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Friends ONLY!!!! [Monday--May 19,2003--7:18pm]
mood - amused now, since i think i haven't told you, im making this a tad bit more PRIVATE! So id
like to say that this is now Friends Only! If u want to be added, just comment. I dont BITE! really... ;)

*love always* AmbEr

[Tuesday--May 13,2003--7:25pm]
mood - dorky
music - ....

thank you soo much for helpin me! YOU ROCK!*hugs*

today wasn't a bad day! woo for that! after school was poo cause of practice in the hot sticky hall way. GUH! but afterwards, me whit kort and vanna hung around for HOURS until my mom came and picked me up! haha, it was halarious because there is this kid named greg, who is obsessed with one of our friends lizzie and he like walked in with this other kid named jared, and we knew who they were lookin for, and they were like
'Have u seen derek?'
Us: 'No'
*they walk off*
*they walk back*
Greg: 'When did Lizzie Leave?'
and we all like bust out laughing cause we predicted this. AND THEN they got all pissed and were like
'Wtf what are u laughin at?'
Us: 'Nothin'
and then Kortney said something and yah it ended up we were all in this big arguement * and vanna couldn't stop laughing* OY! u just had to of been there! hahahahahahahaha. ok...

woo im passing all my classes as of...THURSDAY! (todays tuesday..hint hint) i just have to retake a quiz and im GOOD! wooo!

hmm... but i think im gettin sick. my throat is all raspy and dry, and i keep sneezing! NO WAY AM I GETTING SICK! noooooo way! *reminder* Casey's birthday is THURSDAY! and Adam's is SUNDAY! gotsta remeber!

ahhhhhhh ima go was my clothes! *love*


they really ARE insane. [Monday--May 12,2003--9:19pm]
mood - sleepy
music - *PUE* *PUE* marshmellow gun...

ive come to the conclusion, that my brother is insane. first of all, he keeps getting ice and kackling loudly, then shooting off his lil marshmellow gun (yes a gun that shoots marshmellows) and screaming "I GOT YOU HHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" but there is no one in particular that hes shooting at. or he could be aiming at me but i highly doubt it. (although he has REALLY BAD aim) then also, i swear he was talking to himself and i was like "who ya talkin to" and he goes "none of your buisness, and besides im not even speaking to you so SHOO" WAT tha FUCK! who does he think he is!? sheesh, damn 9 year olds.

ok im going to bed, and locking my door, just in case that lil monster decides to get me back for everything ive ever done to him... WHAT!? u can never be too cautious in situations like these! does anyone have any bubble wrap? *love* -amber


[Monday--May 12,2003--6:20pm]
mood - cheerful

SORRY guys, my layout looks like poo! hehe im not the greatest at makin it look perty and such.

oh! yes! my day was gooooood! im in a really hyper\spaztic. mood ya kno? nothing really all that exciting went on today, but it was just a good day. practice wasn't bad either, we didn't have to do jump workout *thank god* and yah, it was pretty good except mrs.gentry kept glaring at us, and so did the rest of the coaches except for CASEY! *maybe cause shes not a coach and she ROCKS* yaaaaaaaaaaahhhh.

my weekend wasn't bad at all either! lets see...

friday -- chelsies house. we watched the matrix and such, raised havoc in the shockley household and then dropped dead.
saturday -- had to watch brother for half the day *gag* and then me and cas-o went to the movies!! x2 is such an exciting movie! and the ice man..erm..yah *drools* sooo sexy. lol. then jackie n alex picked us up and we chilled at caseys til i had to go home! (poo on curfews) jackie is so wired and halarious! hehe shes great!
sunday -- umm... lazy day! slept in, and then casey came over! ya kno! we watched my lil brother *wtf* and yah, stuck at my house! austin *lil bro* would NOT leave him alone. jjjeeeeezzzz.

