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Thursday, November 20th, 2003

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    Wow this is long... >:D
    1) First Grade Teacher: Mrs. Krusell
    2) Last word you said: lude
    3) Last song you sang: Budda Crapped on my Toast
    4) Last person you hugged: Shannon
    5) Last thing you laughed at: me and claires wonderful potty talk songs
    6) Last time you said I love you: today
    7) Last time you cried: monday.... IVE BEEN DIVORCED
    8) What's in your CD player: Tool Aenima
    9) What colour socks are you wearing: black with little white moons
    10) What's under your bed: wahoos yearbooks, some nerf bow-and-arrow things, dust bunnies, hell knows what else
    11) What time did you wake up today: 6:49
    12) Current taste: apple crisp granola bar
    13) Current hair: straight and oily and nasty
    14) Current clothes: jeans, black wahoos shirt thats been devoured by rosie, and a ppg shirt
    15) Current annoyance: these god damn fucking ludes keep popping up on my comp
    17) Current desktop picture: Keroppi
    18) Current worry: Immmm gonna fail the math test tomorrow
    19) Current hate: school
    20) Story behind your Blurty username: im a spazz, not as spazzzy as spazzzmanpoo, and spazzier than a spaz, im a girl, and i love the poo in the street
    21) Current favourite article of clothing: my caffeines
    22) Favourite physical feature of the opposite sex: shoes
    23) Last CD that you bought: tool aenima
    24) Favourite place to be: bed
    25) Least favourite place: school
    26) Time you wake up in the morning: 6:30 everyday unless its a sunday... cos on sundays i wake up at 4 in the morning
    27) if you could play an instrument, what would it be: bagpipes
    28) Favourite color(s): blue, pink, silver, glow in the dark green
    29) Do you believe in an afterlife: hell focking ludes yes
    30) How tall are you: 5'3"
    31) Current favourite word/saying: FOCKING LUDES!!!
    32) Favourite book: lord of the rings
    33) Favourite season: summer
    34) One person from your past you wish you could go back and talk to: BRITTNEY!!!!!!!
    35) Favourite day: wednesday
    36) Where do you want to go: tokyo
    37) Type a line you remember from any book: it shit Godzilla - Seabiscuit
    38) A random lyric: how i wish you were here
    39) Identify some things surrounding your computer: teething rings, necklaces, altoids, a monkey, wind chimes, a phone, glue, tooth paste, a beer bottle, neosporin, scissors, a meatwad sticker, an M&M, a fuzzy pen, a brush, tape, a chip clip, a watch, a razor, SPARKAY!!!!!
    40) Fill in the blank: luuuuudes!!
    41)What do you want to be doing right now?: admiring the dookie in the street
    42) With whom?: claire! duh!
    42) Favorite movies: Scary Movie 1, dumb and dumber, lord of the rings, happy gilmore
    43) Who is your hero: well i have alot of heroes so deal with it!!!!!: claire, shannon, melissa, skiball, the dookie in the street, the care bears, my dog, andy, and mannnnnnny moooooooooooooooore
    44) middle name: wouldnt you like to know
    45) what did u learn today: that from now until wednesday we have half days
    46)do you have a boyfriend: pshhhh yeah......................... right
    47) mentally how old are you: 9
    48)do you speak any other languages besides english: si you goddamn lude!!!!!
    49)whats your s/n: spazzgirlpoo
    50)are you glad its over?: what?



    Name: Cassi
    Birth date: June 3
    Birthplace: ummmmm
    Current Location: room
    Eye Color: brown
    Hair Color: brown
    Height: 5'3"
    Righty or Lefty: rightee
    Zodiac Sign: gemini

    *Layer 2*

    Your heritage: thai/irish
    The shoes you wore today: red converse
    Your weakness: im easily distracted
    Your fears: butch cheerleaders... lol claire
    Your perfect pizza: pepperoni and
    Goal you'd like to achieve: dont fail skazool!

    *Layer 3*

    Your most overused phrase on AIM: what the FUCK!?
    Your thoughts first waking up: is that a can on my ceiling?
    Your most missed memory: savannah and me at atsion lake

    *Layer 4*

    Pepsi or Coke: poopsi
    McDonald's or Burger King: mcdonalds
    Single or group dates: depends.... >:D
    Adidas or Nike: adidas campus style all the way
    Ice Tea or Nestea: ice tea!
    Chocolate or vanilla: chOOcolate
    Cappuccino or coffee: whichever one makes me hyper-er

    *Layer 5*

    Smoke: ew penis ew no
    Cuss: you bet your fucking ass i do
    Sing: pshhh what a good one
    Take a shower everyday: no :)
    Do you think you've been in love: ummmm sure
    Want to go to college: KEGGERS!!
    Like(d) high school: havent been
    Want to get married: um... we'll see
    Believe in yourself: hahaha no
    Get motion sickness: noooo
    Think you're attractive: Nooooo
    Think you're a health freak: hahaha HELL NO
    Get along with your parent(s): most of the times
    Like thunderstorms: yay!
    Play an instrument: acoustic geetar now... bass after xmas :)

    *Layer 6*

    In the past month...

    Drank alcohol: YES!
    Smoked: nooo
    Done a drug: noooo
    Had Sex: nooooo
    Made Out: noooooo
    Gone on a date: noooooo
    Gone to the mall: noooooo
    Eaten an entire box of Oreos: yesh!!!
    Eaten sushi: yesh!!!!
    Been on stage: noooo!
    Been dumped: ive been divorced if that counts :-/
    Gone skating: yeees.. on fat charles's peanut board! lol claire
    Made homemade cookies: no :(
    Gone skinny dipping: nooo but i pissed on a pool cover
    Dyed your hair: yes
    Stolen anything: nooooo
    *Layer 7*


    Played a game that required removal of clothing: ehehe maaaaaaaybe
    Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: h e l l YES
    Been caught "doing something": ew penis ew no
    Been called a tease: no
    Gotten beaten up: yess
    Shoplifted: ... nooooo ....
    Changed who you were to fit in: hmmmm well i changed myself but not to fit in

    *Layer 8*

    Age you hope to be married: 28
    Numbers and Names of Children: 2 bam and lucy!!!!!!!
    Describe your Dream Wedding: its.... gonna be on mt. everest and were gonna be dressed like eskimos and were gonna parachute down to the grownd
    How do you want to die: of chemical poison from eating a glowstick
    What do you want to be when you grow up: the bassist in my band
    What country would you most like to visit: JaPaN

    *Layer 9*

    In a guy.

    Best eye color?: green
    Best hair color?
    Short or long hair: shorter than shoulders, longer than ears
    Height: short, tall, medium... who cares!?
    Best weight: not fat like charlie but not a stick like ..... some really skinny guy
    Best articles of clothing: shoes... -drool-
    Best first date location: arcade!
    Best first kiss location: arcade!

    *Layer 10*

    Number of drugs taken illegally: zerro
    Number of people I could trust with my life: 4
    Number of CDs that I own: wayyy too many to count
    Number of piercings: 2
    Tatoos: 1... a temporary tatoo, that is ;)
    Number of scars on my body: seven thousand

    Current Mood: silly
    Current Music: I Like Hubcaps - Brak

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