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02:32pm 10/02/2003
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music: Texas Faggott - Back To Madd (awesome techno song)
When I was a young kid, I met someone online who lived on the other side of the country. I was maybe 12 or 13 at the time. Here we are, 10 or so years later. I've still never met him, and probably never will. In all actuality, we have very little in common. He's been brought up in a very preppy life style, was active in school sports during high school, was fairly popular as far as I can tell, he's a pretty boy and views the world in a very optimistic manner. This is to be expected I suppose, as he's had a pretty easy life so far.

Yet even though we are polar opposites in so many respects, we remain friends. Dare I say even good friends. For some reason we have a great deal of trust for eachother, and it seems as though it is an understood fact that we are friends with eachother. The fact that our lifestyles, hobbies and even views on life have evolved on totally different paths hasn't changed this at all.

We talk very rarely anymore, infact we have gone years at time without talking in the past. Our initial friendship at kids, and more importantly familarity and time have allowed us to remain.. perhaps even cling onto the ideal of staying friends. As I said, we rarely talk anymore and when we do the conversation is light with little depth. Most everyone would like to have a friend they've known since they were very young, someone that there is a history of trust with. Or perhaps in our case, a lack of distrust that can come with knowing someones tendencies and habbits personally.

We all want friends who will listen, give advice and to have fun with. Someone you can count on if needed, but it seems that time surpasses all of these. The human brain is a strange thing, it finds strange comfort in familiarty and habbit. It seems the mind will fill in the blanks of a friendship, with idealistic traits assuming there has been no form of betrayal or injury. In the end, all it takes is time. Very odd.

On a totally different note, I got into the Shadowbane beta today Of course this is not a game I've been actively wanting to play such as EVE-Online, but isint that the way things always turn out? Without boring you with too many details, after reading their forums for 30 mins and playing for 10 playing I can safely say this game entirely sucks. The graphics reak of 3DFX, the classes are totally imbalanced and after nearly 4 years of development the game still crashes frequently and lags even on my modern system. The controls... well don't get me started. It's laughable. If you or a friend preorded this game, cancel it while you still can.

And remember, Don't steal.. the government hates competition.
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03:34pm 10/02/2003
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I'm entirely fed up with stupid, ignorant people. I can't goto the convenience store without running into herds of them, they are everywhere. The space program in the US has been floundering, they're are very few good sceince programs concerning our expeditions into space. (Atleast with the shuttle program) So why not put those tax dollars to better use. I propose building a massive rocket, loading all people with IQ's below 110 onto it and blasting it towards the sun. Of course that would be too expensive, so lets convert all those ICBM's into one way tickets to the stars instead. While we're at it, lets throw any liscensed driver over 80 on them too just for good measure.

With all our advances through time, I can promise you never have their been so many stupid people alive as there are today. Maybe I'm an asshole for saying this, but nature backs me up here. If an animal isin't smart enough or can't keep up with the pack, its game over. Today we spend too much time protecting these people. It's time to start thinning the herd again.

If you don't realize the coffee is hot by all the steam rising, don't complain when you get burned. My wood chipper has a warning on it that says, "Do not operate on the roof of any home, or building". Maybe wood isin't the only thing we should be feeding into this machine. Why do we need to teach people how to buckle their seatbelt on a airplane? If your not smart enough to figure out how to do it yourself, then you probably shouldn't survive the crash anyway.

Harsh? Maybe, but the world has been evolving this way for over a billion years. Who are we to say otherwise? Ohh right.. the stupid people.
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It's story time!   
05:23pm 10/02/2003
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music: PPK - 21st Century
Once upon a time, in lands not so far away, there was a magical creation that was extremely cheap, easy to produce and benefitial to all people in a countless number of ways. The American Declaration of Independence was written on it, as was the Magna Carta, the first drafts of the King James Bible, and countless paintings that are considered to be precious artifacts today. They used it to make twine, ropes, nets, fashionable clothes and the sails that brought explorers across the seas to new lands. People used it to make paint, and as inexpensive heating oil to keep their homes warm during cold winters. In the 1930s they found that you could even make completely biodegradable plastics out of it. Yet I promise that you will never see any of these products today. Why don't we see this mystery product you ask? Why the Oil Industry of course!

It was in 1935 DuPont patended a new plastic fiber made from, you guessed it petroleum. By pure coincidence of course, the largest manufacturer of petroleum at the time was the Standard Oil Company. Amazingly, most products that could be made by this mystery product, could also be made by petroleum bi-products. So in the late 1930's, the Rockafeller foundation (founded by the Rockafellers who owned Standard Oil) began their campaign to make this mystery product illegal.

What is this product? Hemp of course. This foundation supported by Standard Oil, funded the public relations campaigns that released films such as "Reefer Madness" and released the first studies on the dangers of marijuana and hemp. Legislation was soon passed making it illegal to grow hemp because of the horrible effects of smoking it, for more information on just how terrible it is.. I recommend you get a copy of "Reefer Madness".

So in the end petroleum was now the amazing new product that rose to the occasion and took over as the main ingredient in everything that once used hemp. But surely this is only a coincidence. Hopefully they never figure out how to make humans drink Oil, otherwise finding water might become a problem.