but yah. this FRIDAY is OF's *for those of you who dont know, Casey has a band...Opposing Forces. They aren't half bad either! xp but they just lost their drummer cause he was a gay ass mother named clit (or clint ) and yah, they DIDN'T NEED HIM! but now they need a drummer..sooo... yah.* concert. erm.. i dunno whos gonna be there. some local bands, but yes chelsie and jesii are commin wif me! so it should be fun!!! im excited! i just hope i can go! gotsa to ask the physco woman! hmm..i wonder what she would say!!!!! *my mom that is*

ok ima go cause i keep knockin my milk and spillin it.. *hugs* *love* -amber



HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! [Sunday--May 11,2003--1:16pm]
hey! i gotta make this fast cause my hair is about to dry an odd way!! sorry i haven't been updating as much and that i really haven't been commenting but just to let you know i still lub yall! hehe yay well ill update better later and oh GO SEE X-MEN! i loved it! hehe ok well byeee! *hugs* -amber

GC - Hold on... [Thursday--May 8,2003--7:57pm]
"But we all bleed the same way as you do
We all have the same things to go through
Hold on... if you feel like letting go
Hold on... it gets better than you know
Your days you say they're way too long
And your nights you can't sleep at all
And you're not sure what you're looking for
But you don't want to no more
And you're not sure what you're waiting for but you don't want to no more"

blahh blahh blahh [Thursday--May 8,2003--6:45pm]
mood - annoyed
music - Senses Fail - The Ground Folds

hm..i didn't have a bad day, but its just one of those days. practice sucked. i LOVE the girls, but they can't get serious! i mean REALLY! heh, and not to mention, the freshman squads got it down. they aren't all that GREAT but they've got it. we haven't even started on our routine yet, which sucks monkey balls and yah its pretty gay. AND im beginning to hate cheerleading all together. our coach is a total bitch to us and she has like no confidence in us. i mean COME ON atleast make it seem like you want us to do good instead of spitting on us and throwing us into the ground. gaaaah. im really annoyed by her. ...ive just been really bitter today (in my head) and yah... im having thoughts that i really should not be having. (relationship wise) ...yah i dont really feel like explaining it right now so im out! *hugs* -amber

im me online sumtime! - girlwissues06-


raaaaar! [Wednesday--May 7,2003--3:11pm]
mood - bouncy


i want jacks car.its a 1995 mustang gt cobra in red. it makes a great sound and its *drools* hehe can u tell im NOT a car expert? :) he gave me a ride home today, and he drives fast and he waits a while to brake so we almost ran into this other car and OMG it was like a roller coaster, if it hit a lil bump i would fly up in the back seat. tee hee. soo fun. we listened to incubus all the way to my house. mmm i love incubus. brandon boyd *dreams* but yah, hes really nice for me first kinda meeting him. yewp. i dunno what i would do with out christiana. *i always have to bum rides off of people* I CANNOT WAIT TIL I GET A CAR! so i can drive myself and other people who dont have rides! HELLL YES!

today wasn't that bad, i PASSED my freakin spanish quiz (i remebered most of it, the other stuff i couldn't remeber i wrote down on a lil slip of paper and hid it in my pocket...erm yah...btw the only classes i cheat in are geography and spanish..and bio so PSSH) but anywho! im not doing bad at all in any of my classes! go me! hehe yewp!

I HATE FED-EX! only if they would leave the packages on the front porch! SHEESH! and i *heart* INCUBUS!hehe..espicially s.c.i.e.n.c.e! great cd...if u haven't listened to it.... GO GET IT! and oh! while ur at it, go download 'a foot ahead' and download everything that comes up from them cause they are from my home town and they are pretty damn good for some garland kiddies!!!

i wish i could go to pre-edge fest! IT WOULD ROCK! tbs!!! *drools again*... and and and ROCKet summer! mmm!! :) byeee! *hugs* *love* --amber


*doubles over* [Monday--May 5,2003--7:28pm]
lmao. my mom just bitched at me and my lil brother for watering the tree wrong. you know your a bitch when you yell at your kids for a stupid thing like that. haha. wow. i will not be that rude of a mother when i get into motherhood. :) mkay well yah, just thought id tell you cause it was kinda a stupid thing to get bitched at for, and i found it comical.


