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Thursday, June 12th, 2003

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    It was HILLAREOUS!! 2day!!
    WoW!! Well 2day We Went to the Mall!... But b4 the mall we went to the pool and We Jumped over the fence to get in...and we had to get back out the same way but me and jailin didnt want 2 so we got ontop of the roof and tried to jump off but it was too high so were scared to jump off now And these old ladys are there threatiening to call the cops and telling us that why were doing that if were yong ladys haha! jailin out of nervousness jumps off and her foot gets stuck in a pole and she falls FACE FIRST IN2 THE CONCRETE AND IM THERE ON THE ROOF LMAO!!!!! haha!! so anyway we went to the, Ana, Jailyn, Cynthia And 2 other peope LOL it was a Blast haha...we went in the mall and went right to the food court to get free samples..then when cynthia got food we sat down..and me and ana had water and she dropped it on the floor and we started sliding through the water haha! and then the janitor made us clean it up ofcourse...then we went in2 the kids play ground and the security asked us where our parents where and i said im 18 and the dum ass belived us w/e we left and where about to go in2 EPIC to try on Hommie G Clothes when these gurls pass by and we say "Could Ure Shorts Be Any Shorter" then they came in2 epic and gave us attitude then just left..i was about to leave and go step on them but they had left already haha...well anyway after that we went to FYE and Started Usin the Karaoke Machine and singing in it 2 see wat other people said and we got kicked out by the manager cuz they where getting complaints...BULL SHIT THEY WHERE haha!!...but anyway..then we went to BC and me and Ana And Jailin Played Hacky Sack With some Guys there...and then we went to This Guitar place where we played the guitar Obviosuly haha..and b4 we left i tried to touch the roof and the guy told me If i did it one more time hed call security..but i didnt care i did it again and left running haha!...Then we where about to leave when ana and jailin wanted to do jack they stood in the grass and we takcled them...and when i tackled jailin she fell in an ant pile!! and there where ants biting her ass and crap haha!! she was screaming like a MANIAC IT BURNS IT BURNS HAHA!!...and then we all got in shopping carts and started Doing crazy shit...and When i was pushing ana she fell of the side and the cart went to the side and i was laughing so hard i pissed myself LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!....damn we had a blast LOL

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