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Thursday, August 28, 2014


Seriously. It's been years and I still know that? Damn. I am super amused. Also I should probably change the password. Maybe I'll come back to this. Maybe I won't. Who knows? Right now I'm just tickled that I can actually do this.

Current mood: amused
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Wednesday, December 1, 2004

4:28PM - Shock! An Update

Look, oh look, dear people who view this journal, (AKA the none exsistant ones). Another update is occuring. How amazing. Life is going quite well. I was told to update my Xanga by a friend, but instead, I'm updating this! And then I'll tell her to read it! You're reading it now, aren't you! I know this, because I rock! Fear me!
I have nothing for Senior Project! I was going to publish a book or write a play. But they don't prove anything! Arrrg, damnit! So I have no project. And will not graduate. And will become a drop out. Because I can't just do a musical. Or publish a book. Because they prove nothing. Fucking school.

Current mood: irate
Current music: Nine Inch Nails-Dead Souls
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Sunday, November 21, 2004

6:24PM - Stories

New story ideas. One of which might be a script. Yeah.
1. Lord-General Anonke is exiled from his kingdom by The Rebelle Syn. Now he must fight to regain his title, and the lands that are rightfully his. Now for this one, what I want, is to find a good artist. And make it a graphic novel. 'Cause that'd be awsome. I'd write it. They'd illustrate.

2. A story about a boy who was murdered by fellow students, because he dared to be different. Told from his point of view.

3. Possibly a script. About a gang including a stoner, a pyromaniac, and one less then sane person. And possibly a gay person. And how they deal with life. And school. And everything.

Anyone got an opinion on any? Love ta hear 'em.
Ciao. ^_+

Current mood: contemplative
Current music: Simple Minds: Don't You (Forget About Me)
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6:24PM - Huh.

Another day, another update. Which hasn't happened for a while. Though I doubt anyone's noticed. Huh. Ah well. Life. Goin' pretty well. Play. Goin' quite well. Gonna be performed sometime in early December I believe. Very entertaining. Yay. Well, enough of an update. Late love to all. For it is better than no love 't'all.

Current music: Melissa Ethridge: Come to My Window
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Friday, October 29, 2004

6:38PM - Thrilled!

Hello again dear friends and random strangers! 'Tis time for another update of this! Roooo! ^_+ Fear the war cry of the Great Teddy-Bear Army! Who are from my play, which I must write for theatre class. And then watch as others perform it. I'm thrilled. Do you know what else thrills me? Go on, try and guess!
Have you guessed yet? Well, I'll tell you. SAMHAIN! It's finally here! The greatest holiday ever! Hooray! Celebration of life after death, rebirth, and time to honor those who went before you! Hooray! I shall now sing a song of Samhain!
Shadows play across the sky
A wondrous sight to thine eye
Remember those lost ages past
Rejoice in memories while it lasts
Dance beneath the silver moon
Giving thanks for earthen boon
Celebrate in the fire's light
For it is the Samhain tonight!

Current mood: excited
Current music: Voltaire: When You're Evil
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Monday, October 25, 2004

9:56PM - First Post (And a Poem)

'Lo, behold, 'tis the first entry to ever be published to this journal. Be shocked and amazed dear friends (and wandering strangers who have stumbled upon this). So, because this is my first post, I suppose I should make it monumental.
Nah! I'll give ya a poem, how's that for a first post. And I can't say it'll be a monumentous occasion seein' as how I'll post other poems here too. So now I present you with a [Demonic] Poem.

A darkened shadow, fading by
Echo beneath the hollow sky
Whispers of the ended storm
Listen to the heartless mourn
Within the mist of endless love
Hear the gentle calling dove
Hollowed tune so out of place
Never from here will it erase
Blurring heart shifting mind
What was it was left behind
The shadow fell from darkened fate
On endless love of the desolate

Current mood: complacent
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