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    Thursday, March 13th, 2003
    12:03 pm
    Green Goddess
    Goddess of green. You probably prefer to be outside
    where you can get some fresh air!

    What element would you rein over? (For Girls)
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    Sunday, March 9th, 2003
    7:56 pm
    Hooligan Bear
    Hooligan Bear

    Which Dysfunctional Care Bear Are You?
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    Ha...oh nice..I am not a type of music
    You're nothing, really. But you're nice.

    What type of music are you?
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    Which Personality Disorder Do You Have?
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    aww dude! fucken sick! thank god i haven't! *curls up n' dies*parents sex

    what's YOUR deepest secret?
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    Monday, March 3rd, 2003
    9:48 am
    yay! i'm crazy!

    Green Eyes

    What Color Eyes Should You Have?
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    Current Mood: accomplished

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    9:43 am
    i don't like this picture, its too big and ugly.


    Are U a freak?
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    9:36 am
    the quiz says i'm really not any kind of mutilation! (haha.well..not ne more....)
    You Have Normal Coping Skills
    You are normal. Lucky little you

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    9:32 am
    demure flirt
    Demure Flirt

    What Kind of FLIRT are you?
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    Current Mood: amused

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    9:29 am
    General Schmo
    -- You are a normal, everyday shmo that most people
    can recognise...congratulations....

    >>What Type of High School Stereotype Are You?<<
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    Current Mood: amused

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    9:28 am
    i don' think i'm really actually punk...(no..i'm just 'individual' taste)
    I am punk music!!
    Rock on, dude! You are Punk music!

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    Current Mood: amused

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    8:44 am
    I'm back.....(lots of writing)
    Sorry i haven't really written in a long time i guess...haven't really cared to. i'm thinking of actually buying a note book and funking it out with stickers...likes cute ones from the dollar store. Maybe i'm Stupid, but i let helen borrow my diskman and a gurl that whent A-wall at her grouphome broke in her room and took my discman. helen was like almost crying and totaly freakin worried. what should i do? i guess i can't do much, just won't let her borrow ne thing like that of mine again, hopefully i don't give in. Gawd, i'm at school in the library. haven't reallly been to school for like 2 weeks cause i've been home sick..yay? I'm skipping 1st class wich is gym cause they are going to play Ringette in the skating rink and I CAN'T SKATE WORTH CRAP!, i'm too scared...i don't like to fall on my bum..its hurts! Grrness, this keyboard is like hurting my wrists, i have to press kinda hard to type, and its straining my wrists, owie. But helen and i ended up at the mall in downtown yesterday and she introduced me to a guy named Cowboy lol. Well, He'z like 21 but that don't bother me..i told him i was 16...even tho i'm TURNING 16 on april 11th...my bad? eek, well after helen stupidly ditched me out of no where to catch the bus, i was totaly stranded in the huge downtown mall (i don't kno my way around the downtown busses yet) so i was totaly screwed, it was like a damn snow blizzard goin on so i had trouble like waiting for a god-damn bus that would hopefully take me somewhat home. so i called my parents to come n' pick me up. they were kinda pissed but i had no choice. But i ran into Cowboy again and he was TOTALY hitting on me again. helen says he flirts ALOT like he did with her when she just first met him..bbuuutttt...i dunno yo, he kept slapping my ass and shit, i'm not letting the attention get to my head i guess, but i think he was flirting more with me....just i don't think he was going around slapping her ass and trying to get all close n' snug, even tho he'z dying to get back his ex girlfriend. But found me when i was getting a drink from the almost vacant food court in the mall (closing time) and so we hung out and he waited for my parents to come n' get me before we left. but dude, when i got up he like kissed me! i was like AH! we hugged good-bye and then he like had his face infront ofmine and i think imoved my face to the side so he kissed my cheek,i'm kinda confused, it just happened so fast, err..it was weird, not sure what to think of it?..maybe i'm kinda flattered, but maybe he does this to alot of girls or atleast tries,i don't kno him well enough to understand what was goin on in his head or why he did it. maybe he was just horny lol or trying to make himself feel good by getting a kiss from me. Er i dunno, i won't like worry about it i guess. But i wonder, i'm pretty sure if i tell helen about it she will like be grossed out, and/or jelous or something, i swear she can get that way, it happens right? Ne wayz, i'm glad i whent shopping with my mom i got a few shirts from american eagle, like i'm wearing this awsome bright orange t-shirt with some cool stuff on the front, i'm proud :P and i'm wearing my new studed bracelets, one of em has studed stars, yay! lol. I will never let ne one like wear em..noooo seree!. She said to laurier that i look like avril lavigne lol! i look nothing like her, i just have my own style. I Don't look ANYTHING like her, physically atleast. But yea, this damn keyboard is a bitch, it hurts my finger. WOw i've written alot...hope its worth ur while! And i hope laurier doesn't kill himself.....he like needs serious help. aw man, i can't wait till we move in our new house! its gunna rock! its sooooo awsome! but yea, i got in a fight with my dad so my mom has had enough bullshit against him and instead of him paying less than he'z suppose to pay for childsupport, he'z gunna be paying $350 mwahaha..sorry..but like i get to spend like $100 every month on clothes and we'll be like better off, isn't that great! yay!! more studs and bright shirts (can't forget i need more jeans, i wear the same damn ones all the time cause i'm picky n' cheep haha..zellers!) for amber!!! *sigh* me tired...pooie...i can't remember what i have 4th block...oh i have english..oo..thatsnot good...i got in a fight with my teacher last time cause she's a snotty fucken cunt sucking lily licker! ew...i don't like her. Can't u tell? mwahahahahaha. i'm gunna go to the terminal at lunch i think..or maybe i'm just too tired and i'll come back here and write some more never ending journals. I type fast and so i can go on never ending! but then again its not like ne one even reads these hahhahahaha, so oh well. I think thats all i have to say, thats too bad cause i still feel like typing hehe 0.o hehe...=^.^= hey dat'll be my lil face thingy, its like a kitty kat..or something with wiskers?..uhh..i'm not sure. But yea, i best go now, i don't kno what i'm gunna do! alrighty for me! peace to me. :P

