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[24 May 2005|08:46am]
I typed this at school today…
But I couldn’t update FROM school because they blocked Livejournal @ school.
They FINALLY caught onto us.
So, I put this in my Blurty (which I never, ever use) and now here it is…
Keep in mind, this was written at 8:37 AM:)

I’ve been working a lot it seems like..
I had Sunday off because I asked for it off, but I work Mon-Wed this week,
And then on Thursday and Friday Susan has to work, so I’m watching her kids for about 3 hours after school, which is fabulous because I’ll be getting gas money.
And, speaking of money, I need it majorly . . .
I dyed my hair... oo la la. It has a pretty red color in it.
So now my hair is some medium to dark shade of brown with different shades of red in it.
I like it for now and hopefully next time I’ll do more...
9 days of school left. I am so…freaking… happy.

In other news, I am really happy with my life right now.
Of course I am very pissed at myself because I need to lose some weight,
BUT, besides that, things are going very, very well.
And, there’s this boy… *giggles* :)
I dunno. I’ll elaborate some other time, I’m sure. I believe in the whole jinxing things if you talk about them... ya know?
But, I will say that we did hang out everyday this weekend,
And I find myself missing him like crazy when I’m not with him.
He gets me... And I like this feeling.
<3 yippy!

Anywho… I’m going to procrastinate some more. I’m supposed to be typing up a bunch of reflective essays and a master reflective essay for American Lit, but we have a few days to do it, so I’ll just keep putting it off… oh well 

Have a lovely day
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[10 Aug 2003|10:05pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]
[ music | poison the well - torn ]

ok hey, well i don't really think anyone reads this since i never update it but i'm bored so i thought hey why not.

lets see not much has been going on, went to the fair friday and that was pretty scary, but it wasnt too bad i guess. spent the night at danielles on friday and saturday and i had to work all day saturday and for a few hours today. fun.. nah. came home after work and fell asleep, oh yah i went to warped tour a week ago today, it was the shit. i saw glassjaw and poison the well and quite a few other bands but those were my fav, it was esp. cool since glassjaw is one of my favorite bands. i was kinda sad thursday wasnt there but who knows, maybe next year.

on october 4 dashboard, brand new, and mxpx are gonna be in detroit (i dont like mxpx though) and i think im going to that. hopefully. and on september 27 saves the day and taking back sunday will be in pontiac sooo hopefully i can go to that too. tickets are $20 for the dc show and $18.50 for the std&tbs one. dashboards new cd comes out on this tuesday im so stoked... and im going to florida from the 14-17 of this month, so that means four days off of work in a row.. hell yes.

k well im going to venture over to livejournal. haha i rule., bye

ps i miss youuuuuu ;x

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[28 May 2003|08:02pm]
[ mood | weird ]
[ music | deftones - the boys republic ]

whoa hey. i've had this journal for awhile but never updated it. i don't know why i have it? i have a livejournal that i update like.. almost everyday, but YOU can't read it unless you have a livejournal and are on my friend's list, so too bad, you get the not so good stuff.

lets see.. life is good. i've lost 24 pounds.. uh HUH! i have a job. i work tomorrow from 4-6:30, friday 4-6:30, saturday 11-5. fun.. tomorrow is my first day. kk wish me luck.

thats all i have to say, comment or something. and if its an anonymous comment leave your name so i know who you are. i hate not having friends on this thing but what can you do.

peace and remember hugs not drugs (once i said that at school but instead i said drugs not hugs and it was loud and a teacher heard me).

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