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|29 Sep 2004|11:55am|
my poor blurty is dying. no one seems to update it anymore, including myself.
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|27 Aug 2004|06:56pm|
| mood | hopeful |

yay. finally found a place to move to. we're gonna move all our stuff starting tomorrow. haven't seen it yet but it sounds cool. i get the next four days off from work too. which is awesome and much needed. i just finished doing 8 days straight. bleh. but after we get all moved then i can look for another job. that pays better. so i can hopefully move again. away from my parents.

i'm so tired and desperately need a nap but i'm waiting for a certain someone to come online.

waiting waiting waiting....


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|25 Aug 2004|04:59pm|
| mood | good |
| music | failure by design // brand new |

we had kangaroos at work today! it was so awesome. there was a baby one and an old male one. i got to pet the baby one. soooooo cute.

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:: some say you're strange but to me you're just plain beautiful :: |24 Aug 2004|02:57pm|
| mood | thirsty |

this morning i had to stop by an ATM before work. the drive up one had a line so i went around to use the walk up. and there was a bum sleeping right in front of it. i had to lean over him to get my money. gosh this city is grand.

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:: and that's exactly how i'll make it seem :: |23 Aug 2004|09:19pm|
| mood | exhausted |

man, lifetime movies are the best.

i'm so tired. i get to have this weekend off from work. normally i would be looking forward to this but that's when we're supposed to be moving. plus, to get the weekend off i'm working 8 days straight. bleh. hopefully i'll get to go out with some friends on saturday night though.

last night em and matt came over. good times. my dog kept humping on them. hah.

i really wish i could find the new pomade i bought the other day. i don't know where i could have put it. that stuff cost me $10. damnit.

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|22 Aug 2004|06:41pm|
| mood | dorky |

well since it's been so dead around here lately, i got an lj. so add me. now.


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:: and i should have known :: |13 Aug 2004|09:27pm|
| mood | thoughtful |

well we're definitely gonna be moved out by the end of the month. i wish my friends weren't so lazy. i really wanna move away from my parents. but i would need a roommate or two. emma would be my most likely choice but she's saving up for a car at the moment. and probably won't even have a job after summer is over. i might just end up moving in with tiff and her mom. which would be cool since her mom is just like one of the girls. i dunno though.

i need to get my license. driving around without one is bad. i just haven't had any time.

speaking of not having any time... i haven't heard from ben for awhile. i wonder how he's doing...

and i should update this more. so should you.

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:: i just want to be fabulous :: |10 Aug 2004|10:02am|
| mood | hot and bothered |

it's hot. i'm hot. and watching jake gyllenhaal in donnie darko just made me feel hotter.

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|07 Aug 2004|06:21pm|
going out with the girls tonight. should be fun.

but more importantly,

happy birthday miss rubie!
hope your day was fantabulous because you are one awesome chick.
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:: and i've become just like a terrible mess :: |05 Aug 2004|09:27pm|
| mood | disappointed |
| music | My Slumbering Heart // Rilo Kiley |

boys just keep bringing me down =/

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|03 Aug 2004|01:41pm|
| mood | contemplative |
| music | Love Her Madly // The Doors |

well if things go as planned then we should be moved out of my house by the 30th of this month. i'm excited, but my room looks trashed. clothes and crap everywhere. it's so hard for me to pack. i can't part with anything. such a packrat.

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:: taking the starlight before it disappears :: |02 Aug 2004|03:22pm|
sometimes i wonder what people really think of me.
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:: hello i love you won't you tell me your name? :: |01 Aug 2004|06:22pm|
| mood | relaxed |
| music | Hello I Love You // The Cure |

on friday i went and saw the village with emma, jared, and kat. it was pretty good, though i'm somewhat disappointed with the ending. the theater was so packed but fortunately no one annoying sat next to us. we went to dennys after that to eat. i got a "happily ever after meal." it came with a free poster of a cinderella story. hahahaha. i hate hilary duff. i gave it to jared and told him to hang it up on his wall. heheh.

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:: we got older but we're still young :: |27 Jul 2004|07:43pm|
| mood | bored |

i need to get out more. start going to shows again. i can't even remember the last one i went to. how sad. no one ever wants to go with me though. or they're too busy or whatever. hmph.

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|24 Jul 2004|05:37pm|
| mood | hot |

you people don't update anymore.

this makes me sad :'(

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:: and it doesn't get me anywhere :: |20 Jul 2004|06:41pm|
| mood | hot |

christ it's supposed to be 90 degrees out on friday. that is far too hot for me. especially if it's gonna be all muggy and humid like it's been lately. ew.

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:: funny in a car crash sort of way :: |19 Jul 2004|11:47am|
| mood | melancholy |

yesterday i was playing with this little pomeranian at work when all of a sudden he decided to jump at my face. and his foot or claw or something caught on my lipring. he didn't rip it all the way out, but it tore. it hurt so much. i had to take out the ring. and now i have to let it close up and heal so it doesn't get infected or anything. it looks icky. and i feel naked without it.

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:: and i guess i just let you down :: |17 Jul 2004|04:07pm|
| mood | annoyed |
| music | Konstantine // Something Corporate |

um. i hate fauntleroy. kim(my boss there) called me today to bitch. for some reason she thought that i had agreed to work the afternoon yesterday. i don't know how or why or when i could have said that. i had to work at atwoods, so why would i agree to that? and then tiffany was telling me that everyone was complaining to her about me not being there. i guess just because i'm her friend. but it's not like she's responsible for me. too much fucking drama for me. completely unprofessional and disorganized. next time they call to ask for me to work, i'm quitting.

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|14 Jul 2004|11:02am|
| mood | amused |

bahahaha )

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:: feel like i will never learn :: |14 Jul 2004|10:46am|
| mood | thoughtful |

eh. my new job isn't anything spectacular. i might not keep it. =/

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