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14th April 2014

biji87 @ 9:41pm: coming in on 11 yrs...
Okay so I have had this thing for about 11 years now and it makes me happy that it is still here...I hope I can go another 20 with this gives me great pleasure to write in it...that word just sounded so weird...pleasure...well, whatever...I have exactly a month left till graduation...its so bittersweet...I have just started to bond with all of these girls in my class this semester so its really sad that I will not be seeing them everyday in less than a month...

I decided to make the big move to Dallas because its going to be the best for me right now in my life....more pros than Chicago even though I lovee that city!! Maybe I will move there in a few years...but preferably want to move to Cali eventually where the weather is always superb!...but anyways, since Pritiben moved out, I will be taking her room!!

Oh yeah, best thing that has happened lately is me scoring floor seats to the JT concert in Dallas!!! its not till Dec but tickets went on sale early...there was a pre sale for mastercard holders so we borrowed Reenaben's card to get them!!! Ahhh it was the most luck I have ever had because we ended up spending the same amount as the 100 level seats!!! YAAAYYYY!!! I can't wait!

Got some trips coming up as well...Toronto and Niagara Falls the weekend after graduation!!! Was suppose to go to Europe this summer but dunno what happened about that...hopefully SD is still in the works or Phoenix!! and then end of August is a trip to Miami for Bhov's bach!! I am beyond excited!! its so crazy how everyone is getting engaged/married/having kids...time flies by!!!

I attended the worst date weekend ever this past last weekend in Chi and it was horrible haha....the guy was so dumb and a total douche..I am about to share stories with my sisters and cousins...all I can do is laugh now at how it all went...he added me on fb today and I didnt want to say yes but I did so that everyone that I tell the stories to can see what a goof he looked like...omg I still can't believe I made it through all of that...sighh....
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