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Monday, July 19th, 2004
11:45 pm - Dear Diary,
I remember the first time I met someone from the Internet. We had been chatting in a room dedicated to bringing cheating spouses together. He'd been married for 17 years and myself, only 4 months. We agreed only to speak to one another using our screennames, no personal information would be exchanged that night. No phone numbers. No walks to the car. This wasn't your typical date.

I met 'Synergetix' at a local italian restraunt. He requested that i wear a short skirt, perferably black. No pantyhose. No panties. And strappy high heels. i made sure to wear a top that showed plenty of cleavage and I wore my hair up in a neat twist.

I recognized him as soon as my eyes ajusted to the dim light of the restraunt. I think we were both in a bit of a shock when I realized he was my college English professor. He got up from his stool at the bar and took me by my arm. 'Treefrog?' he breathed into my ear. "Guilty as Syn," I purred back.

For a brief second, I thought me would reject the idea and leave the restraunt. But the way he looked at me and how his hand passed up my arm and brushed againt my nipple changed my mind. He lead me to the table he had reserved for us. I noticed that he had picked a table far in the back and nestled beside a privacy screen. I guess you get what yoy pay for in a place like this.

We sat opposite each other. The waiter took our drink order. Synergetix said something in Italian and the waiter looked me over. They conversed for a moment or two. I slid my hands into my lap and felt my skirt tight across my thighs. I had shaved my pussy earlier that evening and was still aroused.

The waiter gave Syn a heart slap on the back and left the table. Syn looked at me and something in his eyes changed. "Get on your knees." I blinked. Did I hear him correctly? "Get on your goddamn knees, you fucking bitch." I looked around the restraunt. but no one seemed to hear or see what was going on in our corner. Reluctantly, I scooted off my chair and rested on my knees, my chin just level with the table top.

"Now, put your head in my lap." The way he spoke to me. It sent shivers down my spine. I felt like a cobra and he was the snake charmer. I moved to the right, to come around the table to him, but he said "No" so forcefully I quivered. "Put your head under the table, bitch." I had to get on all fours to get under. Crawling over to his lap, I saw that he had an erection pressing against his slacks.

He must have been 8 inches long, at least! "Now, take my fucking cock out and suck it." I couldn't move. Here I was, on my hands and knees in a respectable restaunt, being told to suck the dick of my teacher. Syn put his hand under the table and grabbed my shoulder. "Do as I say, bitch." I found my voice finally. "Stop calling me a bitch, fucker."

I heard him chuckle. His hand relaxed on my shoulder. He began running his fingers across my skin. He traced up and down my neck. Over my chin. He touched my lips. "I want you to suck my cock now, " he said with a little less force, but still with that snake charmer tone. His hand found the top of my head and stayed there.

I shifted my weight and reached for his fly. Had his erection grown in the past minute? As I undid the zipper, the whole thing seemed to leap out. It was an honest 9 inches long. I had never seen anythng like it yet in my life. I cradled it at first. Rubbing over it. Stroking it gently. Syn groaned a little above me. Suddenly, I saw a pair of feet heading for our table. Syn must have sensed my panic, for he grabbed at my wrist with his hand before I could pull away.

I heard him speaking in Italian again. His hand loosened on my wrist and he began to guide me in stroking him. I could barely fit my hand around his massive cock, so I used both. His hand slid down and joined both of mine. He was still speaking to the waiter, so I increased my pace a little. I heard him start. He tried to resume his sentence, but I tightened my grip on his cock with both my hands. His hand flew to my head. And I took that as a sign to go ahead.

First, I flicked the head with my tounge. I lapped at the rim. I sucked just the very tip. I could hear him clear his throat and say something rather quickly to the waiter. I watched out of the corner of my eye as the pair of shoes headed away. At that, I took his cock in my mouth.

