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    Tuesday, December 9th, 2003
    7:15 pm
    action hank
    This entry goes out to my friend action hank, he is a silly little boy with yamika hair that plays his bass geeter like no other. You are one cool little fuck (by size not age *grinns*) yah... you know who you are...

    anyways my day was boring, got bitched out slash pittied cause they all either think im a slacker or have deep down depression issues... im probably both so fuck them haha. but yah, my doctor is starting me on zoloft tomarrow or whenever. So hopefully that will make me feel better... anyways
    today in study hall some random 8th grader asked me out :( I dont like random 8th graders they make me say mean things, cause i told her id rather be single (it didnt' seem mean at the time, but now that i look back at it...) oh well she'll get over it. maybe she'll stop staring at me durring study hall :(.
    well anyways i got home and gave away my alcohol :) arn't you all proud of me? One more step to sober. Now i just cant buy any more haha. well im done talking so ill just leave it at that :)

    Current Mood: thirsty
    Current Music: Cross Out the Eyes - Thursday
    Monday, December 8th, 2003
    10:31 pm
    happy, happy, joy, joy.
    Yup, here i am again, sitting at home drink in one hand guitar in the other. Writing songs for my band so we can finally get off the ground and play some original stuff. Ive already written two songs tonight. Tony's writing the lyrics to one, I might write the lyrics to another. God i wish i had a good voice, i mean i can sing and play the guitar at the same time, but i cant sing it well. If i could i would be soo happy, cause i could sing stuff i write and play it too. Oh well, i guess its fine to have tony sing stuff i write. yah, this sucks. now i dont have anyone really to talk to except for a few of my friends. Cause i cant talk to my girlfriend cause i dont have one anymore, and i dunno, ill quit bitching about that. I cant wait till christmas, then ill have my new guitar and what i play will sound that much better, plus my sister will be happy (hopefully) cause i might give my old one to her for her to play.
    Im soo lucky to have her as a sister. She can be a bitch sometimes, but she's just lookin out for me. Im glad i dont have a sister that i always fight with and cant stand to be around like some people have. Im lucky her her and her friends dont mind hanging out with me cause im like 2-4 years younger than them. (see aaron now you cant say im ungratefull - Sorry just remembered your comment about be not saying thanks to my sister) I dont know what I would do without you kelly. I would have been in a hospitol getting bitched out by mom and dad for drinking, and getting my stomach pumped... (God I need to stop drinking...) Sorry im a prick to you sometimes. I really look up to you and am soo lucky to have you as a sister. Thanks kelly.

    Current Mood: sad
    Current Music: Whatever the hell is coming out of my guitar.
    Sunday, December 7th, 2003
    2:34 pm
    okay, me and my girlfriend broke up last night cause like, oh well no one really cares so ill just leave it at that, yah before all that happened i was hanging out with my sister and her friends, chris, aaron, lauren, mark and drew. wow, their a crazy bunch. yah, and then they left and my friend corey showed up saying my girlfriend thaught i cheated on her (which i didnt' by the way, ive never cheated on anyone) and then i called her and got that cleared up, bitched out some friends that i thaught had said i did, i dont know what accually happened all i know is im too stressed to handle all of this shit, i know its not good to run away from problems but its been too much to take lately so i went to my friend karla's house with corey and a bottle of bacardi and just kinda let loose and had a little fun. wow i needed that. well anyways im feeling a lot better now. well, back to single, lonely and drunk woo...

    Current Mood: drunk
    Current Music: Cooking Wine - alkaline trio
    Thursday, December 4th, 2003
    9:53 pm
    Worst fucking week of my life...
    Alright, This has been the worst fucking week of my life. Im failing most of my classes. My doctor told me I have depression and anxiety problems. I almost lost my girlfriend who i fucking love cause i was really depressed and said some shit i wouldn't have said if i was thinking straight. i got alcohol poisoning (i got bitched out by her for that one too haha...) My favorite band (alkaline trio) who i would give my left nut to see, is going to be in laurence kansas on saturday and i probably cant go cause my parents are pissed at me and my mom says i have to talk and work some stuff out with my dad so i might get ungrounded to go... so i probably cant. blah blah blah, it kept getting worse and worse.

    I just took a break from writing to talk to my dad... I am soo fucking happy, wow this day has turned around. I can probably go to the concert unless my car explodes before then lol. Me and my parents are on good terms. Im ungrounded. My head ache and back pains are going away cause of the wonderful drug known as vikoden, and im all around fucking happy :) ... yay lol

    Current Mood: rejuvenated
    Current Music: crawl - Alkaline Trio, The best fucking band ever
    Sunday, November 30th, 2003
    10:20 am
    Last night sucked... Me and my sister had to go to a family get together thing and stayed for like 3 hours. After that my sister took me by the house to get supplies for drinking games/ drinks. Then she took me to my friend karla's house after at least 10 shots of wild turkey 101 proof bourbon wiskey, and like ... 6-8 shots of sky vodka (I dont know what proof it is cause i was to drunk to read the lable by then) we hung out in karla's room i dont remember much after that cause i ran to the bathroom to throw up and slipped and hit my head on the ground and blacked out for awhile (i didnt' feel it but i now have 2 black eyes so obviously i hit it pretty hard). then i was throwing up and slipping in and out of conciousness untill my sister got there to pick me up, she waited like 30 untill i was okay enough to support like half of my weight, and corey helped me to the car (corey, i love you for that lol) then i was throwing up the whole ride home and then when i got there my parents came outside and asked what happened. I said it must have been something i ate cause i got a bad migrain and was throwing up and hit my head running to the bathroom to throw up and i got dizzy and couldn't walk strait. of course my mom asked if i had been drinking and i denied it. i was soo drunk and all around shitty that i needed medical attention, but that would mean getting caught by my parents and fucking up life as i know it cause my parents dont know that ive done anything wrong in my life (hehe im good) so when they said "You need to go to the hospitol" i said "no i just need to sit here for a second" then i finally got to my bed (with help from my mom) and passed out and woke up around 9 feeling great (after i took a shower lol) So yah, thats a lesson for all of you drinkers
    A - dont drink over 20 shots of anything
    B - dont run on wet floors
    C - if you do one of those, at least make up a good excuse for your parents so you wont get caught


