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Sunday, February 29th, 2004
Well Erick came up to College Station yesterday. :)
He got here while I was still at work, and when I got home he was sleeping on my bed, all curled up in a blanket, it was sooo cute.

Anyway, we went to get his car inspection done, and after that we went to eat at Chili's. It was really good and we had some really good conversations, which was nice. And after that, we went to Wal-mart to get him a copy of the apartment key...since he will be moving in here in less than a month. After we did that, we went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and browsed for a while.

There is so much cool stuff in there, I love that place. Erick loves it, too...which is funny. He's all like, "ooh...300 count Egyptian cotton!" Shelby and I make fun of him because he is such a girl sometimes. He really fits into that "metrosexual" catagory. He is a normal guy who loves sports, cars, etc...but then he also loves to cook, clean, and likes stylish things, especially household stuff.

Anyway, then Erick and I went bowling. It was pretty fun, but we both kind of got irritated because we couldn't find any balls that were the right size. But we still had fun anyway. Then we just went home and chilled at the apartment.

He had to leave around one this afternoon, and I was disappointed we didn't get to spend more time together, but at least we did get to see each other. I don't know when is the next time I will see him, hopefully next weekend, but if not then, I won't see him until his graduation (march 25). I think around march 13th everyone in the same school as him in the military are "going into the field" for a week. He sort of described it as them pretending like they are in a real life situation but it's kind of like camping. Anyway, I won't be able to have any contact with him whatsoever during that week, which will be really weird. So I hope I do get to see him once more before then. Even if I don't, at least he is moving in here in less than a month now. And we won't have to go through this bullshit for six months...I can't wait!

I have a test tomorrow in running...basically like a test in health classes you took in high school. I also have a management test on I really need to start getting my act together for my classes. Ugh stupid school, haha.

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