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hmmmm [24 May 2004|05:35pm]
well let's see it's been a really really long time since i have posted anything on here. so let's update you as to the last 5 months or so. i turned 21 in january, three days later i broke my ankle! with some help from my brother. so then i didn't get to work for 2 months, racked up some hospital bills and then physical therapy bills, and now i'm tryign to play catch up on them. but i have been workign again since march somethin or other, so i hav ea little bit of money coming in. well i decided to stay in lansing for the summer. i get paid better here and i live in a house, instead of a dorm room so it works out good. we have been having nasty weather though, lots of thunderstorms for the last 3 weeks, and flooding in some areas, and a few tornados, none of them did too much damage and weren't near where i live so i don't mind. well anyway i'm heading out. later,
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