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    Sunday, December 17th, 2006
    7:15 pm
    Okay, here's the story, I just got into a massive fight with my mom, cuz I came home for Christmas vacay from college early, hoping mom would be happy, but no, I said something that royally pissed her off, and then before I knew it She was beating me with a broom handle! she left marks on my arms, and she hit me over the head, so I was almost knocked out!! She beats me cuz I have a learning dissability, and whenever I do something wrong, I pay. She says I belong in Elementary School, not college, and I won't amount to anything. So I do some stuff differently, and whenever i try to be different, she'll come in with a wooden spoon, or a broomstick, or a lighter, or sometimes even a knife. She wishes I was NORMAL! but NORMAL ppl scare me! I have marks on my arms that she tells me to tell people that they are bug bites, but they aren't they're nail marks, burns, bruises, and cuts from when she beats me. My father gave me a bloody nose once, but he told me to tell people it was from a freak ball accident, but he knows he did it! Once my mom and dad actually kicked me out of the home, and told me to go live on my own, so I hate my family for that reason! They verbally, and physically abuse me, never once were they happy for me, they always crack down on me! Not my sister, oh no, just me and my brother Dave. We're both different so, they abuse us. I NEED HELP! IF ANYONE READS THIS COMMENT BACK WITH SUGGESTIONS BESIDES KILLING MYSELF!
    Monday, November 20th, 2006
    11:15 am
    Busy, and prepping for the shuttle run later
    So busy lately! I've been studying 4 mid-terms, practicing for basketball season, spending a lot more time with Matt, and picking up where we left off. We're getting ready for Thanksgiving break, and we can't wait! It's really cold in Massachusettes now, but I'm used to it. My brother Dave and I got into an argument, oh joy. I hate when we fight, cuz then it's more Drama than anything! We curse, and yell, and hit! It's a crazy thing! I told Matt later that night. I called him and asked him to come to my dorm, cuz I needed to talk to him. He came, and I was like crying on my bed. He asked me what happened, and the whole story came out about the fight with Dave, and how he was yelling at me, and how he wanted to kill me, and was attempting to hurt me, and how he wished I didn't exsist. Matt sat down on my bed and hugged me really close, and said look, sis Just because Dave told you he didn't love you doesn't mean it's true. But what if it is? It's not, look Dave has issues, so don't expect him to be perfect. I hate when we fight with each other cuz I never win. I'm really glad Matt's here to take care of me, and watch out for me. He doesn't know how much he means to me. he's one of the most influencial people around. Now about that Shuttle Run. Later on i'm gonna be running it! Matt told me not to worry about it, and just to have fun with it. He said i'm timed, but it's nothing. It's an amazing thing, a brother. My brother doesn't expect me to be anything except his little sister, and I really love him for that. I hope he's always around.
    Wednesday, November 1st, 2006
    12:01 pm
    My brothers are NUTS!
    Okay, here goes nothing. My bros are probably gonna kill me for telling you all this, but Last nite there was this huge party at Webster Hall, and they got WASTED! My brother Dave drove, and almost got KILLED [he would've killed Matt too] They got themselves in a drunk driving crash, but escaped with just a few gashes in their legs, arms, and forehead. [Matt required stitiches on his forehead, Dave did not] I was at home with my mom after trick or treating and the phone rang, and an officer told me that my brothers were in a car crash, and to get to Valley Hospital. When I got there, both my brothers were flatlined, and I was really worried that they didn't survive the crash. I was more worried about Dave than Matt because if Dave died, then I dunno what i'd do. if Matt died, sure i'd be sad, but if it was Dave, then i'd probably commit suicide. My brothers are VERY important to me and if they were gone, I wouldn't have any idols, and do stupid stuff. I don't want to make the same mistakes that they made, I love them to much. Some ppls idols are rock stars, parents,or even teachers. I'm a little different, my idols are my brothers, and they always will be. Thankfully, my brothers were okay, and they're home for awhile so I can help them recover. I love my bros, and i'm just glad they're okay :) I hope they don't do something like this again, cuz it could end they're lives for good. I hope they learn from this expierience. :] XO XO mandz
    Monday, October 30th, 2006
    11:06 am
    OMFG! I have the biggest Goddamn beotch for a math teacher! She's the stupidest person ALIVE!! She said that we could go on to the back side of a wksht. if we finished the front side of the sheet early. I finished early, so I went to the backside and I started it, so then she comes back into my face, and says "you weren't supposed to go to the backside, if you continue to not follow directions, i'll assign you EXTRA WORK!" I was like what?? you told us that we could, but then she said No, I never told you to go on! I was ROYALLY PISSED OFF! I swear she's from planet woo, first she says all sweetly, yea, you can go on, then she comes back with You're not supposed to move on! Why the hell can't she make up her mind?? I can't figure her out! She's so ANNOYING, one minute she's all sweet and flowery, the next she's all EVIL AND DARK!! I SWEAR SHE NEEDS COUNSELING!! I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!![screams] Okay, i'm fine now. My brothers (ages 19, and 21) tell me that i'm crazy, I'm NOT crazy! [blushes] okay i'm a little crazy, but not bad. I love my bros. [they're crazy too though!]
    9:13 am
    school work. There's so much work, but not enough TIME! Every Five minutes i'm getting more work piled on to me. I hate school, but as my mom would say, "If you don't go to school, you won't get a good job." (sighs) Sometimes I wish I was still in tenth grade. I didn't need to really worry about school work, but I did need to worry about life. I dunno if I wanna be a teacher now. I work with kids, and they are LOUD!