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[16 Dec 2006|11:18am]
she calls me from the cold
just when i was low, feeling short of stable
snd all that she intends
and all she keeps inside isn't on the label
she says she's ashamed, can she take me for awhile
can i be a friend, we'll forget the past
or maybe i'm not able
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[16 Dec 2006|11:18am]
i’m trying to find truth
in words, in rhymes, in notes
in all the things i wish i’d wrote
cause i feel like i’ve been losing you
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[16 Dec 2006|11:43am]
'it hurts to be around you. When I see you, even from across the room, it brings up a thousand memories. Not just of us, but of my entire life before. It's like I'm frozen in this place that I can't bear to be. I care about you so much. As long as I can remember, everything's always come back to you. I mean, even no matter what was happening between us. Even the thought of you is at least a constant comfort, but... I can't go back. It just hurts.'

--dawsons creek.
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