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[23 Oct 2003|04:57pm]
[ mood | numb ]

s o m e

o n e

k i l l

m e

p l e a s e

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god fuck america [19 Oct 2003|12:29pm]
[ mood | numb ]
[ music | can you feel the love tonight.... ]

bleak...all is bleak. im so fed up with this place. i think that i hate it more than nla...is that possible? well its pretty damn close...geezuz...i want to go home :( someone shoot me. hey, ill pay ya...
hmm like....38 days till i come home? i dont remember. maybe itll go by fast...i hope. im not gonna come back. im gonna stay in my house and in my bed ill lock my door and never come out except to let isha take a shit and get food. all the necessities...damn. my life really sucks. i hate everything about this place. its gay. ugh. ms jordan- a staff here...god i wish she would die. shes a useless bitch. ew...we have to walk 4 fucking miles for poor people. get a fucking job man...stop taking our money. its not our problem. go to jail...theyll feed you. fuck you. well then...those knives are starting to look real friendly...gotta love the pain. gotta love the blood. god...im one sick fuck. someone help me...please.

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my HUSBAND!! [13 Oct 2003|09:22am]
[ mood | chipper ]
[ music | on the first day of christmas my true love gave to me... ]

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MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! [13 Oct 2003|09:15am]
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wow [11 Oct 2003|01:49pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

hmm wow stuff. lisa got in a helluv big car crash yesterday. scary shit...god dammit. she almost died...if emmalee hadnt swerved the car...wow not thinking about that. ugh. jeez. ok there is this girl here named anna and i swear i want to rip her fucking throat out. she pisses me off so bad and yes, i have tried being nice and she gives me this bitchy look like shes better than me or something. god. ugh!! i cant stand her!! everyone else like loves her am i the only one? one day she came in my room and was like does the staff know that your bed is overlapping the window thats not allowed. of course they fucking know, bitch. theyve been in here plenty of times and if they had a problem they COULD TELL ME THEMSELVES!!!! and shes so fuckng spoiled. her mom just came down on roshashona to take her to temple or some shit to "pray to god" and "thank him for the great year" and "wish for a good year to come" god dont they see that its all a lie? anyways, today she came down AGAN to pick her up and take her for the weekend. its insane! oh not to mention the time her mom dad AND dog came down to drop her off which was what...3 weeks ago?? i so do not want to be here. i hate this place. anna can go fuck herself. and enjoy it. bitch. fuck her. i dont know if its really her that pisses me off or the fact that i have like no friends here...still...isnt that pathetic? yeah, i know it is. fuck life. this is ridiculous. cant wait to go home...home home home....abi got to go home. lucky bitch. whatever, i have to go peace

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hmm anyone wanna help me kill hayley?? [07 Oct 2003|03:16pm]
[ mood | cranky ]
[ music | mm mindless....i love them =) ]

yeah well today i went into english class and i have this thing where i feel mad uncomfy if im in different seats n shit so yeah well i went into the room and she was in my seat and i was like geezus...well she left to go to the bathroom or something and mrs nelson told me i could move her shit. she came back and was all caitlin why did you move me and i was like she told me i could and she was like well i was sitting there. boo fucking hoo bitch. its my seat. well mrs nelson was like maybe you can make a schedule and she was like i dont think that there should be a schedule for seats and i was like cmon...geez shes so stoopid. she was like shut up caitlin...and spent the rest of the period sulking. stoopid fuck. she can rot in hell. with steve. mmhmm. ok well anyways adam and abi are NOT going out my mom just jumped to conclusions. so yeah. anyways. hmm back to hayley i wonder how much she can take. i love being a bitch.

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yay!! [07 Oct 2003|10:30am]
[ mood | loved ]
[ music | tis the season to be jolly...fa lalalala la la la la... ]

i talked to kyle bresnahan last night!!! hooray!! god i love that kid. hes so great =) yea hes fucking awsome. lol...they never went to hawaii and they were talking about it like the whole year...lol they never went...haha that sucks. well yea. im going to think about my husband-to-be...peace.