I sucked him hard. I took his cock so deep in that I nearly gagged. I still had both my hands wrapped around the base of his shaft while I worked him in and out of my lips. I rubbed my tounge against his rim. I made my lips as tight as I could. I sucked as hard as possible. At one point, I worked only on the head. Nodding as quickly as I could, I could feel his grip on my head tighten. Suddenly, both his hands were under the table. One on my head, helping me suck him. And the other gripping the collar of my shirt.

I continued to suck him off. I could taste his precum. I let one of my hands slide down and began to work on his balls. The hand on my head twitched. I heard him moan above me. I was starting to lose the feeling in my lips now. His cock was so hard, I could have chipped a tooth. Then all at once, he came in my mouth. I was unprepared and nearly lost most of it down my chin.

He took his cock in his hands and worked it out. I was amazed that he was still hard. I swallowed the rest that oozed out of him and tried to clean him up the best I could. I was suddenly aware of how wet I was. I was practically seeping down my own leg!

"Are you ready for dessert?" Syn asked me from above the table. I was in the process of climbing back into my chair. I saw that the waiter had moved the privacy screen so that our table was completley obstructed from view. Syn stood up from his chair and I saw that he had put a condem on. I didn't know they made condems in extra, extra large!

Syn lifted me from my chair and set me on the table. The top had been cleared away while I was giving Syn his blowjob. "Spread your legs so I can see your pussy." My skirt was nearly up to my hips by then, so I could obey without hesitation. "Look what a mess you're making." Syn admired my pussy, tracing around it with his shrinkwrapped cock. I spread my legs wider, inviting him to enter. "Do you want to feel my cock inside you?" Syn asked me. I stared at his 9 inches. Was it even possible?

"I want you to fuck me." I whispered. "Right now." Syn placed one hand on my hip and the other he used to aim his cock for my pussy. He was gentle at first. Easing himself in. I watched the inches disseapear inside me. 2, 4, started to hurt. He stopped just short of his full 9 inches. He took his hand off his cock and placed it on my other hip. "Get ready," was all he said as he pulled back and then rammed his cock deep into me.

I bit my lip to keep from screaming.

He started to fuck me hard. I couldn't believe that I was able to take all of him in. With my ass on the edge of the table and my legs planted on the floor, I was perfect for his thrusting. In and out. He wouldn't slow down. Faster and faster. I tossed my head this way and that. My hands bracing me up. God, it felt so good. He was so big and thick. I felt like he was tearing me apart inside with his cock. He fucked me so hard I came twice in a row. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he lifted me clear off the table. He held me up and continued to fuck me.

His cock was so deep inside me, deep up in my hot pussy. He thrust harder and harder. I bounced off his hips, feeling him slide in and out of me. Finally, I felt his cock surge and he came again. He held me for a few seconds, coming inside me. And then he put me back on the table. "Fix your skirt." He told me as he pulled the condom off. He used a napkin on the table to clean himself off. As his tucked his cock back inside his pants, he gave me a look that made me blush.

I had just straighten my skirt when the waiter pulled the screen aside. Syn spoke to him again, they shook hands and punched each other playfully in the shoulder. Syn took me by my arm and lead me to the door of the restraunt. He pulled me close and whispered, "I expect to see you after class tomorrow," before he left for his car.

And the next day I did suck his dick again. And the day after that, he bent me over his desk and fucked me harder than before. And we still meet on weekends at that same respectable Italian restraunt. Sometimes, we have a full course meal and other times we just skip right to dessert.

It was at that same restraunt that I met my next partner, Jeff and his friend Paul. But that's a different story. Until next time,


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Sunday, July 18th, 2004
2:07 am - Dear Diary
The first time I cheated on my husband was at our wedding. I had been seeing his brother, Russell since my husband and I first got enaged. It all started as casual flirting and sometimes, an occasional playful touch. But we never let it get past that. I don't think we knew how easily we could get away with it.

The day of the wedding, I was quite nervous. Okay, that was putting it lightly, I was a wreck. I was pacing the room and drinking far too many of those mini-bottles I had saved from the flight over. I had sent my mother out in search of some muscle relaxers to help ease me down the aisle, so I figured that I could get as much drinking in alone and unchaperoned.