\\piiimmp juuiice// [Monday--May 5,2003--3:12pm]
mood - giggly
music - lah lah lah lah lah lah

gah. i was almost ALMOST left at school![chelsie left early and didn't bother to call and tell me she couldn't give me a ride home..go figure] but its all good, elaine took me home! hehe shes great!!but yah i had to recite caesar lines today and when i got in front of the class my mind went blank...DEFINITLY MADE A BAD GRADE! ooo well.

erm..nothing really to say. nothing all that exciting happend today...



life without love is like a tibeten monk without a smile [Saturday--May 3,2003--11:51pm]
mood - crappy
music - Chik chicky BOOM?

its kinda late, im up and yah, just not in the best mood. i really should be sleeping, but of course i can't sleep. im in my grandmas house, and im in one of those freezing cold rooms that no matter how many blankets you wrap yourself in you still feel like ice is touching your skin. my cousins came in tonite and i rode around on the go cart and my ass hurts cause it was REALLY rough out in the pasture. i saw my lil baby cousin :) hes sooo cute. his name is chandler and hes just soo cute. ah i just wanted to take him. hehe but yah, ive been a bitch lately so im sorry if i haven't really given any effort. im talkin to casey right now, and he doesn't sound all like he really wants to talk to me all that much but of course i think these things just because im wierd like that and yah, its probably not true at all. ne who enough with my rambling, i hope everyone had a good week..weekend etc etc. and im goin to focus all my attention on what casey's talking to me about. *lots of love* -amber

blah blackety blah [Thursday--May 1,2003--4:44pm]
sorry i haven't updated er..commented. im not home right now, and ive been busy so um, ill probably update sometime this weekend cause im goin to my dads. erm.. ok. well *love* -amber

the stars at night, are big and bright *clap clap clap clap* deep in the heart of texas [Monday--April 28,2003--10:04pm]
mood - awake
music - South FM

i can't sleep...too much on my mind. dont want to discuss it all either.

ive got the best boyfriend and the best friends ever. i am truely one lucky person, and going out to someone close to me, if i was ever to lose that person, i would sincerely lose all will to live. please dont do anything to yourself that you are going to regret. i know its been really hard this year, but try to keep pressing on no matter what. people love you, and it would completely shatter them if u did anything to harm yourself. please dont do this, please.

ah, i feel like ive been a bitch to the person i love the most tonite, so ima go sleep on it (even tho thats not the best choice). gawd i love casey. :) i get to go to his house tommorow. yuup.

random thoughts:
-trents lil fling girl was really an over obsessive physco *shivers*
-i suck at parallel parking even tho it comes easy to most 8D ok.i suck at driving in general.geez. i ADMIT!
-i miss chelsie. im staying this weekend with her because my moms goin to phili. i doubt its ever going to be the same again tho. ;\ (shes like one of my loong time best friends that i miss...i miss molly too)
...ahh thats what high school will do to ya. i guess i was just one of the ones that wasn't ready for it.

well im gonna hit the sak so night all! *lots of love* -amber


rock my boday [Monday--April 28,2003--4:43pm]
mood - giddy
music - IM FUCKIN GIDDAY! do tha giddy dance HUA

mm im dead from practice. ima ice my leg and then go look for some of my pictures in my room so i can put em on my locka! GAH i can't type b/c i got my nails done (dont know why) but yah, ill write more later...umm here.

one thing you can do:
1. Be Happy.

two things you can't do:
1. Sing.
2. Dance.

three things you hate:
1. Hypocrites
2. Back Stabbers
3. Posers

four things you love:
1. Casey
2. All of My Friends
3. Family
4. Casey's Kisses

five things you plan to do before you die:
1. Get Married and have 5 kids. (yah..5 kids..i swear im crazy)
2. Go Skydiving.
3. Swim in a pool of jello.
4. Meet a Tibeten Monk.
5. See my children grow up.

