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[05 Aug 2003|06:26pm]
As if I don’t already hate school enough, I had to go to registration today. Motherfucking hell it was so fucking horrible. And that was just registration!

The minute I walked in the damn doors some girl’s like “ew, a slut” and I just stood there and my dad didn’t even fucking hear her. Wtf, how does dressing like a guy make me a slut? If anything I’m a crossdresser, but wtf, not a slut. I pointed her out to my dad later and he’s like “wtf, she’s the one that looks like a slut” and I’m like ksjfhksdj duh!


So here’s my schedule:

Sem 1: Algebra
Sem 1: In Eng/A Drw (I have no idea what this class is. O_O)
Sem 1: Fnd Tech 1 (I don’t know about that one, either.)
Sem 1: American History
Sem 2: Algebra
Sem 2: Speech (No, I do not have a speech impediment. This is just like, for minor Debate classes. If I took Debate I would’ve failed, so they suggested this for all freshmen.)
Sem 2: Comp Tech
Sem 2: American History
Sem 3: Spanish 1
Sem 3: Sport Skills (This is like, a freshmen gym class.)
Sem 3: English 9 (I didn’t want to sign up for AP, :P Even though I wish I had, now.)
Sem 3: Integrated Physical Science (Regular freshmen science.)
Sem 4: Spanish 1
Sem 4: Art Foundations (They won’t let me take advanced art classes yet. Sob sob sob.)
Sem 4: English 9
Sem 4: Integrated Physical Science

My schedule fucking sucks. I have no classes with anyone I know, let alone like, and there’s a bunch of fucking tramps at this school. I’m supposed to visit my sister soon, so while I’m down there I’m going to buy a Olathe North hoodie and wear it every fucking day at this punk ass school.

I had to fill out 8597348573498 forms about nothing important, and 59384759348 because of my depression and medication. Fuck fuck fuck, this fucking sucks.

I’m not even going to go into detail about it because it’s so fucking annoying. Now I’m off to have Mike fuck the life out of Chester, so excuse me.

Ahaha, and my dad is leaving right now and he's like "You fucking tell me when someone's fucking giving you shit, because I'm gonna kick the shit outta that little bitch skdhfskjf"

.. it's actually hilarious.
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[24 Jul 2003|02:51am]

i dissapeared for awhile. just have so many journals.

changed some stuff.

uploading new icons.

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&is this all life's made of? [03 Jul 2003|12:17am]
[ mood | &annoyed as fuck ]
[ music | &p.o.d. - messenjah ]

i'm annoyed.

i lost the link to the page that shows you all of the overrides. and now i'm upset and bitchy.

i miss rping. i just got the mbp associated anna lovejoy journal, yet i'm not happy. it's what i've wanted for forever, and it was just given to me but it's all fucked up. i don't mind that she's not dating/married to mike shinoda, but i don't enjoy the fact that she just met jose from incubus and she's already pregnant and planning her wedding with him when he swears, drinks and abuses her sometimes. hi. i'm not a fucking retard. there is no way in hell that i'm keeping her in that relationship. that's just bullshit. i've gone through things like that in the real world and it's not shit you just throw around like a whore.

one thing i don't miss is writing. i'm not any good and so what's the point? there isn't one. i can't come up with any original plot lines, i can't characterize anyone, and i suck with descriptions. i've already begun to take down some of my stories, regardless of what others say.

i'm sick of everyone placing guilt trips on my shoulders. it's not fair. i'm not going to be responsible for other people's mistakes, and right now i have enough crap in my life to deal with rather than fixing their shit. they need to be adults, fucking fix shit on their own.

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&it never ends [01 Jul 2003|06:06pm]
[ mood | &annoyed ]
[ music | &the festival song - good charlotte ]

i really need to update more.

i've been using my live journal more often since mbp is over there.

Anna Lovejoy is or was my pride and joy. i was really into that role until the mike shinoda, boyfriend, was always at work. i was going to move my journal over to welcome_wagon and try and get into must_be_pop but someone told me not to, said the linkin parkers would shun me or something because mike was already in a relationship. i didn't care but he told me not to.

so i didnt.

then someone else is trying to join as anna.

what a bitch slap.

anyways, Cereal Killer is my personal live journal. i'm updating more often on that one, even though this is an early adopter. hm, my sister and her boyfriend just arrived. i must go now.

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[29 Jun 2003|01:22pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | someone typing in the cubicle behind me ]

Happy Deathday!
Your name:spitfire25
You will die on:Tuesday, July 9, 2030
You will die of:Killer Bee Stings
Created by Quill

bees suck. that is all.
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wow... [27 Mar 2003|01:54am]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | mtv after hours on in the other room ]

let me just say that i had no idea i even had this journal. i was looking at the people who were interested in linkin park here and all of a sudden my lpunderground username was there and i go 'what dick head stole my name?' because they also had my nickname as the subtitle and then i realized 'oh, that's me' ... so i sat there for a minute and then i go 'holy fucking shit i have an EA account on blurty skjfnsdkhf' so yes. here i am.

if you've stumbled across this journal i'm leaving it open, as in not friends only for awhile. hopefully no one will stalk me or make annonymous posts saying 'hey bitch u stole my icons lyke u shuld fcking die lyke whoa' and then it will all be good.

i'm in search of someone who can make me a badass layout seeing as how, *licks her finger, touching her screen, makes a sizzle noise* i have this extremely hot early adopter account. if you know anyone i would be forever grateful if you shared their name with me.

i'll make a spiffy introduction post later when i have more time but it's currently 1:57 in the a.m. and i can't find my glasses.

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