    Current Mood: tired
    Current Music: nothing-no diskman :'(

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    Sunday, February 16th, 2003
    6:19 pm
    sick and feelin drunk
    I'm gunna make this short. This morning i had a super high fever and i started crying cause i felt like my eyes were burning and turning to the back of my head. I was so uncomfortable and my stupid coughing to add on was killing me. I was so tired n' dopped up on my medication (wich i believe i took too much) i feel like i drunk! yup, even right now! i'm sure, i'm not as bad as eariler but pretty bad, i can even walk properly, Early i'm sure to add on the fact i was so sick, i couldn't even walk! how bad is that? blah...i feel like i'm on drugs..too much mediaction bein pumped into me..haha

    Current Mood: drunk

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    Friday, February 14th, 2003
    5:54 pm
    its v-day, fuck you.
    I saw wes in the morning, he was fucken holding some girls hand. It must be katrina cause she asked him out and he has a huge crush on her. She's some fucken black haired chinese chick. Why couldn't he just rather temperarily make up his mind to be gay or something? that fucken pisses me off! and to make me more pissed he fucken didn't even notice me (say ne thing tho he saw me) when we walked like right next to eachother walking down to the cafeteria! what the fuck is his god-damn problem! this is why guys are such fucken jerks, as soon as they get a fucken girl friend they think they've got the right act like analistic dillholes! When i saw him holding this "things" hand, i felt like a pitchfork in the gut, nice timing, valentines day..ooo how romantic to start going out NOW! (*sarcastic!*~) I'm more annoyed then ne thing. I skipped first block, i hope my parents will have already left by the time the damn school calls with their automatic machine thing. WHy the fuck would i wanna do gym in the morning today? ha..i sure as hell dont. And i whent to the hospital thinking i was dying with water in my lungs, coughing myself black n' blue and i've got like a fucken wooping cough from the flu or something wich could last like 6 months i think to a month..not sure, but its gunna be awhile....gr...fuck you ppl. I"m pissed. And they didn' thave my movie (big fat greek wedding) at blockbuster and the fucken idiots barely carry enough VHS for the good "hot new release GURANTEE"movies! i swear everything now is turning into dvd....what selfish digital technology crap....yup..it pissed me off my crappy day. *gags* i'm grouchy, fuck you. Oh yea, and i called my "boyfriend" to tell him i was going to the hospital (and i sounded really sick/bad) and he didn't really give a damn. Nice eh? this blows.

    Current Mood: infuriated

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    Thursday, February 13th, 2003
    7:30 pm
    I tell a little lie
    Well, i don't REALLY hate valentines day. I'm just good at writing nasty things. I don't care much for the holiday. This year its alot easier on me, i'm starting not to mind it so bad, maybe cause i'm getting older or more mature, or cause for the first time in my life (i'm in gr.10) i haven't been made fun of at school this year. Every year before that i have...but this year? not one person! its great. I asked my mom to buy me this new lipstick, its so cool! looks perty. Maybe i'll take a pic of my lips or something!. i have sexy dolly lips i call em. Hmm...I was so thursty cause i just got back from swimming so i grabbed me a big glass off water, then i'm craving something sweet so i also grabbed some grapefruit pop! and my mom is forcing me to drink Neo Citran for my cough...damnet...blah. wich to drink first.hmmm......(damnet, someone p[lz comment on my journal where it says "will u bite me?" idunno if ppl are too stupid to understand what it is.