    Current Mood: refreshed
    Thursday, November 27th, 2003
    11:16 pm
    Turkey day
    Last night i had my friend aj over and me him and my friend corey hung out for awile, it was pretty fun. By then end of it at like 3 in the morning i stole the toaster from upstairs and used it to make a little camp fire in my room with that a camping grill and a can of sterno cooking fuel... i made hot pockets lol it was great, my sister and her friends walked in and bursted out laughing and aaron said i was a genius... thanks aaron lol. Today me and aj woke up at like 1 and played my xbox for awhile then he left and then i ate turkey and stuff then left to go to my friends house we hung out for awile then she and her friend had to go so i hung out iwth my friend nick, it was a pretty boring day but the night before made up for it lol..


    Current Mood: bored
    Current Music: Radio - Alkaline Trio
    Wednesday, November 19th, 2003
    5:45 pm
    same old. same old
    I havn't updated this in awhile, probably cause nothing really's gone on lately. Basicly everyday i come home... go to a friends house to get away from mine... come home and play my guitar... and sneak out when my parents go to sleep and go to my friend nicks house cause his dad doesn't get home till 1 everynight. Thats all that ive done for like a week or soo now.
    I cant wait till christmas, cause thats when i get my new guitar... I want it now lol. I might save up and buy my friends 500 watt amp soon too. Thats about all i have to look forward too. Well thats about it for now, ill try to update this more often and try to do more exciting things so i have something to write about.

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    Current Music: Silhouette - Thrice
    Saturday, November 15th, 2003
    8:13 pm
    Same shit - Different day...

    Current Music: Saves The Day ~ See You
    Tuesday, November 11th, 2003
    11:14 pm
    ... I feel shitty... i haven't been sleeping, everyday feels like it never ends, and it never really feels like night time... my first hour teacher called the office yesterday to have the nurse take a look at me cause i was falling asleep and my eyes were glossed over... she probably thaught i was on drugs or something cause i ended up having to see the nurse and guidence counselour. i told them i havn't slept in days and they let me go. Yah, that just shows how bad i must've looked, i ended up sleeping through about 3/4th's of my classes then came home and got bitched out by my parents cause they thaught i didn't turn something in or something, oh yah my counselour wants me to talk to some doctor guy about depression or some shit... ugh, im fine and my parents and counselour and whoever else dont believe me and its pissing me off. i just want everyone to leave me alone. im sick of talking to people and i dont want to go talk to another person about shit, im fine... arg, well i am tired as hell, like i have been all week, so im gonna go lie awake in bed and hope i can get to sleep before 3 or so...

    Current Mood: indescribable
    Current Music: As I Watch the Sun Fuck the Ocean - Boy Hits Car
    Saturday, November 8th, 2003
    9:20 pm
    My band had our first practice today. We kick ass lol. Were starting with some alkaline trio covers and yah, we sound good, it supprised me, my last band sucked mondo cock. So, yah here's a list tony made ~

    Private Eye - Alkaline Trio
    Blow Job - Blink 182
    Man Overboard - Blink 182
    Swing Swing - All American Rejects
    Standing All Alone - Not By Choice
    Mission Impossible Theme
    Something Beautiful - Cauterize
    Superman - Goldfinger
    Underneath Your Clothes - Shakira
    Brain Stew - Green Day
    At Your Funeral - Saves The Day
    See You - Saves The Day
    Sorrow - Bad Religion
    Chick Magnet - MXPX


    Current Mood: chipper
    Current Music: Take Lots with Alcohol - Alkaline trio
    Thursday, November 6th, 2003
    11:06 pm
    Ive had kind of a shitty week but its gotten better. I woke up and felt like shit (Sleep deprived) so i stayed home. I slept in till like 2 then sat at my computer and listened to music.My sister came home around 3 and took me to brook mays to get new guitar strings cause one of the little fuckers broke last night. I was really pissed cause i got there grabbed the strings and realized i forgot my wallet... So we went to streetside records instead and she baught a few CD's. Then came home, listened to them, and played my guitar with the strings that were left. It was accually fine cause the stuff i played didn't use the one i broke :) Yah then i snuck out around 10 and walked around to clear my head. My mom noticed i was gone and drove around to find me and was kinda pissed off but im not in trouble so it all worked out. Then i talked to Tony online about band stuff and im stoked about it. Were gonna practice on saturday to see how it all sounds. Probably start with some covers, Alkaline trio, thrice, saves the day ... ect. Hopefully this band will work out better than my last band when i played bass and we didnt' even have a guitarist.. it was pathetic. But yah after talking to tony I decided to start one of these live
    journal things cause i have no life, and here i am now... Im gonna go to sleep now cause I'm tired and havn't slept much lately so... Yah.

    Current Mood: ecstatic
    Current Music: Blood Clots and Black Holes - Thrice