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some people really piss me off [06 Oct 2003|04:33pm]
[ mood | cynical ]
[ music | slipknot....number 11...i dunno the name ]

ok i wrote this letter to emily about how i really dont like how were growing apart an shit and how it hurts that she just like decided that i wasnt worthy or something to be friends with her...or something...i dunno. well she wrote me back this dinky ass letter...

sorry about not writing to you sooner, but i didnt have your address!
ive been CRAZY busy recently and ive barely had time to think, let alone write. i dont want us to grow apart, but its hard when your in north carolina.
now that ive got your address, ill write more often and try to keep you updated with everything going on here. is there anyone you want me to give your address to?
i have to go but i hope ill talk to you soon!

welp..thanks for that comfort emily. i really fucking appreciate it.

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good shit [06 Oct 2003|12:38pm]
[ mood | dorky ]
[ music | slipknot wait and bleed ]

hmmi was with my mom this weekend..it was helluv fun. we went shopping but i need more clothes...i have hardly any. this is ridiculous. well anyways, we went to see pirates and once upon a time in mexico. god johnny depp is sooooooooooooo fucking hott. wow. we totaly sneaked into the mexico movie...on the way out of pirates i was like o shit the mexico movies about to start so we just walked into the other theater. fun times. so yeah. today is delias birthday...shes 16 fucking years old. oooh and i talked to abi again =) uhmm rooby imed her and she was talking to him. hes going to gcc to get more schooling n shit...hes really smart. he gave me a science lesson with a bowl of ice cream once...and it made sence. hmm. well anywho, he admited for the first time about treating abi bad...thats really big. she said wow youve grown up and he was like well yeah...people change. yay...good person. good people are good. and valzys doing good. i talked to her and she told boi hi and i love him AND BOI SAID HI TO ME i was so excited!! yay i so need to talk to that motherfucker... god i love him so much. hmm he was someone who actualy cared about me and not my body money or drugs. that says quite a bit. right. lisa i so knew that you wouldnt call me...i was waiting for a long time...please call me man...this isnt really fair. you cant ditch me to go get high...even if i were at home ide make sure to talk to you.
ok well more bitching about hayley. god i dont think that im ever going to get over the fact that i hate her so bad. shes so annoying. right mollzzzzzzzzzzzz??? yea i know right? well ok we were watching citizen kane and mr z was like wel he was kinda a weird kid how would you feel if you were taken away from your parents at a young age (the guy in the movie left his mom at like age 7) and hayley was like well yea i do know what thats like. shove it up your ass bitch. god...go so choke on a cockkk and LEAVE dammit your so annoying. ha lol caitlin b just suddenly took up her jewdism now that we get days off. damn, i should have thought of that and broke out with my baruch ata adoni bull shit. bust out with my star of david bling. ha i wonder if they make that. i can just imagine...50 rockin a jude star. mwahahahahaha....well not fiddy hes all "praisin the good lord and the good book" shiznet...he needs to open his fucking eyes. everyone else who has a "god" needs to realize that he doesnt exist. its a fucking story. i believe in god as much as i believe in santa clause. grrrr...dr beacher took away the pillows "they were making too much of a mess" **everything is 3d blasphamy...** lalala...so yea, good bye bye yall...im off to play games an such

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fun shit [03 Oct 2003|10:39am]
[ mood | giggly ]
[ music | im going off the rails of a crazy train... ]

