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    Tuesday, August 5th, 2003
    9:51 pm
    today, 1st entry!!!
    today was pretty boring, but.....

    neway i didn't really do nething to crazy today, i woke up about 10:30 n called carlos, he came over and we started writin music lol, its pretty hot stuff, CANT WAIT TILL WE MAKE DA CD... neway , after that he outta nowhere got this idea to go play sum basketball, we were there for about 3 hours and after that we sat on a local bench :P.... my 8 year old friend antwain passed by n we was talkin to him 4 a lil bit, then we saw sum grls across the field n carlos was as usual actin like a dumbass n said we should say we love them when they pass by lol, well antwain revealed that one of them was his sister so he kicked our ass and we got incapacitated lol.... actually , he went n told his sis that carlos loves her and she kept saying ur too young n all dat shyt, so it was funny,but as we were leaving antwain came up to us again n said his sis wants to talk to carlos, so i was like "uh oh carlos" ;) lol shes 21 n looks ok, so we all chatted about our ages lol n then they left n so did we cuz it started raining like hell... after we got home, me n carlos ate hot dogs n INCA KOLA!!! that shyts gooooood... neway i went swimming today lol, in the rain actually cuz my streets curved n turns into a river when it rains alot so i had fun.... AND NOW IM DOIN THIS SHYT AND THAT WAS MY DAY