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La la la la [10 Feb 2004|07:47pm]
[ mood | okay ]
[ music | Lindsay Lohan ]

Yeah today I stayed home, cuz I could not move without screaming b-cuz of my back. So I went to the hospital and got some x-rays. Afterwards I went to work....it was insane, we had this birthday party come in with triplets!! So we had to go sing 3 times, cuz the family wanted individual cakes for each kid. It was really busy, I wanted to scream cuz of that and my back. But thank god they let me come home early, cuz usually I work til 9. Yeah all this shit went down last night, so dramatic. Yeah it had to do with this chic Manda, Jason, Eric and wahhhhhhh blahhhhhhhhhh. But me and Jason kissed and made up :-). And it seems like he's showin me more that he cares about me more now then ever before which is really nice. Not sayin he hasn't done it before, cuz he defently has, but it seems alot different now, and a good different at that. So me and Sara are talkin bout Eddie now and how much of an asshole he has become *sighs*. Well I'll write more later on.

Much luv,

::+:: Nicole ::+::


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