yea so even though the fact that its SCHOOL definatly sucks, the school here is pretty chill. like i have this teachers whos helluv cool first period and hes kinda hott so thats definatly a plus...anyways we dont do hardly anything in class we talk about music and shit and tupac a *~*COBAIN*~* and shit and how cobain WAS A FUCKING GENIOUS and he wasnt stoopid. if only he had the right meds and if his parents werent complete fuck ups, maybe he would have lived a little longer than 27.poor guy, im still gonna marry him. me an my mom last night were talking about all the people im gonna marry..billy joe, eminem, fiddy cent (lolz meesah), kurt cobain, jonny depp, and someone else i forgot. well she was like ok you can have jonny and billy, but you absolutly HAVE to share eminem with me. lol, shes so coolio. yea i decided to put my stitch icon up cuz hes the best thing since sliced bread. wow how gay did that sound? well ok. yesterday ms calahan brought her 9 WEEK OLD BULL DOGG here and i got to play with her all of study hall. cute yes...but definatly not as cute as mine. not even LOLA is better than isha. ooooh speaking of doggs and better an shit heres some more jamie bitching. ok the other day we were all in the room and somehow we were talking about doggs and i was like my dog is the best fucking dog in the world and jamie was like talking about how great her golden retrever was and i was like yea well my dog is better and she totaly serious was like no shes not. god, take a fucking joke. and get it right bitch, my dog is queen. ooh so much to bitch about and so little time. ANYWHO back to the main topic about school and mr will...well he notices that we do our homework in the morning an shit but he doesnt realize that we use other peoples sheets to copy. wow...and were right outside of his room. hes kinda naive, but oh well. well anyone who reads this that knows eirca knows that she thinks shes stoopid...well yesterday she got 100% on this MATH QUIZ(yes she passed a math quiz) i was so fucking happy. you should have seen her face..i think she almost fainted. lol. good girl. =) i talked to delia last night and her birthdays on monday!! shes turning six fucking teen. damn bitch. lucky. im really pissed cuz we havnt been able to be with eachother for our past two birthdays. its so gay...my old school wouldnt even let me call her. fuck them, their stoopid. lisa, people here are all talking how this place is strict an shit and im like no no no...how bout you go live a week at THAT shit hole and then youll know what strict is. poor maya, shes being brainwashed so much...i dont know if well beable to corrupt her back to normal. yea i definatly need my layout to look cool...this is so boring. im sick of boring stuff. oooh my moms coming up today and were going SHOPPING finaly i have to clothes. im hopefully gonna beable to sneak a ciggybutt some how. i doubt it though...too sketchy. lolz...last night i was watching the ring with nicole, hayley, lori, lousia...and i dunno who else is was just me n nicole at first and she was so scared it was so funny. she had to hold my hand like the whole time. i was just laughing...the first time i saw it i was with abi an james and i was hiding under his purple fuzzy blanket thing like the whole time...it was like 4 in the morning..he like jumped on my and i almost shat myself. wow hes really hott. its finaly getting cold here...i hate hot weather. now i can wear a sweatshirt with out over heating. i have this sweat shirt here that bois brother jacked for me..it was helluv funny the rack was next to the enterance an he just ran in an grabbed the first one he could..it was an xxxxxxxxlarge. its fucking huge. well i wear it and its down to my knees. i look so weird...oh well its comfy. yea yall long updates means boring study hall most of the time...i have NOTHING TO DO its riduculuos. OOOH last night was so funny lisa...you better have saved the convo..i need to see it and call me dammit!! why dont you write!! on another note...i think that my finger is about to fall off and rot. i had to like dig it up cuz there were these bubble things in it...god it was so weird. but how i cant stop picking on the scab or trying to form scab and now its like...painful as fuck. and its so little im such a pussy...welp theres the bell...woohoo...peace

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LISA [02 Oct 2003|10:29am]
[ mood | sick ]
[ music | lou lou skip to my luo... ]

lisa....are you mad at me...???

