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11:18pm 13/01/2004
mood: dorky
music: "teenage dirtbag" ~ wheatus
OK, so i did very little today and I should have really been reading, but the thing is that I know i'll have all this time tomorrow b/w my field placement and my 4:30 class, so it really doesn't matter. I tried to do some of my online work that's due thursday at noon, but the site was down:(...so hopefully it'll be up by tomorrow morning b/c i need to get things done!

I worked tonight from 6 to 10:30 and I got to see "K"...he just gets cuter and cuter every time I see him:). I'm such an uber-dork, but I don't even care. I just went to his stie and uploaded a pic of him, yeah call me a dork, but he's just so...."K" like:). I guess you've noticed that i never call anyone on here by their actual name, just their first initial and i just do that to keep everyone pretty much annonomous, you know? So anyway, I talked to "K" tonight about my friend ("C")'s problems and how she's always asking me what to do (he's the only one i tell these things too, i mean i trust him and all) with her love life and such, you know? So i was talking to him about how this guy that she's seeing wouldn't kiss her...anyway, it gave me something to talk to him about. He just makes me smile, you know and that's the kind of guy I need in my life. Well, that and a guy who isn't a total asshole and trust me, "K" is far from an asshole! Oh, so when he was leaving I told him I'd see him on Thursday and he said "yeah twice" (b/c i'm working and we'll probably have a sneak peek that night) and i said "i know, you're lucky b/c nothing's funner than seeing Sarah twice in one day" and he said, "well, it'd be funner with "C"" and i said "that hurt," and he's like "i'm only joking" and it was great, you know! We just click, i don't care if he is like 5 years and 9 months older than i am, we could so make it work and i mean 6 years really isn't that much, you know? I mean i think i'm the kind-of girl who needs an older more mature man...i mean he's grown and all, but still has a younger side and that's what i need! anyway, i know we'd work together, so he just needs to give us a try and i truly do beleive that it will happen one of these days.

OK, well I guess i'll go for now b/c i'm trying to watch Roseanne reruns...there i go being a dork again. OK, well i'll talk to you tomorrow after a long and rigerous day of class..oh and the "OC" tomorrow:)...well, have a great night and remember>>>>someday we'll all find true love:)~Sarah