    i mised my swimming lesson last week and i just came back from it this week and OMG, i barely really did ne thing and my legs are killing me! those flipper things make my legs sore! and my hair kept gettign in the way (bangs are long but hair is short) so it kept gettign in my face so i couldn't do my front crawl swim properly. And then i had flippers for my hands (they are like webbed paws!) and flippers on my feet and i fell like a duck. And we were playing around with two 15lbs blocks to try n' stay above water, and as soon as they gave it to me i litterally immidently sunk! lol! then purpously i let it take me to the bottom and i could walk under water on the deep end! it was so cool! but i'm so sore!

    Current Mood: energetic

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    Wednesday, February 12th, 2003
    4:32 pm
    If u truly like valentines day, DON"T READ.
    I fucken hate valentines . Prolly not only cause most guys are bunch of anal suckin dill holes but cause its a useless fucken holiday and an other excuse to torment the public with their "Display of affection" (yuh, my ass) thats why there's fucken anniversarys! I rather dround my head in a bucket of vodka.

    oh sick....*covers ears* fucken ppl gettin it on in the soap on t.v...ewww...they're hyper ventalating...i'm outta here!

    Current Mood: annoyed

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    Tuesday, February 11th, 2003
    4:25 pm
    War (A poem i wrote in math class cause i was bored)

    The walls around me,
    A nest made of gold,
    Slowly crumbling into the soil of the earth below.
    Alarming sounds of explotions
    Explode in the back of my ear.
    The world is comming to an end,
    For those its just fear.
    War claims lives of those unkown,
    Brave soldiers that once we claimed our own.
    Cries of women and children
    As their brothers, son, and husbands - men
    Drift of into the war in wich we are all of fault.
    Sirens and lights flash in the glow of the night,
    A man has claimed his life,
    With this life he rather deny.
    The feel of the earth trembles,
    A message from the unkown,
    Stop the war or end your own.

    Current Mood: artistic

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    Monday, February 10th, 2003
    8:11 pm
    yay for me!
    I"M BACK!! I just finished my calm project and i've got felt markers and ink all over my fingers..not THAT bad tho. But yea, i did sooo awsome on my projects, got to put my art skills to good use. I made the CUTEST drawing like cartoon wise of MEEEEEE, it was sooo adorable! and on the back of my pamphlet answering questions about me i drew a lil bar code and colored a lil yellow start (falling star) and wrote, "falling-star creations" hehe..i lub it. By the way, the projects (including my colauge) are part of my CALM course, so i'm not that self absorbed :P.
    Omg, my kitty cat is 8 years old (56 in kitty years) and now i look at her like a lil old lady!! she's so cute!! and awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!...*tear*...she could live between 13-16 years...what a cutie patootie! she's a long haired calico cat (white long hair with patches of caramel brown and blackish/grey)She has green eyes and thick looonngg hair. And DAMN can she BITE! yaaooww!! i loved the feeilng of bein bit by her, it was kind of exilerating (i'm not sick lol) but now it hurts *tear*...she leaves vampire marks on my handsss!. and her toe nails are sharp too! lol

    Current Mood: chipper
    Current Music: "Sound of the fridge n' T.V" - Appliances

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    4:20 pm
    Things are gettin better!
    mmm..i lub cookies n' milk! yummy! *crunch-slurp*I'm gunna talk things out with leah so the stress or ne thing should go down with my friends at the terminal.Screw my "bestfriend" she's so conceided and not the kind of person i need to confide in. I talked to wes and yea! i was happy to see him...ummm...Brandon (my science nerd stalker) ate lunch wit me! he is so cute..i wonder if he knows he is!.I call him a nerd cause i think its cute *teehee* i'd like go out with him. He put a lil "For sale" sign on his locker that says "apply within" haha, he'z "selling" his locker so he can move his locker next to mine, yay! he'z the best, i lub him!. He calls the row of lockers that he's at "asian ave" cause they are like all asians, he jokes about it and so do they. They are so funny to hang around with, even tho i was there for like 8 min. But yea, they were joking around with me, laughing and playing around with brandon, like play fighting and joking WITH him, we were just laughing and i thought it was hallarious. he's just this lil white boy..hehe. But yea! I must sound weird, i don't mean to, its more of an experience. But yea, i got so much work to do! my math teacher is wanting to consider moving me down a level in math, when he sees my gr.9 mark and compares it to my test that i got 38% on, he'll wanna move me down. The test was a review of gr.9 trigonometry (ahh!) and i'm like..well i havent' done math all summer and 1st semester so i don't see how no review and reminder is really gunna help me much (duh!) plus, alotta ppl in there are repeating applied math 10 ne wayz! so makes me look even worse i guess. But yea i'm glad i'm doin great in english, the lady said i was exactly the kind of hard dedicated worker the class needed. :P mwahaha...hear that? i'm speeecial! :P...naw, i just got into it. But yea, i got a shit load of math n' crap to do. But things are going better now (thank god!) so i'll write ya tomorrow or something! peace!

