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14th Wednesday Jan '04
mood title or description [confused]

hey kids, i'm sorry to inform you, but i think my blurty days are over. i never update and never even feel like it. i have a journal at aboutmylife.net because that's where alot of my friends from school have theirs. i haven't made a final decision but i have a feeling i'm gunna be gone for good. if i decide to leave, keep in touch, you know i love you girls <3 xo thanks for everything

aim: - Paraskitzynic
^everyone whose anyone knows it

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13th Saturday Dec '03
mood title or description [depressed]

omg i haven't fucking updated in forever.... i'm really sorry, i have just been so busy and right now i'm really upset over something and am not really in much of a mood to update, so i'll say it in bold letters so it catches everyones attention... i'm taking a break from blurty, i will be back but i'm not sure when, no one take me off their friends lists please

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8th Monday Sep '03
mood title or description [creative]


title or description .o1 ` comment
title or description .o2 ` add me first
title or description .o3 ` comment every once in a while

title or description .o1 ` don't steal anything i write or any of my
graphics or else there will be problems
title or description .o2 ` don't disrespect me or my friends
title or description .o3 ` don't bitch about something i write if you disagree with it
title or description .o4 ` don't add me without commenting
title or description .o5 ` d0nT tYpE lYk DiZ, Yo0O

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8th Monday Sep '03
music title or description [tbs]

Just testing this funkay shiyat ;D