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[02 Oct 2003|10:22am]
[ mood | quixotic ]
[ music | cmon now, lets all get on now, lets do si do now... ]

fuck that...fuck friends only i dont give shit who knows about me its not like my life is any fricken secret. go ahead-laugh

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[01 Oct 2003|01:00pm]
[ mood | cold ]

we just talked to these parents and they were so hella sweet. i feel bad for them. oh well. right..i talked to abi last night and shes all up in college having like parties an shit and im stuck in like nazi germany...allie lol...funny character...shes great...right. fucking mr ridder gave this gay test today...it was so hard. i failed i didnt even do it. fuck it...i wont need that shit. wow i need meds that actualy work. they took off my lamictol an shit but i still have welbutrin and prozac...they dont work. OMG hayley...i dont know if she can piss me off any more. ok we were watching this movie and this guy was following this girl that he liked and she was like thats so freaky hes like stalking her and i was like well well well...god. lisa...if you knew her i think you would kill her. im restraining myself. no more trouble. argh. last night me an erica were bitching about jamie for like 20 minutes. god it was great to get someone who gets pissed off like i do. shes always thinking that shes so much higher than everyone just cuz shes rich...she came back with like 4 new wardrobes...she bought this 300 dollar purse...what a fucking psycho. and she got the UGLIEST shoes. wow they are hideous. and she bitched to the staff about me an erica cuz were a lil messy on weekends and thats only cuz we dont have room checks...she was like this is disgusting. jessica and leslie camein and told me how nasty this is...jessica and leslie shouldnt be talking. its not their fucking room its MINE and ill have whatever the fuck i want on MY floor. wow i need anger manegment wanna come lisa? yay my mom comes in like 2 days. finaly. im sooo going shopping i have no clothes. ok so i forgot to bring in my book to art and i was like hey i can run up and get it right now youll have it in less than 5 min. and he was all nooooo its still late thats what...two days now? thats 80% thats ridiculous. its a fucking book. but hes cool tho...hes funny. i like laughing at him. now we have 3 caitlins only one shouldnt count cuz she spells it wrong. she spells it with a K!!!!! NO that shouldnt be. i object. OH more bitching about jamie. ok shes always bitching about being clean an shit...wellshe bought this thing for the shower that takes up like the whole wall and she keeps all her shit up there nice and orderly...well me an erica cant use it. shes letting our stuff mold in the fucking closet. selfish cunt. shes really not that bad...shes just REALLY annoying. fuckit. HA i read delias journal and i told her to tell diane that it wasnt me and ashleigh was like well she is pissed. and i was like yea shove it up your ass biotch. ewww i had these like bubbles in my finger so i dug them out with a ruler. it hurtz now...wambulance please...im kinda mad at jonny cuz i brought him to my science test and he so did not help me. maybe hes mad at me. lisa i REALLY dont think you should be complaining about getting drunk all the time if i were you id be celebrating. me an delia are planning on getting trashed.
Rock on!!!<{:0)You love Nirvana And kurt!!!

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i am faithfull to my darling <3 hes not dead

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srry....study hall......peace

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[01 Oct 2003|10:36am]
[ mood | distressed ]
[ music | just keep swimming...just keep swimming... ]

FRIENDS ONLY...i dont want anyone knowing how fucking up i am unless they know me...god i think i hate diane even more now i didnt do shit to her and shes mad at me?? FUCK YOU i wanna fucking kill her i didnt do shit she can go to hell....and her stoopid boyfriend...fuck it...lifes a bitch...peace

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bull shit [30 Sep 2003|10:19am]
[ mood | cranky ]
[ music | doo a diddy diddy dum diddy dooooooo!! ]

they apparently FORGOT to give me my level today-AGAIN

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god i fucking hate some people [29 Sep 2003|05:55pm]
[ mood | curious ]
[ music | im a dick...im adicted to you...heart breaker...ugh... ]

OMG this girl is STILL obsessed with this faggot kid who totaly ditched her like a year ago and shes been like leaving him messages about how she wants to get all up on him and suck his dick hard core and fuck till shes dry an shit..his name is steve and at the end shes all oh god i miss you jeff...just to try an turn him on and turn him down at the same time. i think thats ridiculous. oh and shell go online at random sns and question him and all this shit...god its so annoying. any who. right thats about all i have to bitch about today...err right now at least...oh emily imed me believe it or not i thought i was definatly off her list...suited me jsut fine i wasnt about to go chasing her...i sent her a letter telling her how fucked up i felt about her like...ditching me an shit...shes writing back...i miss her...damn this sucks. ooh and james is gonna try an get a job as a chef and get 500 dollars a week...not all that much at all but for him thats like a fortune...god i hope he takes this somewhere. hes like my brother now. my mom and dad were like were pushing him, and thats what parents do...awww...so sweet. hmm i dunno if she reads this but again im trying to tell you as much as i can in any way that you might hear it but IT WASNT ME i definatly want this to fucking stop. umm thats about it...right...peace

