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8th September 2014

biji87 @ 9:14pm: miami recovered finally...
So I totally miss Miami, not the weather but definitely seeing everyone and all the things that there were to do there! I wanted to go to Dash but the girls ended up going the day I left! grrr! time I guess! We went to Clevelander's on Friday night and it was soooo much fun! there was three kalus there that were on a bach party too and we hung out with them and danced all night! they weren't even trying to hit on us or anything...just wanted to have a good time like we did...they taught us these two dances that we ended up doing Saturday night at LIV too..we had table service there and got to pick three bottles of alcohol that we wanted to drink and the mixers were included...ended up getting two vodkas and a rum and someone bought us a bottle of champagne that was $80!! crazy night!! Calvin Harris was DJ-ing...I knew he would only be playing EDM/techno music so I wasn't too much into it at first but then once I had some drank in me, it got more fun...actually I think that we had more fun with each other than the actual music...but overall, it was funn we were there from about 11:30 to of the last groups to leave lol

I really hope that these companies can find me some jobs soon..I want to make some money so I can buy a new is thinking about buying an SUV that he will let me drive until I buy myself a car...not sure what I want though...I think I am leaning toward an SUV too...possibly an Audi but not sure yet...not sure if I want to get a luxury SUV but my parents want me to get a brand new car...I just don't trust people here to want to pay that much for a car but we shall see I guess...getting a job is my number one priority right now...

Today I found out that Usher is coming the day after JT so now I want to go to both concerts!!! his tickets go on sale next week so I am definitely going to look into that...

We are having a family ski trip in Denver this Christmas...I booked my ticket last week to go the 25-30 with Seji from was only like $88 roundtrip since I had enough points to go one way...SW just changed up their planes and logo today and they released the new looks...I don't know how I feel about their big heart logo...its kinda weird...but anyways, I am super excited since there will be a lot of us and we are going to be renting out a cabin and stuff too...I got a north face jacket on backcountry for $111 and got 10% cash back so it was only like $100...originally $320!!! I love it sooo much!! it is like two jackets in one so its really cooool!! this will probably be my first official weekend here since I moved...last weekend I went home and the weekend before I was in Miami! I think there is a Grape fest this weekend so we might go to that to drink some vino!
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Current Music: Arjun - I'll Be Waiting (Kabhi Jo Badal Barse)
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