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02:24am 10/01/2004
mood: determined
music: "remember to breathe" ~ dashboard confessional
So, yeah it's after 2 am and I've been up since 6:30 yesterday morning, so that's what like 16 hours, but who's counting? So, yeah I went to work at 6:45 and ended up in concessions until 9 b/c i had to work my station and then clean a bin and by drink tower, so it sucked so much! Well, i was hoping to be in box like i was supposed to for my entire shift b/c i got "perks of being a wallflower" from the library today, so i only got to read about 30 pages...'cause i was only in the box for like an hour and a half and i had way too many customers! anyway, i got off work at 10:30 then i went to pick up Jippy (my cousin ~ that's his nickname) and then hit taco bell for dinner and then we came back here and played his PS2 (Vice City) for like 2 and a half hours or so...and now we're watching Roseanne, but only b/c i'm making him..if only Golden Girls was on:).

Oh, "K" was so cute tonight and he didn't get off until 10, so I actually got to talk to him, I just wish he'd want to do something with me, you know? I found out that on New Years Eve he went to sleep at 11, so i called him an old man and told him that i was sorry to ruin him and a male co=workers' planned date last night by going to see Big Fish after all, but that's just part of me and his flirting! I know now that i talk about him way too much b/c when i like a guy i tend to talk about him a lot and this is especially evident with him and "P" *aka...the asshole cop*, but anyway...When "K" left tonight he was so cute with his blue button down-shirt on and i told him that i liked his shirt b/c well, it was blue and that's pretty much my favorite color and it really just looked good on him. i found out that he did not take my advice and go home last night and take medicine b/c he "does not take medicine," so i went home and emailed him and the title was "one word" and the entire email said medicine;)...so i thought he'd enjoy that and if all it does is put a smile on his face or make him laugh then it's totally worth it...even though he's a major dork head, he's a major lovable dork head that i want to be mine one of these days:)...ok, well my song for the evening will of course be "Remember to Breathe" since it says the line about the blue shirt, that's what i thought about when i saw him in his blue shirt! it just totally speaks of us:)...ok, well have a great morning and i'll talk to ya laterz...and remember>>>someday we'll all find true love:)~Sarah

"Remember to Breathe" ~ dashboard confessional

She fixes her lips they Always look perfect never a smudged line never too much I try on my blue shirt she told me she liked it she wonders where I went she knows knows just what she'll wear she always wears blue So sneakers or flip flops ? I'm starting to panic ! remember she asked you remember to breathe and everything will be ok Alright ?
06:14pm 10/01/2004
mood: hopeful
music: "my crush" ~ gavin degraw
So, yeah "K" and i have been emailing back and forth for the last like 2 hours, he's so funny! well, we are actually both funny, but you know...he apparently has nothing better to do than reply to my lame emails, b/c i asked him that very question and his respond was "no, not really" and i replied back by saying "yeah, me either"...i wish he'd ask me to do something! i mean i know i could ask him, but i think he'd just say no, you know? i mean we're having a dinner for my grandmother tonight since today is her birthday and all and well, I wouldn't mind inviting him, but well i don't think he'd want to, you know? oh well, one of these days we'll do something! I will most likely talk to you later tonight, but if not...stay cool and have a great night:)````and remember>>>someday we'll all find true love:)~Sarah