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enough.. [27 Sep 2003|03:14pm]
[ mood | sympathetic ]
[ music | adams song ]

ok yall...the diane thing is over. she doesnt deserve that shit...believe me i know how it feels and its definaly not good...shes definatly not ugly either...we settled that shit..please dont bring it up again...for real...no one needs this and considering how i was the antagonist before i bet that everyone will think im behind this shit. im not, if you read this diane, i dont know what the fuck is happening now...

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yea i know... [25 Sep 2003|04:42pm]
[ mood | grumpy ]

i know that i updated like 5 hours ago but wtf. i feel like bitching some more just because i can. well theyre taking my lamictol off, but im stillon welbutrin and prozac. idont want these fucking meds, its just a waste of money. they dont help. i wish i were juliet so i could actualy fall in love with some fine as fuck guy and not have to worry about the pain of getting hurt. just a dagger...or gun...whatever. you know what pisses me off? everything. im seriously not trying to be a bitch and i know that i do the same thing...but you kno how when you call one someone and your talking but they start talking to someone else who it there? i hate that. your on the phone cuz you cant be with eachother at that moment right? yea i thought so. if someones at your house, unless your in mysituation, where you dont ever see any of your friends, you can see them. yea im right. would you lovemeif i was down and out would you still have love for me...hmm. i need a fucking cigerette like no other right now. i cant wait till i get home. chow...
so yeah. i talked to abi last night :) that was great. she has a new boyfriend named adam...im really happy for her cuz she finaly got out of the shit town too. it made james sad. he still loves her but she doesnt love him back. poor guy. hes looking mad hard for a job so he might not live with us anymore :( hes so fucking cool. OMG the abi boi and val are going to a living end concert so im helluv jealous...but i am SO FUCKING PISSED because no ones opening for them...nooo....THEIR FUCKING OPENING FOR GOD DAMN GOOD CHARLETTE!!!!!!! i almost cried. thats NOT ok. it doesnt happen. i tried to call delia last night but no one fricken answered. ewwww we just killed another spider. it took 3 of us. we were too scared to step on it cuz we didnt want it to crunch. yuck. so we threw rocks at it. but we had bad aim. the stoopid mother fucker just kinda sat there...the stupid fuck. i played pool last night with some girl from san fran.
this girl hayley...shes like stalking this guy steve (god i hate that name) and she was like im having a really bad day steve might have a girl friend...boo fucking hoo bitch call the wambulance. he hasnt been with you for a year and dont like you...what dont you get about that. whatever...peace im out

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i like this song.. [25 Sep 2003|11:02am]
[ mood | pessimistic ]
[ music | hmm i wonder ]

I don't know you
But I think I hate you
You're the reason for my misery
Strange how you've become my biggest enemy
And I never even seen your face

Well maybe it's just jealousy
Mixing up with a violent mind
A circumstance that doesn't make much sense
Or maybe I'm just dumb

You're the cloud hanging out over my head
And hail comes crashing down welting my face
Magic man egocentric plastic man
Yet you still got one over on me

Well maybe it's just jealousy
Mixing up with a violent mind
A circumstance that doesn't make much sense
Or maybe I'm just dumb

I'm a chump

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fuck this [25 Sep 2003|10:54am]
[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | greenday...in my head... ]

ok. i dont know what the fuck is going on with yall...i dont like it...whatever not my buisness...but just dont do crazy shit. just let it go. ok well anyways i think that i wanna kill patrick and his little faggot friend..god hes so annoying comming like he knows me....loser..

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