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[01 Jan 2003|04:07pm]
I just wanted to update and say...HAPPY NEW YEARS TO EVERYONE!
And..thats pretty much it. I've been on lately...talking to Trish mostly considering how shes the only one that seems to ever be on. *laughs* Hope you all had fun doing...whatever you all did last night. I've got to run. Later, ~Stace
Stacy Luvin'

Hope everyone had a good Christmas [26 Dec 2002|09:43pm]
Yeah, my Christmas was pretty good. I went home to visit the family. It was good. So, whats everyone been up to? I havent been doing much lately. Oh, If you have AIM and I havent talked to you yet, leave me your SN because I probably dont have it and I want to talk to all of you!

Thank you Torrie for the ring! Even though I already thanked you I have to again! I LOVE it!
2Got | Stacy Luvin'

hey! [14 Dec 2002|07:36pm]
So, I'm here.

Welcome me with comments!
8Got | Stacy Luvin'

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