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wow it's been awhile! [27 May 2006|05:11pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | Lacuna Coil ]

Wow, two whole freakin' years ince my last entry. Sheesh! Well, in that time, i've dumped Zach and gotton Kellan, embraced my anger and then had to do some anger management training, got a job, decided to go to Perry for telecom, decided to move out with Lizzie, and lost communications with pretty much everyone from high school. But at least i am happy.

Yeah, i think that moving out with lizzie is going to be a good thing. Her and i have always gotton along well and we are into the same things. well, pretty much the same things. I am not into comic books and she is....let's just say a lot. And i liek my classy girly stuff, and she doesn't but i think that we'll get along well enoguh anyways. me and Kellan are great. It is nice to find a guy that i am so comfortable around. Like i've known him for years and don't have to hide everything, like he can see through all and any masks that i try and wear so what is the point of wearing them at all?

Well gotta go to work.

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