six random facts about you:
1. Im 15
2. Im Tall
3. I HAATTEE spiders
4. Im outgoing
5. I tend to be very hyper
6. I smile a lot

seven things that scare you:
1. Being Alone
2. Spiders
3. Stalkers
4. Rapest
5. ...
6. ...
7. ...

eight things that attract you to the opposite sex:
1. How sweet they are
2. If they can be serious...sometimes
3. If you feel comfortable around them
4. If you can joke around with them
5. Their smiles
6. Their facial expressions
7. How tall they are..yah im tall so i need em to be as tall as me! (er taller than me... 8D CASEY!!)
8. ooo their EYES!

nine things you say a lot:
1. uh huh
2. shut ur face
3. riiiiiiiggggggght
4. huh?
5. hah hah 'yah' very funny.
6. are u kidding me!
7. i looooooove yooooou
8. yah u can just shut the fuck up
9. ur killin' me!

waiting... [Saturday--April 26,2003--4:12pm]
Conscious self
Overall self
Take Free Enneagram Test

AHHH! i ran out of pretzel goldfish! shhhhit! [Saturday--April 26,2003--3:53pm]
mood - hyper
music - Taking Back Sunday - Ghost Man On Third

ok big improvment in my mood. ive actually got something to do today! im goin to whits! YAY! lol, i dunno what we are gonna do, but im waiting for her to come and pick me up b.c she just got her hair done so WEE! yay i have something to do today! mkkkay....

this morning was one of my bad mornings. the kind were everything feels like its going to turn out bad, and that everythings gonna go down hill and so on. right now im like in one of my best moods. but ugh, i have to memorize my lines for caesar in english! sheesh! im not good at memorizing anything really. i can hardly remeber the dates of things. o well. anywho, im out. just thought id pop in and give an update. comment if u like! *much love* -amber-

hey paxton, u feelin ok?

mm taking back sunday...


life...hah [Saturday--April 26,2003--10:47am]
mood - crappy
music - Nothing...

deadline:3 hours. if i dont find something to do , im going to grandmas. once again, i love them to death, i just really dont feel like going over there two weekends in a row (im going over there next weekend) so yah, want to know how my night went? casey came over 8D and i really thought we were going to go do something with Alex, but no, Alex went to go pick up Ash, Marcus and Lexa and went with them. Casey i could tell was really bored, and i felt awful because he was bored. So, we are there for a while, Casey desperatly tried to find something to do, he calls alex, calls todd..then later , my mom freaks cause she wants to go to bed, and she just can't stand him being over here late so she took him home, and then on the way home she bitched at me the whole way about how im not supposed to have anyone over when shes not home, and that i shouldn't expect to ever be home alone over the summer, and she can't beleive that i broke one of her unreasonably stupid rules. ok for one thing... does she not want me to have a life? she doesn't let me go to concerts, shes constantly sending me out to grandmas, shes never home, therefor i can't really get anywhere and so on. yah, basically life sucks and i argue about casey with that. life really doesn't suck, it just has a lot of those moments were u feel invisible and that no one likes you and really you can't do anything about it. all in all, i saw casey. and that was my goal.

anywho, got 2 hours now, i really should call whitnee but she probably wont be awake. but yah, i think things will turn out fun tonite, cause even tho i dread going to my grandmas, i eventually dont have that bad of a time, i just wish i could do something else. hopefully, whit will call me back and she'll say we can do something or ill find someone to do something with. hmm..ok well im goin to go blow dry my hair so yah....

