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Erin's Journal

28th June, 2004. 10:47 pm. I Love Life

Today is one of those days when you think about how nothing is fair in life. its true, life is not fair. but i guess theres nothing that i can do about it, or anyone else, i guess choices we make lead to the lives we live. oh well. i have found that i truely have found someone that i genuinely care about.. amazinly, i hate saying that i love him because i do not know what that feeling is but i do have very, very strong feelings for him (yes i am talking about john) it heres the part where life is not fair, he moved, yeah you already knew he would but he did, it didnt come as a shock, just disapointment and depression. i feel like i cant have fun without him. i don tknow at least he is coming to visit tomorrow. every day before he moved we had been together.. well exception of one day, but i relationship has truely grown and hes pretty much the only one that i want to be with. all of my friends have expanded our little group so i find it not fun to be in social contact with anyone. exception of today though, just because i was with lisa and we could just hang out alone. thank the lord. but im done venting so im going to stop typing. goodbye.

Current mood: sad.

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