    -Love Amber (i kno this is just a diary, this diary entry is more for me i guess incase ur reading it.not too interesting)

    Current Mood: accomplished
    Current Music: bif naked - i love myself today (i'm not THAT psyched!)

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    Sunday, February 9th, 2003
    1:21 pm
    I think something is wrong here?
    My friend told me that i move too fast in friendship...uh.okay? no offence but isn't that called being out-going,friendly, and forward?how else do u think i managed to make so many damn friends before? hmm..alrighty! He thinks i moved too fast with friendship when it came to him, that like i was too forward and i only knew him for like 3 weeks. I'm not totaly liking this.
    I have this project for CTS/CALM class, yay...i getta make a poster allll about me! i put my sun glasses and picture of ashton kutcher and stuff, and it looks so funky! its my calloge!. then i have to make a damn pamphlet about me...like my b-day etc. THAT i'm not looking forward to..i don't really like doin that stuff. I'm bored so i'm trying to come up with whatever i can to talk about. I kinda wanna get lil heart lit up attenas for valentines day lol, that would be so sweet! i'm gunna rent a bunch of chick flicks for me and sit infront of the t.v all day. cause its not like i have ne one special to spend it with, right? geez....this blows! i hope this diary ain't gunna be just about me sulking and shit, if it is RUN WHILE U STILL HAVE A CHANCE!..,.i needa put on some music. U kno what? i'm a cutie patootie *aahhaha* *teehee!!!!* damn, mc dicks for the past 3 days can't be healthy, ew. Atleast this flu thing is goin away!...So sorry about the diary entry, i kno it really sucked!

    Current Mood: distressed
    Current Music: sound of vaccumming - Step dad.

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    Saturday, February 8th, 2003
    9:02 pm
    Blank Emotions
    Well, for starters, I have no friends. WHY? because i had to leave all of em. They are too fucked up. I have a couple, but nothing compared to what i use to have. My suppose to be bestfriend is a total snobby raked bitch. Just cause i choose not to talk to someone she thinks she has the right to open her hole and bitch at ME for it. She's so selfish and concieded. Hmm.Valentines is comming up..yay? Again like alwayz i'm single. u must think i'm a huge lozer now..hah..i'm not. Just things aren't going so well right now. MAYBE its cause i broke my lil mirro? 7 years bad luck? i doubt it..cause what about the ppl who break glass for a living at recycle plants? lol. I kno, i'm weird. Its allll gooood. I liked this guy ALOt, his name is Wes, I STILL DO! I wish i had a chance with him but well, we've already talked and apparently i don't, i guess i'm not his type or something. ouch eh? yea...love hurts. My parents are out at their church group thing so i'm stuck here at home. I just finished watching "feardotcom" in my room alone.. ah...so freaky..so weird!! i steeped outta my room to come to the computer and i was like EEK when i walked into the hall, it was dark, boy, what a wimp. *blah* Well i'm glad we'll be moving into our house soon, thank god its gunna be ready in mid march. I hate living in this stupid fucken apartment. All u can fucken hear is their lil brats SCREAMING AND CRYING THEIR FUCKEN TOUNGE OUT, and i swear the ppl up their weigh like 400 pounds and walk on THEIR DAMN HEELS!. And u can hear the fucken head boards up stairs banging on the wall, so we have to hear the banging. Fuck, like i would honestly think the lil house wife up there would get some sleep once n' a while, Its like she'z dying for a 5th child. Poor kids..i'd kill myself growing up listening to my parents in the next room. Ew. Mike was suppose to be my lil valentine but fuck it, he'z no good, he reminds me of a clingy baby. On the brighter side i've got the flu and it was turning into N-A-M-O-N-I-A.(its spelt wrong), but yea, so im on meds.*gr*. Well i'm bored, Haven't talked to ne one for awhile, i'm starting to think civilization is abandoning me! ah! Well, if ur gunna read my huge entries (wont' always be!) then plz have a sense of humor! i'm not depressing i swear lol, i'm quiet normal, really!. And don't bitch about what i write, cause if u dont' like it then bite ur fucken lip and close my journal. WEll i'm gunna go now and let u ppl do whatever you have to do! Peace!


    Current Mood: bored
    Current Music: Avril Lavigne - Complicated

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