When I heard the knock on the door, I momentarily panicked. My mother couldn't have gone to the store and back that quickly. Then I heard Russell's voice on the other side of the door, asking to be let in. Maybe it was the alcohol or the fact that I was about to become another man's wife, but I felt so aroused! I practically lept for the door knob.

Russell looked so sauve in his tuxedo. He did resemble his brother in some manner, but that was left for further investigation......

I tried to play it cool. I wanted to remain calm and collected. But my passion overpowered me and I found myself kissing Russell feverishly. At first, he resisted and pushed me away. But I couldn't control myself. I came back at him, my hands running all over his body. I licked at his ears, I whispered my desires. I played with his hair. Under my dress, my thighs were burning. I kissed him like his lips were my only source of life. I sucked at his tounge. It was then I felt him grow hard against me.

I knew I had to take advantage of him right then. I undid his pants, fished about and closed my hand around his cock. I led him, by the cock, to the only chair in the room and pushed him down. Gathering up the hem of my dress, I hastily pushed my white thong out the way.

Before I could sit on it, Russell turned me around. He confessed that he'd wanted to do this since the first time we'd met. I said nothing, but turned back around and guided his cock into my slimy pussy. He was very hard and almost painfully big. He filled me up to the brim. I started to ride him slowly, getting used to his size. I rocked my hips back and forth. I opened my thighs as wide as they would go. I was so wet......

Russell put his hands on my hips and began moving me faster. His cock slid in and out of me, glistening with my juice. I bent forward a little and braced myself against the wall. My ass jiggled as started to ride him faster and faster. The sound of our thighs slapping grew loud enough to unnerve me, but I couldn't control myself.

Faster and faster. His cock became like a blur. In and out, in and out, in and out. I threw my head back and his hands worked their way down into the front of my dress. He pulled out one of my breasts. He pinched my nipple. He rolled it between his fingertips. He squeezed the whole thing in his hand.

I rocked back and forth harder. I worked his cock deeper inside of my pussy until it felt bruised. I was getting so close! I moaned softly. Barely audible, but his hand closed over my mouth like I had screamed. With his hand over my mouth, he took the other and played with my clit. He rubbed it. He flicked it. He even pinched it.

I started to bounce on his cock again. Faster and faster. I was sweating now. His fingers slipped into my mouth. He dug into my lips. His other hand slid across my hips, bracing me. Pulling me. I starting to bounce like a jackhammer. My one breast hanging out. My hair falling down out of its twist.

I couldn't stop. I fucked myself hard with his cock. My juices ran down into his crotch and stained his pants. His hand closed around my throat. I rode his solid cock and he chocked me. When I felt that panic build, when the urge to breath was so great, I finally came.

Just a gurgle. So quiet.

He came inside my dress. A decent thing to do for his husband's new wife. Something borrowed.......

When my mother came back from the store, I was ready to go. Russell had cleaned up and taken his place next to his brother. He and I wouldn't fuck like that again until 5 months later. This time, we almost didn't get away with it.

Until next time, Diary.


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Friday, July 16th, 2004
1:05 pm - Dear Diary
I've been cheating on my husband for 3 years now.

Off and on, mostly with the men I've met on the internet. Well, there was that gentleman I met while I was at work in the library. He thought we'd get caught while I was going down on him between the bookshelves, but that's a different story.

I could tell the story about the boy who gave me a ride when my car broke down. I told my husband that I got lucky there was a highway patrolman passing by, but, HA! I got lucky. Yes, I got lucky with a kid who was 5 years younger than me and his buddy in the backseat!

Goodness me, I've been many, many men and even the occasional boy. I'm not ashamed of what I've been doing. If my husband ever found out, I don't know what would happen. I need you, Diary, to keep my little secrets safe.

There are so many, many stories to tell and I want to tell you them all. I won't leave anything out. All the graphic details. Maybe someone out there will read my confessions and share some of their own true stories with me. Until next time, Dairy.


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