the house with the rents. Anywho, we went to the sneak peek of Along Came Polly and it was a really cute movie, it would have been better if i was sitting next to "K," but at least he was sitting behind me and we did whisper quite a bit b/f the movie:)...anyway, he's adorable in every single way and that's always good:).

OK, so if you notived my title it's pretty self explanitory, right? Yeah, well i really do think that "K" could be the one, i mean it makes so much sense to me. So, i was laying in bed last night and i couldn't sleep and i started thinking about all the guys i've ever had any kind of feellings for and I found out that there have been about 9 guys that i've you know wanted to be with or whatever...and let's see, I've actually dated what, like 2 guys, well 3 I guess, but none for any serious length of time. Yeah, I'm 22 and have never been in a serious relationship or a stable one or one that makes any sense at all. I mean I don't think i've even got past the third date with any of these guys and that's kind-of sad, but I know that i'm not the only one. Anyway, i think i acutally have a point to this whole rambling session...anyway, today it just dawned on me that "K" could totally be THE one! I was in the box today and one of the managers was in there too, but i wasn't really paying her any attention, anyway, "K" was coming from upstairs and was walking past on his way to get a print when he looked up at me and our eyes met and all i could do was smile, i mean i had this huge goofy-ass smile on my face b/c that's just how i feel when he's around, when i see him and it's just like nothing i've ever felt before. i mean sure, i've had strong feelings about guys b/f, i mean i am 22 after all. Anyway, i was just thinking that "WOW! "K" is awesome and i really think that he could be the one, i mean you know, the guy i could spend the rest of my life with. So yeah, i mean i've never quite felt the way i feel about "K" about any one else, you know? He makes me smile just by being there, you know? it's like i see him and all i can do is smile b/c he's just this completely awesome guy who makes me feel alive:)...yeah, i want him to make a move so bad, but i really don't think it's going to happen...i mean i need to figure out a way to get him and i to do something outside of work, but i never know how to go about things like that, you know? i do, however, know that i am going to add my cell phone number in his B-day card (but that's not 'til feb) so that maybe, just maybe he'll be bored one night and want to do something..maybe go downtown for pics or anything really! yes, i am a dork-head, but at least it's for a good reason:)

Well, it's getting late and i'm a bit on the sleepy side, i'll probably go to sleep after i watch "ellen" b/c it comes on lifetime at this time of night now..how awesome is that? i mean yeah, i'm such a dork with my crazy tv shows and all, but it's cool so i don't even care. OK, well i'm reallyh going to go for now...i'll try to write b/f midnight t/m, but it won't really matter cause if i do it'll still be today:)...have a great night and remember>>>someday we'll all find true love:)~Sarah
>>>short and sweet...most likely<   
11:46pm 16/01/2004
mood: curious
music: "white flag" ~ dido (i love this song...i mean it's my ring tone for goodness sakes:)
OK, so I'm going to try and make this short b/c it's after 11:30 and I have to go to my saturday class (why the hell did i decide to take a saturday class in the first place? yeah, i don't know either!) at 9 am, so i don't want to stay up too too late, i mean i was up til like 4:30 last night, but not tonight...no sirry bob! I would be watching roseanne reruns right now, but i was up last night and the ones that come on at 2 and 2:30 are the ones that are on tonight at 11 and 11:30...so usually i would just watch golden girls reruns, but it's friday, therefore golden gals aren't on:(...so i'm watching Leno, but i just turned it on, so i don't know who's on...he's just doing michael jackson jokes right now...mj really does have problems though and i don't know why the hell ppl are supporting him and saying he didn't do anything, i mean i just don't get it...he needs to be put away for a long time...and so do the parents who took his money or whatever!
Ok, i'm done with that rant!

So, yeah i worked from 6 to 10:30 in the box, well i actually ended up being in concessions 'til like 9, but that was fine with me b/c "K" ended up having to come down b/c we got so busy and he had on his work shirt (see he doens't usually wear it, but when he actually has to come down stairs and do something besides run his mouth and do proj. things, he has to wear it) and Good Lord, that shirt does wonders for him! i mean he's amazingly adorable and all that without the work shirt, but there is just something so extremely sexy about him in that shirt!! I tell him every time he wears it that it looks good on him and he should wear it more often. anyway, i was happy b/c i got to hang out and talk with him and another person who works w/us for like an hour and he's so awesome! we just stood there and did our usual cutsie flirty bantar and i know that he knows that we would work as more than buddies:). OK, so yeah he was talking about being into girls from the ages of 24 to 26 and me and my other co=worker just laughed b/c we all know that "K"'s last gf was like 21, so he's such a liar and i know he was just saying that b/c he knows i'm 22 and he knows that it WOULD work, he just needs to hurry up and make his move. i'm still trying to figure out how to get him to ask me out, i guess i just need to think harder or something.

well, i got class in the am and i'm already sleepy and i have to close concessions alone tomorrow night:(...so, i need to go and get some much needed rest. So, have a great night and be happy that you aren't stupid like me and take a 9 am class on a saturday, well every saturday actually for 3 hours for the next 15 weeks...fun times, huh? Ok, well nighty night...stay cool and remember>>>someday we'll all find true love:) ~ Sarah