*hugs* -amber-


hm.. [Friday--April 25,2003--3:12pm]
mood - sore
music - Thursday - You Know How I Do

i really wonder what im doing tonite. i CAN NOT i repeat CAN NOT stay home so i dunno what im goin to do. *sigh* i miss chelsie. (i was always with her til ELLIOT came along)she is constantly with elliot, and when we(me and mo) want to do something with her, she wants elliot to come along, and to tell you the truth... elliot gets on my nerves. big time. so yah, when i do ever go over there, i grin and bare it.chheellsie.hah.but yah, i was plannin on doin something with whit but since casey and alex want to do something, i dunno what im going to do. humph. i wish someone would have some kinda party...sheesh.

anywho, sadly enough, im still very sore. my arms hurt when they move.and my legs are killing me. (i guess thats what i get for not doing anything for a while) id love to take a bath, but no bath bubbles.ugh and school was so boring. in spanish, mrs. scott wasn't there (thank god) and we watched a mayan video. i fell asleep. and then i fell asleep in english while they were reading timeline. THAT BOOK IS SO FRIGGIN STUPID. i really dont care to read it so im screwed. i also have to memorize some lines for english, from julius ceasar so i am also screwed there. hmph.

O O O i must explain drivers ed! it was great! high-ways are soo much fun. but the woman i was driving with, was like on the brink of being insane. she randomly would scream "FLOOR IT" or something of that nature, and i would of course and then she started spazing when the person behind us was gaining and she was like "!!!!" and then she wouldn't let me park...(which i am completely capable of doing) she took the stearing wheel from me (and she was on the passenger side) and she did it herself. and she would touch the steering wheel alot acting as tho i was about to swerve off the road, which i can assure i wasn't. so ive come to my conclusion, im most definitly going to avoid her next time. 8D

xoxo - amber - er aka Po-sha.hahahahahahahahahahahaha, ok it wasn't THAT funny.


ouuuch! [Thursday--April 24,2003--5:35pm]
mood - sore
music - Thursday - The Dream

ah, my knee if killing me because of cheer practice and the girl fell on my neck about 3 times in the stunt [directly on top of my head] so my neck and back hurt...

*thinks* sheesh...people these days! :) i saw casey after school..him and alex pulled up in his FIXED CAR! yay its alive! (yah cause i was the one that killed it) sooo yay! and i just might get back all of my good cds! wadda great day.

o thanks a bunches kaci for helping me! :) such a sweet girl for me just meeting her. [ i know that wasn't the most proper thank you , but i tried! 8D!!! lol i would of like..put ur screen name on here and all but yah, i wish i knew how to like link it back n stuff...hmm..]


ok hearing really odd piano music...*is scared* omg hahahaha..ok so i was just like walking around my house, totally spooked cause i heard some really freaky tune playing (like one of those happy ice cream man songs) i look out the window, nothing there, listen the speaker..and i walk into my kitchen, it goes away so im like ok nothing there then i get in the comp room and it comes back on. so im like walking around and it gets louder and i look down and my cell phone was vibrating with a dancing clock saying its 5:45 and it was playing creepy music.. *phew* it was just my phone. lmao im such a dumbass.i outta be hit for that one.

AY!i have a drive time tonite! HIGHWAY BABAY! 5th lesson (fives my lucky number) so we will see how lucky it is tonite, cause i really dont want to kill myself. :)

im out. *hugs* -amber- *limps away*


purdy.purdy.purdy. [Wednesday--April 23,2003--6:11pm]
mood - ecstatic

just got off the phone with case-o! *giggles*sad thing tho, he found two jobs that would of worked for him, but "bitch" (casey's mom) wont let him go cause she says they are too far away. HOW UNREASONABLE!

anywho, im stuck at home again watching austin. what fun! but yes, today was not that bad of a day at all.[and im not going to complain about how my eyes have been burning like hell for the past week or so! ;o)]i have the bitchiest teachers ever tho. it seemed like all of them today had some kinda stick shoved up their of my teachers got me soo agitated i almost blurted out a FUCK YOU but i just pictured me doing it inside my head instead [which was a lot safer]. :O).

Hopefully this weekend will be better than last weekend. Last weekend seemed to not go right at all. O well.

BUT THEN *wiggles* tomorrow in Geography we get to do tabo(tybo?taibo?tebo? and DRUMS! (yay for being in south asia...not literally) but yes, tomorrow should be fun. cept for practice after school *growls*

well ima go back to reading because i really need to read for english. TIMELINE IS THE MOST CONFUSING BOOK EVER.

mmm its raining...

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